• 1890


    7478 Victorian Silver Plate and Crystal Drinks Set


    A delightful antique after dinner drinks set consisting of a dozen little cut crystal liqueur glasses with a matching pair of small decanters. All sitting on the original arts and crafts style silver plated tray with carrying handles. Tray spread 36 cms, length 27 cms, width 19 cms. Decanters each contain 150 ml, height 20 cms,. Glasses height 5.5 cms. Circa 1890.

  • 1890 - 1892

    Edward Barnard & Sons

    9620 Antique Silver Tea Set


    A handsome antique sterling silver tea set with fluted decoration and shell and gadroon borders. 5 pieces. Small size. The sugar bowl and cream jug have the original gilt interior. Contains 700 ml (large teapot), 600 ml (small teapot), 600 ml (jug). Total weight 1544 grams, 49.6 troy ounces. London 1890/91/92. Maker W & J Barnard.

  • Circa 1890


    9905 Antique Gold and Enamel Pencil


    A good quality late Victorian small 9 carat gold and enamel telescopic propelling pencil with attached suspension ring, a deep blue coloured guilloche enamel sleeve, and bullet shaped telescopic pencil with reeded barrel. Length 3cm (closed), 6.1cm (open). Maker “E.B”. England. Circa 1890.

  • Circa 1890


    9928 Antique Silver Watch Key


    A lovely little silver watch key from bygone days. Gold plated, with a coloured stone to one end, and attractively engraved all over. The ring loop will attach it to a key ring or watch chain. English. Length 2.5cm. Unmarked silver. Circa 1890.

  • 1890 - 1924


    10233 Antique Kings Pattern Silver Knives


    A handsome set of antique silver dinner knives in the popular Kings pattern. Solid sterling silver handles with steel blades. Harlequin set. Length 25-26.4cm. Various makers and dates. Circa 1890-1924.

  • 1891

    Samuel Boyce Landeck

    9915 Antique Dutch Silver Nef Sailing Ship


    This is a superb solid silver galleon ship (traditionally known as a Nef), intricately modelled and shown in full sail. Excellent size and quality throughout. The top section of the Neff can be removed from the hull revealing an open compartment or space. The hull is finely chased with cherubs and leaves, flowers and scrolls. The ship stands on four dolphin mounted wheels. Weight 2445 grams, 78.6 troy ounces. Height 48cm. Spread 34cm. Width of large sail 20cm. Hull measures 30.5 x 11.5cm. Dutch silver stamps. London import marks for 1891. Importer Samuel Boyce Landeck. Sterling silver.

  • 1892

    Goldsmiths And Silversmiths Co

    9512 Antique Silver Candelabras


    A pretty pair of Victorian sterling silver candelabra with 3 branches. Elegant design with swirly ribbed design. The tops are removable and the candlesticks can be used on their own. Detachable sconces. Height 25.5 cm (candlesticks), 35 (with tops). Spread across the top 26 cm. Date 1892. One candelabrum is London 1892, maker Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. The other candelabrum is Sheffield 1892, maker Hawksworth & Eyre. Both are fully matching.

  • 1895

    Martin Hall and Co

    9812 Victorian Silver Goblet


    A very pretty antique silver chalice with a wide engraved border and central swags of foliate decoration. Contains 420 ml. Weight 206 grams, 6.6 troy ounces. Height 19.6cm. Diameter of top 9.1cm. Sheffield 1895. Maker Martin Hall. Sterling silver.

  • 1896 - 1897

    Francis Higgins

    9262 Antique Silver Canteen of Kings Cutlery


    An excellent set of sterling silver cutlery for 6 people in the popular Kings pattern. Total 31 pieces. Weight 2261 grams, 72.7 troy ounces. All pieces London 1896-7, maker Francis Higgins.

  • 1896

    Edwin Thompson Bryant

    9268 Antique Silver Model Horse and Rider


    A large and substantial figure of a silver rider on horseback. Excellent quality and heavy gauge. Original gilt finish and jewelling to the clothing and horse harness. Natural stone base. The model is very intricate with many separate pieces assembled together. The head is removable. Weight 1180 grams, 37.9 troy ounces. This weight excludes the onyx base and the two silver hallmarked screw caps. It includes the weight of the two screws soldered to the bottom of the back hooves. Height 28 cm (from base to top of head). Base height 3 cm, length 24 cm, width 13 cm. Marked on the head, harness and horse tail with London import marks for 1896, maker Edwin Thompson Bryant.

  • 1896

    James Dixon

    7568 Victorian Silver Scent Flask


    A tiny size antique sterling silver flask with plain styling and a screw off top. Very handy size and would make a good baby gift. Engraved to the front is a decorative monogram. Small capacity and contains less than 20ml. Weight 33 grams, 1 troy ounce. Height 4 cms (6 cms to top of cap), width 5.5 cms. London 1896. Maker James Dixon.

  • 1898

    Charles Boynton

    9408 Antique Silver Tray


    A large sterling silver tray of plain form with shell and gadroon borders and side carrying handles. Uninscribed. Excellent quality and good gauge silver. Weight circa 3,700 grams, 119 troy ounces. Spread 68cm. Length 55cm. Width 45cm. London 1898. Maker Charles Boynton II.

  • 1899

    Walter And Charles Sissons

    9480 Antique Silver Claret Jug


    A handsome Victorian sterling silver mounted wine jug with a fine quality cut crystal body. The silver has foliate scroll decoration and a pierced silver thumbpiece. Contains 1300ml. Height 24cm/26.8cm to top of thumbpiece. Spread 16cm. Sheffield 1899. Maker Walter and Charles Sissons.

  • Circa 1900


    8949 Antique Bronze Dog


    A striking figure of a dog raised on hind legs with one foot supported by an oval specimen of Blue John*. The modelling is very realistic. Raised on a marble resin base. Height 17.5 (total), 12.5 cms (dog) cms. Base 10.5 x 5.8 cms. Unsigned. Probably English. Circa 1900.

  • Circa 1900


    8022 Antique Silver Plated Bottle Tantalus


    A fantastic show. A solid oak 3 bottle drinks tantalus with silver plated mounts. This unusual model has a pull out drawer at the base to access the 3 hobnail cut bottles. Height 39 cms (to top of handle) 29 cms (to top of frame). Base 39 x 13 cms. Bottle height 23 cms, base 8.75 cms Circa 1900.

  • Circa 1900


    9437 Antique Gold and Enamel Scent Bottle


    An excellent quality antique gold and enamel scent flask with a hand painted forest scene depicting a young man on horseback wooing a young girl. With a fitted glass stopper. Height 7cm. Diameter 2cm. Unmarked gold. Retailers stamp for Thornhill, New Bond St, London. Circa 1900.

  • Circa 1900 - 1910

    Arthur Downing Ltd

    9924 Antique Silver Toothpick


    An early 20th century silver retractable toothpick in a discreet plain style. Fully portable, the little silver hook at one end will attach it to a key ring, watch chain etc for safety. To use simply slide the sleeve forward to reveal an elegant silver tooth pick. Length 5.3cm closed, 7.5cm open. Circa 1900-1910. Maker Arthur Downing Ltd. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1900


    9966 Antique Silver Pencil


    An antique silver propelling pencil, would have originally hung on a lady’s chatelaine or gentleman’s watch chain. Hexagonal shaped body with hand engraved decoration around the outside. The top is inset with a purple coloured stone. The central sliding band extends & retracts the internal pencil mechanism. Length 4.3cm (closed), 5.cm (extended). English circa 1900. The pencil is unmarked. The T-bar has maker’s mark “J.K”, date letter “s” probably for Birmingham 1892. The chain links with the lion mark only. Guaranteed silver, sterling grade or similar.

  • Circa 1900

    Emile Puiforcat

    10196 Antique French Silver Tureens


    An excellent pair of heavy quality antique silver tureens of shaped rectangular form on a spreading foot. Beautifully decorated with cast ornamental side handles and lid finial; all over applied with shells, scrolls and foliate mounts. Bright gilt finish inside and out. A very attractive feature is the flowerhead wing nut inside the tureen lid. Total weight 2958 grams, 95.1 troy ounces. Spread across handles 30cm. Height 14.5cm (to top of finial). Made in Paris, France. Circa 1900. Maker Emile Puiforcat. High silver grade 950/000. 19th century.

  • 1900

    Wakely & Wheeler

    10199 Victorian Antique Silver Loving Cup


    Of sporting interest. An excellent quality two handled gilt silver cup with an embossed hunting scene depicting huntsmen, hounds and stags. Compact size. The raised handles are cast in the form of a dog’s head. Weight 327 grams, 10.5 troy ounces. Spread 16cm. Diameter 10cm. Height 8.8cm, 10cm (to top of handles). London 1900. Maker Wakely and Wheeler. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1901

    Horton & Allday

    8392 Antique Silver Throne Pin Cushion


    An unusual antique sterling silver pin cushion in the form of the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey in London. This was made in 1296 for King Edward I to enclose the famous Stone of Scone; the original is made of solid oak and stands on 4 gilt lions. Height 4 cms. Width 2.5 cms.Depth 1.25 cms. Birmingham 1901. Maker Horton & Allday. Sterling silver.

  • 1903

    William Comyns

    9813 Antique Silver Basket


    An excellent antique silver swing handle basket with wirework body. Charming period style. The applied vine leaf decoration is highlighted with bunches of grapes and little bees. Weight 446 grams, 14.3 troy ounces. Length 25.5cm. Width 21.5cm. Height 5.9cm (without handle). London 1903. Maker William Comyns. Sterling silver.

  • 1906

    Britten Gould & Co

    8814 Antique Silver Hedgehog Pin Cushion


    Very collectible sewing item. A lovely antique sterling silver hedgehog or porcupine pin cushion. Cleverly designed so that you can put the pins in the holes to form the spines of the animal. It still has the original cotton wool stuffing inside. Weight 10 grams. Length 4.5 cms. Birmingham 1906. Maker Britten Gould & Co.

  • 1906

    James Deakin & Sons

    9562 Antique Silver Basting Spoon


    An antique sterling silver spoon in the classic Old English pattern. Very useful long handled serving spoon. Initials “B” engraved to one end in old fashioned script. Weight 166 grams, 5.3 troy ounces. Length 31.5 cm. Sheffield 1906. Maker John and William Deakin.

  • 1910

    Collingwood & Sons

    3169 George V Silver Table Snuff Box


    A super quality and large sterling silver octagonal snuff box of good proportions and having simple elegant styling. The top has a bright cut decorated border and long flush hinge. Length 12.5 cms. Width 8.25 cms. Weight 275 grams, 8.8 troy ounces. London 1910. Retailed by Collingwood and Co.

  • 1911

    Cohen & Solomon

    9887 Antique Silver and Enamel Box


    An excellent quality little silver box with hinged lid and gilt interior. Very small size. The top bears a decorative scene of a castle or mansion, probably Haddon Hall, in a forest setting, the sky is represented in green enamel. Weight 64 grams, 2 troy ounces. Top measures 4.7.x 3.2cm. Height 1cm. London 1911. Maker probably Cohen & Solomon. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1912

    Wakely & Wheeler

    7080 Antique Silver Grape Scissors


    An elegant pair of sterling silver grape shears in the original velvet lined box. Very smart plain design. Weight 77 grams, 2.4 troy ounces. Length 7 cm. London 1912. Maker Wakeley & Wheeler.

  • 1913

    Crisford & Norris

    7952 Antique Silver Baby Rattle


    A novelty sterling silver child’s rattle in the form of the popular Victorian puppet character Mr Punch. Complete with four bells, a bone teether ring and a real mother of pearl handle. Super large size. Length 20cm. Birmingham 1913. Maker Crisford & Norris.

  • 1913


    9921 Antique Silver Pepper


    An excellent little silver pepper shaker of plain form and simple styling. The curved handle and bayonet fitting allow it to be shaken thoroughly without the top coming loose. This style is known as a “kitchen pepper”. Weight 86 grams, 2.7 troy ounces. Height 9cm. Spread 7cm. London 1913. Maker Asprey & Co. Sterling silver.

  • 1916

    Edward Barnard & Sons

    9955 Charles II Style Antique Silver Chenets


    An outstanding pair of George IV sterling silver cherub ornaments of substantial weight and presence. These silver andirons are in the 17th century style, after the models at Knowle. The vase shaped bodies support large cherub finials; one with a shovel, the other with a pair of bellows. The broad shaped bases, raised on claw feet, are chased in relief with busts and satyr masks amidst foliage. These andirons are raised on later, detachable and ebonised wood display plinths. Total weight of silver 7,664 grams, 246.3 troy ounces. Height 63.4cm, total height 73cm including the wooden stand. London 1916. Maker Edward Barnard & Sons. Sterling silver.

  • 1921

    Carringtons & Co

    9870 Antique Silver Wine Ewer


    A magnificent silver gilt wine jug, of good size and weight, in the Renaissance style. Perfect for serving cold drinks, wine, beer and water. Of tall, bulbous form, the jug has a slender tapering neck, a graceful shaped handle, and a lady face mask to the front. The cutwork decoration is interspersed with foliate symbols and flowerheads. Contains 1250 ml. Weight 1302 grams, 41.5 troy ounces. Height 37cm. Spread 18cm. London 1921. Maker Carrington & Co.

  • 1925

    Spink & Son

    9387 Vintage Silver Knives


    A set of sterling silver knives with stainless steel blades. Smart plain styled handles with shell shaped ends. 6 dinner knives, length 25.8 cm, and 6 dessert knives, length 22.6 cm. London 1925. Maker Spink & Son.

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