George II

George II

  • 1733

    Francis Spilsbury

    9861 George II Silver Caster


    A charming antique silver caster of plain baluster form with a pierced pull off cover. Good colour. Weight 179 grams, 5.7 troy ounces. Height 23 cm. To the front is a hand engraved crest of a crown with a little bird. London 1733. Made by Francis Spilsbury. Sterling silver.

  • 1748

    Samuel Wood

    9865 George II Silver Casters


    A pair of antique silver casters, or tall peppers, of plain baluster form with detachable pierced tops. Classic style. Hand engraved to each is the crest of a lion. Total weight 263 grams, 8.4 troy ounces. Height 15cm. London 1748. Maker Samuel Wood. Sterling silver.

  • 1728

    William Darker

    9866 George II Antique Silver Octafoil Salver


    A rare antique silver octofoil salver with a scalloped border and standing on 3 curved panelled feet. Weight 631 grams, 20.2 troy ounces. Diameter 26.7 cm. Height 2.6 cm. London 1728. Maker William Darker. Sterling silver. These 8 sided salvers generally date between 1710 and 1730 and are extremely sought after. .

  • 1748

    Samuel Taylor

    9867 George II Covered Sugar Bowl


    A rare antique sterling silver covered sugar bowl of circular form on a small spreading foot. Excellent plain design, typical of the period. Good colour. In the early 18th century sugar bowls or sugar boxes nearly always had covers which, when reversed, could be used as a saucer or spoon tray. Weight 219 grams, 7.0 troy ounces. Total height 9cm. Bowl diameter 9.7cm. London 1748. Maker probably Samuel Taylor a specialist tea caddy and sugar bowl maker.

  • 1734

    John Richardson

    9878 George II Silver Coffee Pot


    A good plain style antique silver coffee pot with straight tapering sides, a shallow domed lid, and a shaped ivory handle. Uninscribed. Good gauge silver and excellent colour. Contains 1050 ml. Weight 917 grams, 29.4 troy ounces. Height 23cm. Spread 21cm. Diameter of base 11.7cm. London 1734. Makers mark “R.I”, mark not in register, possibly John Richardson I. Sterling silver.

  • 1732


    9901 Antique Silver Scandinavian Peg Beaker


    Possibly Norwegian or Baltic. A rare piece of parcel gilt silver of tapering straight sided form. With bright gilt banding to the foot, rim, and interior. 18th century. Faintly pricked out at the rim with the year “Anno 1732”. To the front is an engraved cartouche with “HNS Lemesand”. While peg tankards are traditional Scandinavian drinking vessels it is very unusual to find a beaker pegged in this fashion. A charming feature is the way that the pegs have been disguised on the front as flower heads. Contains 520 ml. Weight 220 grams, 7ozs. Height 13cm. Diameter 10.9 (top), 7.3cm (base). Stamped underneath with the maker’s mark “FR” double struck. Scandinavian – possibly Norwegian or Baltic. Circa 1732

  • 1753

    Samuel Herbert And Company

    9906 George II Silver Basket


    An elegant antique silver basket of oval form with a swing handle and rope borders. The simple basket weave decoration creates a clean classical style. Hand engraved to the centre is a large armorial within a decorative cartouche, the motto below reads “In Cruce Salus”. These handy multi-purpose serving baskets were originally used for bread and fruit but now are equally perfect for cakes or flowers. Weight 773 grams, 24.8 troy ounces. Height 7.7cm (26 cms to top of handle). Top measures 33 x 24.5cm. London 1753. Maker Samuel Herbert & Co. Sterling silver

  • 1751

    Elizabeth Godfrey

    9913 George II Silver Cruet Set


    A rare early English silver cruet with two bottles for oil and vinegar and a small silver castor or pepperette. Excellent weight and large size. The heavy cut crystal bottles have multi-faceted cut decoration, typical of the period. The silver frame has an acanthus scroll carrying handle and side supports for the bottle tops and pepperette. The top of the frame has a hand engraved armorial which matches those on the bottle tops. Total weight of silver 955 grams, 30.7 troy ounces. Height 23.5cm (overall), 20.7cm (bottle), 9.5cm (pepper). Base measures 19.3 x 16.3cm. London 1751. Maker Elizabeth Godfrey, a highly respected Huguenot lady silversmith.

  • 1746


    9922 George II Antique Silver Mug


    A good early English silver mug of baluster shape on a spreading foot. Nice chunky style. The plain features are typical of the period. Heavy gauge silver. Excellent colour. Unusual to find “WINE” stamped on the edge of the rim. Owner’s initials “MB” hand engraved to top of handle. Contains 450 ml. Weight 343 grams, 11 troy ounces. Height 11.8cm. Diameter 8.2cm (top), 8.9cm (base). London 1746. Maker’s mark badly struck. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1750


    9923 Antique Silver Coconut Cup


    A very charming piece of antique silver. The coconut cup is mounted with an engraved and scalloped silver rim and a low spreading silver foot. The very nice period features include the heart shaped supports at the base of the twin side handles and the little flower shaped nut attaching the silver foot to the coconut. Height 9.2cm (rim), 9.8cm top of (handle). Diameter 8.3cm. Makers mark only “MF” double struck. Probably English circa 1750.

  • 1751


    9927 George II Antique Silver Mug


    A handsome antique silver tankard of good size and weight. Of plain form with baluster form and acanthus leaf mounted handle. Nice colour. Contains 500 ml. Weight 333 grams, 10.7 troy ounces. Height 12.5cm. Spread 12.1cm. Diameter 8.3cm (top), 8.6cm (base). London 1751. Maker probably Thomas Mason. Sterling silver.

  • 1757 - 1759

    Jon. Jac. Baur

    9926 Antique German Silver Snuffers and Stand


    This mid 18th century silver snuffer tray is of triangular form and the wick trimmers, of silver and iron construction, fit snugly and precisely onto the shaped platform. Initial “S” engraved to the base of the stand. Weight of stand 118 grams, 3.7 troy ounces. Measures – stand length 21.8cm, width 8.8cm, scissors length 14.1cm, width 5.6cm. German silver marks for Augsburg 1757/9. Maker Jon. Jac. Baur.

  • Circa 1750


    9929 Antique Swedish Silver Beaker


    Of sporting interest. An antique silver beaker of tapering form, the lower body is embossed and chased all round with a boar hunting scene. Small size. Gilded to the top rim, base and interior. Contains 150 ml. Weight 57 grams, 1.8 troy ounces. Height 8.9cm. Diameter 7.5c, (top), 4.4cm (base). Stamped underneath with Swedish silver marks for Sundersvall. Maker J.P Modin. Circa 1750.

  • 1746

    Robert Albin Cox

    9937 George II Antique Silver Mug


    A plain antique sterling silver mug of baluster form with a shaped scroll handle with acanthus mount. Excellent quality. Good gauge silver and patina. Contains 450 ml. Weight 327 grams, 10.5 troy ounces. Height 12cm. Spread 12.2cm. Diameter 7.9cm. London 1746. Maker Robert Albin Cox. Sterling silver

  • Circa 1760

    Frantz Peter Bunsen

    9944 German Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A stunning pair of antique silver candlesticks in the plain style typical of the George II period. Very heavy quality. The classic design incorporates square bases with fluted corners, baluster stems and octagonal vase sconces. Weight 905 grams, 29 troy ounces. Height 20.5cm. Width of base 12cm. German silver marks for the town of Hanover. Maker Frantz Peter Bunsen. Date letter E, circa 1760.

  • 1741

    George Wickes

    9951 George II Antique Silver Salvers


    A fine pair of antique sterling silver salvers with shaped borders and scroll feet. Hand engraved to the centre contemporary armorial within a decorative cartouche. The inside border is beautifully hand chased with shells and scrolls. These small size trays are often referred to as waiters and are ideal for use with small objects such as glasses and bottles. Total weight 728 grams, 23.4 troy ounces. Diameter 18.9cm. Height 2.2cm. London 1741. Maker George Wickes, Royal goldsmith. Sterling silver.

  • 1740


    9957 George II Antique Silver Cashew Box


    An attractive little antique sterling silver cashew box, or silver snuff box, of heart shaped design. Original gilt finish. The embossed lid decoration shows a young man playing a lute with a putto in the background. Weight 40 grams, 1.2 troy ounces. Height 2.5cm. Top measures 6 x 5cm. London 1740. Maker “LM”. Sterling silver.

  • 1728

    James Savage

    9958 George II Antique Silver Serving Spoon


    A massive antique sterling silver spoon in the popular Hanover pattern. Very useful long handled serving spoon. To the reverse of the handle terminal there is an intricate hand engraved armorial. Weight 271 grams, 8.7 troy ounces. Length 39.5cm. Bowl 12 x 7cm. London 1728. Maker James Savage. Sterling silver..

  • 1732

    Thomas Causton

    9967 George II Antique Silver Chamberstick


    An early English sterling silver chamber stick (also known as a go to bed) with a simple C shaped handle and reeded rim. Solid design and excellent heavy gauge silver as you’d expect from this date. Weight 256 grams, 8.2 troy ounces. Diameter 13.5cm. Spread 15.5cm. Height 6.5cm. London 1732. Maker Thomas Causton, a known candlestick maker. Sterling silver.

  • 1752

    John Swift

    9969 George II Antique Silver Coffee Pot


    An antique sterling silver coffee pot with a straight sided, slightly baluster form raised on a shallow pedestal foot. Good quality shaped wooden handle. Elegant plain design and graceful shaped spout. Contains 980 ml. Weight 776 grams, 24.9 troy ounces. Height 24cm. Spread across spout and handle 21cm. London 1752. Maker John Swift.

  • 1746

    Richard Gurney

    9970 George II Antique Silver Mug


    An excellent quality antique silver mug of baluster shape on a spreading foot. Nice chunky style. The plain features are typical of the period. Hand engraved to the front with decorative cipher. Contains 550 ml. Weight 329 grams, 10.5 troy ounces. Height 12.3cm. Spread 12.5cm. Diameter 8cm (top), 9cm (base). London 1746. Maker Richard Gurney

  • 1732

    Paul Crespin

    10103 Set of George II Antique Silver Casters


    A fantastic quality set of antique sterling silver castors made by the master silversmith Paul Crespin. Classic plain style with pierced removable tops. Extremely large size, thick gauge and heavy in the hand. An unusual feature is that one small caster has been fitted with a plain inner sleeve, this is known as a “blind caster”, the earliest form of mustard pot. Height 21.5cm and 16.6cm. Weight 1056 grams, 33.9 troy ounces. London 1732 (large), 1733 (small). Maker Paul Crespin.

  • 1759

    Charles Kandler

    10106 George II Antique Silver Salver


    A fine early English silver salver by the sought after maker Charles Frederick Kandler. Of square form, and raised on tall scrolling feet, this rare salver is hand engraved with an expansive outer border of scroll motifs, the centre with the crest of a dog with a tree behind. Super heavy quality and feels very good in the hand. Perfect to stand a bottle or wine glass on top. Weight 408 grams, 13.1 troy ounces. Width 16cm. Height 4cm. London 1759. Maker Charles Frederick Kandler. Sterling silver.

  • 1731

    Louis Laroche

    10112 George II Antique Silver Jug


    An antique silver cream jug, with a good early date, of baluster form. With a shaped handle, curved rim and 3 hoof feet. Good gauge silver and nice chunky feel. Hand engraved to the front is an armorial crest. Weight 117 grams, 3.76 troy ounces. Height 10cm (top of handle, 8cm (top of pouring lip). London 1731. Maker Louis Laroche. Sterling silver.

  • 1737

    Willem Van Strant

    10116 Antique Dutch Silver Miniature Teapot


    A Dutch silver toy teapot of pear shaped form with swing handle and detachable lid. Very good condition. Excellent patina. Weight 45 grams, 1.5 troy ounces. Height 5.5cm (to top of handle), 4.4cm (to top of knob). Made in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Date mark “C” for 1737. Maker Willem Van Strant.

  • Circa 1733

    Ludvig Mouritzen Svab

    10122 Norwegian Antique Silver Beaker


    An excellent quality antique silver stipple ground beaker of tapering form and plain style, the body with simulated dotted texture and plain circular cartouche. Simple shape with concentric double ribbed detail to the top and 3 ball feet. Original gilt interior. Contains 200 ml. Weight 122 grams, 3.9 troy ounces. Height 8.5cm. Diameter 7.5cm. Made in Larvik, Norway. Maker Ludvig Mouritzen Svab. Circa 1733.

  • 1735

    Thomas Mason

    10136 George II Antique Silver Teapot


    An excellent quality antique silver bullet shaped teapot. Lovely plain form with an octagonal panelled spout and wooden handle. The bullet shaped teapot is probably one of the better known types of the George II period and the lid of this one has a cleverly concealed flush hinge which is difficult to distinguish as the engraver has continued the decoration over this area. To the front is a finely engraved cartouche containing the initial “F” in old fashioned cursive script. Contains 450ml. Weight 445 grams, 14.3 troy ounces. Height 11cm. Spread 20cm. London 1735. Maker Thomas Mason.

  • 1749

    John Jacob

    10147 George II Antique Silver Cream Boat


    A fantastic quality serving piece of plain oval form, typical of the George II period, with a shaped border, flying scroll handle in the form of an eagle’s head and three dolphin feet. The cast silver mounts are finely modelled and very realistic. To the front is a large decorative cartouche containing a hand engraved coat of arms. Weight 190 grams, 6.1 troy ounces. Height 9.4cm (to top of handle). Spread 15cm. Width 7.3cm. London 1749. Maker John Jacob.

  • 1749

    David Willaume II

    10146 George II Antique Silver Candlesticks


    An excellent quality pair of antique silver candlesticks of baluster design with shaped bases. Heavy cast silver and good original colour. Each is hand engraved within the well of the base with an insignia containing the royal motto. Weight 1171 grams, 37.6 troy ounces. Height 21cm. Bases 12cm square. London 1749. Maker David Willaume II. Sterling silver.

  • 1754

    John Café

    10150 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    An attractive antique silver taperstick with hexafoil shell base, rope borders and an intricately shaped stem. Cast silver. Good size and weight. Owner’s initials “W.M” engraved underneath. Weight 180 grams, 5.8 troy ounces. Height 13.3cm. Base diameter 8.7cm. London 1754. Maker John Cafe. Sterling silver.

  • 1754 - 1755

    John Café

    10149 George II Antique Silver Candelabra Suite


    Antique silver candelabra from this period are very rare and the additional pair of matching candlesticks add to the splendour of this set. A fine set of two-light silver candelabras of naturalistic rococo design with removable branches, the candlesticks with large hand engraved armorials. The four candlesticks can be used on their own. All pieces are made of heavy cast silver. Weight 4597 grams, 14 troy ounces. Height 42.5cm (top of candelabra), 27.2cm (candlestick). London 1754-55. Maker John Café, specialist candlestick maker. Sterling silver.

  • 1742

    William Gould

    10152 Set of George II Antique Silver Candlesticks


    This plain design, typical of the period, is enhanced by the unusual feature of the naturalistic shell corners. A handsome set of four antique silver candlesticks with baluster stems and shaped square bases. Heavy gauge cast silver. Each foot has a hand engraved armorial. Total weight 1,940 grams, 62.3 troy ounces. Height 19.5cm. Diameter of base 11cm. London 1742. Maker William Gould, specialist candlestick maker and great exponent of rococo silver. Sterling silver.

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