• Circa 1780


    9627 Antique Continental Silver Pin


    An interesting antique silver pin with cut out decoration. Weight 10 grams, under 1 troy ounce. Length 14.6 cm. Stamped with continental silver marks, possibly Dutch. Probably 18th century.

  • 1901

    Horton & Allday

    8392 Antique Silver Throne Pin Cushion


    An unusual antique sterling silver pin cushion in the form of the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey in London. This was made in 1296 for King Edward I to enclose the famous Stone of Scone; the original is made of solid oak and stands on 4 gilt lions. Height 4 cms. Width 2.5 cms.Depth 1.25 cms. Birmingham 1901. Maker Horton & Allday. Sterling silver.

  • 1902

    Adie & Lovekin

    8332 Antique Silver Pig Pin Cushion


    A super size antique sterling silver pin cushion in the form of a pig with a curly tail. Weight 98 grams, 3.1 troy ounces. Height 4.5 cms. Length 8.5 cms. Marked underneath for Birmingham 1902. Maker possibly Adie and Lovekin Ltd.

  • 1906

    Britten Gould & Co

    8814 Antique Silver Hedgehog Pin Cushion


    Very collectible sewing item. A lovely antique sterling silver hedgehog or porcupine pin cushion. Cleverly designed so that you can put the pins in the holes to form the spines of the animal. It still has the original cotton wool stuffing inside. Weight 10 grams. Length 4.5 cms. Birmingham 1906. Maker Britten Gould & Co.

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