• Circa 1680


    9855 17th Century Continental Silver Pomander


    A fascinating piece of history contained in a small silver globe. This antique silver pomander of spherical form has all-over chased decoration of flowers & leaf-scrolls in low relief. The screw top unturns to release the six numbered, hinged segments with sliding covers, the interior with hand engraved flowers. The foot unscrews to reveal a secret hollow compartment. Weight 89 grams, 2.8 troy ounces. Height 6.5cm. Spread 9cm fully extended. The pomander is made of unmarked silver It is quite usual for a small article of this date to be unmarked. Probably Dutch. Circa 1680.

  • Circa 1700


    8638 Antique German Silver Travelling Cutlery Set


    A rare set of antique silver folding cutlery- knife, fork and spoon. All expertly made to be as compact as possible so that it all fits inside the original tooled leather carrying case. The knife and fork have steel blades. Each piece has silver hallmarks for Nurnberg circa 1700. Maker Christoph Hieronymous Clauss.

  • Circa 1710


    9091 Antique Queen Anne Silver Pilgrim Flask


    A rare early English silver drinks flask of small size in the form of a medieval pilgrim flask. Plain form and heavy gauge silver with a screw-on top and pendant chain. There is a large decorative cartouche hand engraved to both sides with an armorial to the front (probably for Underhill of Stratford-upon-Avon) and a crest of a stag to the reverse. Weight 173 grams, 5.5 troy ounces. Height 13 cms. Width 8 cms. Unmarked English silver. Circa 1710. Illustrated in Michael Clayton’s Pictorial History of English & American Silver (see photos).

  • Circa 1780


    9156 Georgian Silver Travelling Scribes Box


    An unusual antique sterling silver travelling case which pulls apart in 4 sections to contain pens, nibs and other writing paraphernalia. The outer case has an 8 inch rule hand engraved to the front. To each end there is an integral seal. Weight 84 grams, 2.7 troy ounces. Length 20 cm. Unmarked silver. English circa 1780.

  • 1802

    Richard Lockwood And John Douglas

    9343 George III Travelling Toothbrush


    A beautifully made antique sterling silver toothbrush together with the matching double lidded tooth powder box. All in the original tooled leather case. Brush length 13.2 cm, width 3.6 cm. Box length 9 cm, width 2.7 cm. Red tooled leather case 9 x 2.7 cm. London 1802. Maker Richard Lockwood and John Douglas.

  • 1810

    Thomas Wells

    8768 Antique George III Silver Inkwell


    A good George III sterling silver travelling inkwell, of rectangular form, with hinged screw down cover. Lovely plain style. Weight 56 grams, 1.8 troy ounces. Height 2.5 (pot), 5 (top of screw cap) cms. Base 3.9×3.9 cms. London 1810. Maker Thomas Wells.

  • Circa 1820


    8989 Antique Silver and Shagreen Etui


    A ladies set. An interesting travelling set of sewing and manicure instruments in a silver mounted shagreen case. Most pieces have small silver marks, unidentified. Continental, circa 1820.

  • 1826

    William Sumner

    6970 Georgian Silver Coach Pot


    A rare antique sterling silver bourdalou of plain design with a compressed elliptical shape and simple loop handle. This is a small urinal or chamber pot designed for female use when travelling. Weight 563 grams, 18.1 troy ounces. Height 8 cms. Length 21 cms. Spread 24 cms. Width 9.5/6 cms. London 1826. Maker William Sumner.

  • 1863

    Ortner & Houle

    8145 Antique Silver Travelling Lamp


    A fine quality antique sterling silver travelling or carriage lamp by Orton & Houle, neatly designed so that it can be carried for travel. To use the lamp, lift the lid and pull out the hinged front cover to reveal the candle holder behind a glass panel. The lamp can then either be hung from the suspension hooks, or placed standing up by pulling down the base. Next to the base there is a cylindrical vesta case, with a drop down hinged cover for matches and a match striker. A nice feature is the candle holder which has a spring fitting allowing the candle to be pushed up as the candle burns down. Stamped on the main cover with full English silver hallmarks for London 1863. Maker and retailer Ortner & Houle, 3 St James St, SW London.

  • 1890

    Hukin & Heath

    7125 Victorian Silver Plated Travelling Picnic Set


    From a design by Dr Christopher Dresser. An antique silver plated automobile set beautifully arranged with many of the pieces slotting inside each other. All in the original leather covered carrying case. Each piece with an engraved monogram and crest. There is a similar set by Dr Christopher Dresser in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London (see photos). Kettle height 9 cms (14.5 cms with handle), contains 1 pint. Teapot height 7.5 cms, contains half a pint. Stamped underneath with silver plate stamps for Hukin and Heath, a design number and a Victorian registration mark. Circa 1890.

    1 kettle of cauldron form with rattan-covered handle and domed cover, containing a tea canister and a burner
    1 teapot with rattan handle, containing a gilded beaker and glass container with screw cover and fitted stopper
    1 flask with screw cap
    2 circular boxes with screw on lids

  • Circa 1890


    9651 Antique Silver and Pearl Card Case


    A collector’s item. A fabulous Victorian visiting card case covered with iridescent mother of pearl tiles. The corners and central cartouche have engraved sterling silver mounts. Perfect to use for business cards. The front is engraved with butterflies and flowers. The push button opens the case to display a fan shaped interior (original blue satin and concertina fittings) with a separate slot for each card. Measures 11 x 7.6 cm. Height 1.5 cm. English. Circa 1890.

  • 1900


    9541 Antique Silver Flask


    Of sporting interest. An antique sterling silver mounted flask of conical shape with a fitted silver drinking cup with gilt interior. The top has a swivel bayonet fitting. Together with the original dark mahogany coloured leather case, the girth strap is attached so that the flask will sit on the near-side of the saddle. Flask height 22.5cm, diameter of base 4.8cm. Birmingham 1900. Maker E.W.C.

  • 1901


    9445 Antique Silver Travelling Lamp


    An unusual antique travelling mirror or lamp in sterling silver. The plain styled case unfolds into a 3 fold screen with a hinged flap to stand a candle light. Weight 186 grams, 5.9 troy ounces. Case closed 9.4×7.5cm. London 1901. Maker Asprey & Sons.

  • Circa 1930


    7003 Vintage Silver Cat Pendant Minaudiere


    A beautiful piece of jewellery. A silver ladies compact on hanging chain in the form of a cat with ruby red eyes. Stunning quality and very realistic. The cat’s tail serves as a catch which when opened reveals a double section compact case and a small mirror in the lid. The reverse side is modelled as the back of the cat. Traces of gilt. Weight 59 grams. Length 5.5 cms. Width 3 cms. Height 1 cm. Stamped with German silver marks, 900 grade. Circa 1930.

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