Table Accessories

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Table Accessories

  • 1919


    6843 Antique Silver Bird


    An attractive model silver bird with detachable head and glass eyes. Inside there is a silver grill so that the bird can be used as a shaker (possibly for sugar). Beautifully modelled, the bird has very realistic plumage, the wings are applied separately but do not open. Stamped on the head and rim with Dutch silver stamps for 1919.

  • Circa 1920

    Ernest Eschwege

    8604 Antique French Silver Table Birds


    A fine pair of French silver table ornaments modelled as game birds with articulated wings. High grade 950 silver (purer than 925 sterling silver). Large size and excellent weight. These models are very realistic and have fine chased detail. Weight 1443 grams, 46.3 troy ounces. Male bird height 19 cms, length 39 cms. Female bird 18.5 cms, length 40 cms. Stamped with French silver stamps on the wing and tail feather. Maker Ernest Eschwege. Circa 1920.

  • 1927

    William Hutton

    9996 George V Silver Egg Cutter


    A rare sterling silver boiled egg topper complete with a full set of teeth. Ready to cut off the top from a soft-boiled egg. An unusual and very practical conversation piece. It would make a splendid gift. Weight 51 grams, 1.6 troy ounces. Length 10cm. Width across the handle 5.4cm. Sheffield 1927. Maker William Hutton & Sons. Sterling silver.

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