• Circa 1701


    9903 Antique Silver Armorial Beaker


    A very interesting antique silver cup of tapering form and plain style. Simple shape with bright gilt bands to the rim and base, and gilded interior. Good gauge silver and weight. The base is beautifully engraved with an armorial dated 1701, possibly a town arms. Engraved initials to the front. Contains 350 ml. Weight 136 grams, 4.3 troy ounces. Height 9.2cm. Diameter 8cm (top), 6.3cm (base). Unmarked silver. Continental. Circa 1701.

  • Circa 1790


    3289 Antique Continental Silver Tobacco Box


    A good 18th century silver tobacco box with long hinged lid and original gilt interior. The bright cut decoration is particularly fine. Weight 229 grams, 7.3 troy ounces.Length 14.5 cms. Depth 6.25 cms. Height 3 cms. Continental silver hallmarks (2 silver marks stamped on the inner rim of the box). Circa 1790.

  • Circa 1800


    9255 Antique Silver Coconut Cup


    An antique silver mounted coconut cup on a tall spreading foot. Good size and condition. The bowl is profusely carved and the four vignettes show 1) crowned monogram, 2) a mountain scene with houses in the foreground, a river and bridge, 3) a forest scene with a monument surrounded by a bird, dog and lamb 4) a carved still life roundel. There is a silver mount to the top and base, and there is also a shaped collar where the base meets the cup. The top mount has an inscription. Contains 400 ml. Height 15.5 cm. Diameter 8 cm. Unmarked. Probably continental, circa 1800.

  • Circa 1800


    9601 Antique Continental Silver Box


    An antique silver box of interesting design. The lift off cover has a finial shaped as an antique soldier figure raised on a tall column. Heavy quality. The body has a deep chased foliate decoration. Weight 533 grams, 17.1 troy ounces. Height 9.6 cm, 20 cm to top of finial. Top measures 13 x 8 cm. Stamped with continental silver marks, assay scrape to the base. Circa 1800.

  • Circa 1850


    10170 19th Century Antique Silver Chamberstick


    This is an exquisite piece of silver workmanship. This antique filigree silver chamberstick is made of twisted silver wire in the form of delicate loops and scrolls which resemble the texture of lace. The candle nozzle is detachable. Weight 134 grams, 4.3 troy ounces. Height 9.2cm. Diameter 13.6cm. Maker “TC”. Probably European. Circa 1850.

  • Circa 1900


    6425 Antique Miniature Silver Mandolin


    A pretty little model silver mandolin. To the front there is a country scene with a horse and cherub. On the back there is a cherub fishing scene. Weight 41 grams, 1.3 troy ounces. Length 10.75 cms. Width 3.5 cms. Continental silver – unmarked. Circa 1900.

  • Circa 1900


    6426 Antique Miniature Silver Double Bass


    A large and very heavy antique silver model double bass. Very pretty with flowers, ladies and cherub decoration. Excellent modelling. Weight 182 grams, 5.8 troy ounces. Length 16.5 cms. Width 5 cms. Continental silver – unmarked. Circa 1900.

  • Circa 1900


    10175 Antique Silver Fish Box


    A very attractive 19th century novelty silver fish with green glass eyes and articulated body. The fish opens into a box at the neck and has an unusual snap shut mechanism. Large size and graceful style with naturalistic engraved detail and scales. The bottom fins serve also as stand supports. Weight 274 grams, 8.8 troy ounces. Length 28cm. Foreign silver marks. Maker not known. Circa 1900.

  • Circa 1920


    6281 Miniature Silver Bird Cage


    A pretty little silver bird cage with a model bird on a perch, complete with tall stand. A dolls house item. Weight 36 grams, 1.1 troy ounce. Height 13 cms. Unmarked silver. Probably continental. Circa 1920.

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