Cigar Boxes

Browse our collection of antique and vintage silver Cigarette and Cigar Boxes

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Cigar Boxes

Browse our collection of antique and vintage silver Cigarette and Cigar Boxes

  • 1937

    Adie Brothers

    9336 Art Deco Silver Box


    An excellent quality 1930’s sterling silver cigar box with engine turned decoration to the lid. Superb plain design and clean lines. Heavy quality. The interior has the original wood lining. Height 7 cms. Length 22.7 cm. Width 14.4 cm. Birmingham 1937. Maker Adie Brothers.

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  • 1815

    Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard I

    10251 George III Antique Silver Mug


    An excellent quality antique silver child’s cup with a stylistic vine leaf decoration around the body and curled serpent handle popularised by the contemporary silversmith Paul Storr. Heavy cast silver. Original bright interior gilding. Contains 175 ml. Weight 174 grams, 5.5 troy ounces. Height 9.3cm (to top of handle). Diameter 6.9cm. London 1815. Maker Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1697

    William Andrews

    10370 William and Mary Antique Silver Beaker


    A rare early English silver drinking cup of tapering cylindrical form with a flared lip, central band and simple reeded foot. Very attractive size. The lower body has the deep embossed band of acanthus leaves, a popular decoration of the period. Hand engraved to the front are owner’s initials with the date 1701. Contains 150ml. Weight 101g, 3.2 troy oz. Height 7.9cm. Diameter 6.8cm. London 1697. Maker William Andrews. Britannia standard silver – high purity 95.8%.

  • 1927

    Charles Boynton

    10105 Vintage Silver Knives for 12


    A good set of 12 silver handled dinner and dessert knives with stainless steel blades. Smart plain styled handles. Each has a decorative monogram in distinctive lettering. The dinner knives have spatula shaped blades and the dessert knives have pointed blades. The silver handles are unfilled. Length 25/21.5cm. Sheffield 1927. Maker Charles Boyton & Son Ltd.

  • 1732


    9901 Antique Silver Scandinavian Peg Beaker


    Possibly Norwegian or Baltic. A rare piece of parcel gilt silver of tapering straight sided form. With bright gilt banding to the foot, rim, and interior. 18th century. Faintly pricked out at the rim with the year “Anno 1732”. To the front is an engraved cartouche with “HNS Lemesand”. While peg tankards are traditional Scandinavian drinking vessels it is very unusual to find a beaker pegged in this fashion. A charming feature is the way that the pegs have been disguised on the front as flower heads. Contains 520 ml. Weight 220 grams, 7ozs. Height 13cm. Diameter 10.9 (top), 7.3cm (base). Stamped underneath with the maker’s mark “FR” double struck. Scandinavian – possibly Norwegian or Baltic. Circa 1732

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