Cigar Boxes

Browse our collection of antique and vintage silver Cigarette and Cigar Boxes

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Cigar Boxes

Browse our collection of antique and vintage silver Cigarette and Cigar Boxes

  • 1937

    Adie Brothers

    9336 Art Deco Silver Box


    An excellent quality 1930’s sterling silver cigar box with engine turned decoration to the lid. Superb plain design and clean lines. Heavy quality. The interior has the original wood lining. Height 7 cms. Length 22.7 cm. Width 14.4 cm. Birmingham 1937. Maker Adie Brothers.

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  • 1810 - 1811

    John Mewburn

    10258 George III Antique Silver Salts


    A fine pair of antique sterling silver salt dishes formed as scallop shells mounted on naturalistic turtle shell bases. Heavy cast gilt silver. The detailed workmanship on these is quite exceptional. Each is hand engraved to the front with a bird crest. Weight 555 grams, 17.8 troy ounces. Height 8.5/4.7cm. Width 10.5cm. London 1810/11. Maker John Mewburn. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1631


    10256 Charles I Antique Silver Cup


    A superb early English silver wine cup of very plain form with a cast baluster stem and spreading foot. This large goblet has an excellent patina, good weight, and sits very well in the hand. To the front is a well-executed armorial for Dr Thomas Eden, hand engraved, the style is typical of the Charles I period with the shield within a laurel-wreath. This is an outstanding piece of antique silver in every way. Contains 430 ml. Weight 326 grams, 10.4 troy ounces. Height 19.8cm. Diameter 9.2cm (top), 9cm (foot). London 1631. Maker “HM”. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1768

    William Grundy

    9476 George III Silver Sugar Vases


    A fine pair of antique sterling silver sugar casters with side handles. Plain style with gadroon borders. To the front each has a hand engraved armorial with a boar crest. Weight 951 grams, 30.5 troy ounces. Height 25cm (caster), 17.5cm (vase). London 1768. Maker William Grundy.

  • Circa 1829

    Joseph Rodgers

    9089 Georgian Silver Knives


    A full set of antique Georgian knives with sterling silver handles and stainless steel blades. Pistol handle style. 12 dinner knives length 24.3cm and 12 dessert knives length 20.8cm. Each has a hand engraved crest of a ‘hand’ to the front side. Maker John Rogers, the prestigious Sheffield cutlers company. Circa 1829.

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