• 1755

    James Phipps I

    10109 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    A sweet little antique silver taperstick with shaped base and shell corners. Classic style. Cast silver. Weight 137 grams, 4.4 troy ounces. Height 12.8cm. Base 7 x 7cm. London 1755. Maker James Phipps II. Sterling silver.

  • 1732

    Thomas Farren

    10108 George II Antique Silver Salver


    A nice little antique silver salver of plain design with a shaped Chippendale border. Hand engraved to the centre is a stag crest. These small size trays are often referred to as waiters and are ideal for use with small objects such as glasses and bottles. Weight 177 grams, 5.6 troy ounces. Diameter 15cm. Height 3.2cm. London 1732. Maker Thomas Farren. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1690

    Heinrich Eichler

    10107 Antique German Silver Wine Taster


    A pretty little 17th century silver dish of oval form with scalloped sides and shaped side handles. Gilt finish to the interior and outside top rim. The centre, with the flower decoration typical of the period and embossed star design, retains a silver finish. Weight 76 grams, 2.4 troy ounces. Top measures 11.1 x 9.9cm. Width across handles 13.2cm. Height 2.2cm, 3.1cm to top of handle. Augsburg, Germany. Maker Heinrich Eichler. Circa 1690.

  • 1759

    Charles (Frederick) Kandler

    10106 George II Antique Silver Salver


    A fine early English silver salver by the sought after maker Charles Frederick Kandler. Of square form, and raised on tall scrolling feet, this rare salver is hand engraved with an expansive outer border of scroll motifs, the centre with the crest of a dog with a tree behind. Super heavy quality and feels very good in the hand. Perfect to stand a bottle or wine glass on top. Weight 408 grams, 13.1 troy ounces. Width 16cm. Height 4cm. London 1759. Maker Charles Frederick Kandler. Sterling silver.

  • 1927

    Charles Boynton

    10105 Vintage Silver Knives for 12


    A good set of 12 silver handled dinner and dessert knives with stainless steel blades. Smart plain styled handles. Each has a decorative monogram in distinctive lettering. The dinner knives have spatula shaped blades and the dessert knives have pointed blades. The silver handles are unfilled. Length 25/21.5cm. Sheffield 1927. Maker Charles Boyton & Son Ltd.

  • Circa 1880

    Josef Carl Klinkosch

    10102 Pair of Antique Austrian Silver Tureens


    A stunning pair of antique silver vegetable tureens of octagonal form, with matching covers. The detachable libers can be used separately. Excellent quality and thick gauge silver. These serving dishes make an impressive show with their twin scrolling handles, applied borders and classical scenes amounted to the front and reverse sides. The lids have attractive pumpkin finials and an applied monogram with mythical ornament. Total weight including liners 4305 grams, 138.4 troy ounces. Height 24.1cm (to top of finial). Spread across handles 24.1cm. Diameter 15cm. Vienna. Circa 1880. Maker Josef Carl Klinkosch.

  • 1748

    William Gould

    10101 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    A delightful little antique silver taper stick with shaped base and shell corners. Cast silver. Weight 147 grams, 4.7 troy ounces. Height 12.2cm. Base diameter 7.2cm. London 1748. Maker William Gould. Sterling silver.

  • 1787


    10100 George III Antique Silver Coasters


    A very pretty pair of antique sterling silver wine coasters with pierced gallery and turned hardwood centres. Typical 18th century classical  design. The borders having bright cut engraving with swags and an oval medallion to the front. Height 3.3cm. Diameter 12cm. London 1787/8. Maker’s mark rubbed.

  • 1810

    John Edwards III

    9998 George III Antique Silver Kettle


    A handsome antique sterling silver samovar of oval form with a wicker wrapped loop handle. The matching stand on four lion paw feet contains a double burner. Plain style with an expansive hand engraved armorial to the front for the Ramsden and Balfour families. A charming feature is the little turned wood tap finial in the form of an acorn. Total weight 2518 grams, 80.9 troy ounces. Total height 41cm. London 1810. Maker John Edwards III.

  • 1880

    John Septimus Beresford

    9994 Antique Silver Tea Caddies


    A magnificent pair of antique silver tea caddy boxes of cannister form with lift off lids. Large size and good gauge silver. Gilt finish. Britannia standard silver. The body is beautifully ornamented with cherubs, swags, acanthus leaf and other classical motifs on a hand chased matted background. Each box has an armorial engraved to the front and a monogram of old fashioned initials to the reverse. Total weight 841 grams, 27 troy ounces. Height 16.7m. Base 8 x 8cm. London 1880. Maker John Septimus Beresford.

  • 1683

    John Duck

    9991 Charles II Antique Silver Beaker


    An early English antique sterling silver beaker of plain tapering design with simple foot wires. Dating from the late 1600’s. Charmingly flat chased with an exuberant scene of exotic birds and foliage in the Chinese style known as “chinoiserie”. To the front there are hand engraved initials “MFD” and the date 1684 and to the reverse are the prick engraved initials “CIE”. Excellent patina and hand beaten finish. Contains 290 ml. Weight 99 grams, 3.1 troy ounces. Height 9.2cm. Diameter 8cm. London 1683. Maker John Duck, well known for his fine period beakers.

  • 1697


    9990 William III Antique Silver Cup


    A very unusual antique sterling silver cup of tapering form on a small applied foot; the simple “S” scroll handle having a beaded rat-tail decoration. The body has four panels of hand applied matting work. Originally this would have been either a small mug or toddy cup for alcoholic beverages or possibly a cup for drinking tea or chocolate. Contains 155ml. Weight 108 grams, 3.4 troy ounces. Height 7.7cm. Diameter of top 7.2cm. Spread across the handle 9cm. London 1697. Maker unknown.

  • 1625

    Robert Profit

    9989 Charles I Antique Silver Bowl


    An extremely early date. A rare antique silver porringer (or bleeding bowl) of plain circular form. The straight sided shape with a simple rim is the earliest type and in keeping with the early date. Small proportions and very charming with the original hand beaten finish. A useful serving bowl, handy for nuts and sweets. Prick marked on the edge of the rim with the initials “MC”. Weight 108 grams, 3.4 troy ounces. Diameter 10.3cm. Height 3.5 cm. Spread 14cm. London 1625. Maker “RP” possibly Robert Profit (David Mitchell’s “Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London”).

  • 1628 - 1635

    Wenzel Zeideler

    9988 Antique German Silver Beaker


    An early Leipzig silver stipple ground beaker of tapering form. Original gilt finish. Hand engraved to the body is a charming design of a tree with outspread branches and large leaves like table tennis bats. Contains 190 ml. Weight 109 grams, 3.5 troy ounces. Height 8.3cm. Diameter 6.7cm (top), 5.2cm (base). Leipzig 1633-1635 Maker Wenzel Zeideler. Circa 1628-30. Marks. Stamped underneath with German silver marks for Leipzig.

  • 1694

    John Cory

    9987 William & Mary Antique Silver Cup


    A charming little early English silver mug of plain form. Charming small size and suitable for a child/christening mug. The body is raised from sheet and has a simple strap handle and an incised, reeded neck. This is the earliest type of mug. Engraved to the underside are owner’s initials and the date “1695”. Contains 140 ml. Weight 60 grams, 1.9 troy ounces. Height 6.5cm, 7cm to top of handle. Diameter 5cm. Mark “I.C” in a shield with a pellet below. Possibly John Cory. London 1694. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1716 - 1730

    Georg Matthias Einboke

    9986 Antique German Silver Candlesticks


    A handsome pair of antique silver candle holders of plain, early design with knopped columns, shaped bases and detachable nozzles. Each has a monogram in old fashioned script inscribed inside the sunken well. Total weight 643 grams, 20.6 troy ounces. Height 19.8cm. Base 13cm. Braunschweig 1716-30. Maker Georg Matthias Einboke.

  • 1763

    Peter Archambo

    9983 George III Antique Second Course Plate


    A fine antique silver plate of plain design with traditional shaped gadroon borders. This large size is generally referred to as a second course dish. Excellent quality and weight. Hand engraved to the edge with a large coat of arms with crown and motto “Perdeum Etferrum Obtinui”. Weight 806 grams, 25.9 troy ounces. Diameter 29.4cm. London 1763. Maker Peter Archambo II (apprenticed to the illustrious Paul de Lamerie) & Peter Meure.

  • 1763

    Sebastian & James Crespel

    9982 George III Antique Second Course Plate


    A fine antique silver plate of plain design with traditional shaped gadroon borders. This large size is generally referred to as a second course dish. Excellent quality and weight. Hand engraved to the edge with a large coat of arms with crown and motto “Perdeum Etferrum Obtinui”. Weight 816 grams, 26.2 troy ounces. Diameter 29.4cm. London 1763. Maker Sebastian & James Crespel.

  • Circa 1910


    9980 Antique Silver Fish


    An excellent quality novelty silver antique fish with red glass eyes. Beautifully articulated. The fish opens into a box at the neck, and the mouth opens into a second smaller box. Large size and graceful style with naturalistic engraved detail and scales. The bottom fins serve also as stand supports. Weight 262 grams, 8.4 troy ounces. Length 37.5cm. Continental silver marks for Hanau, Germany. Maker Gebruder Dingeldein. Circa 1910.

  • 1834

    William Barber

    9979 Antique Silver Bowl


    A magnificent antique sterling silver cream bowl with a bright gilt interior; the two side handles formed as intertwined serpents. To the front and back there are classical scenes of the god Neptune with sea horses and mermen. Weight 526 grams, 16.9 troy ounces. Height 8.5cm. Rim diameter 13.4cm. Spread 19cm. London 1834. Maker William Barber. Sterling silver.

  • 1834

    William Barber

    9978 Antique Silver Jug


    A magnificent antique sterling silver cream jug with a bright gilt interior; the handle formed as two intertwined serpents. To the front and back there are classical scenes of the god Neptune with sea horses and mermen. Weight 355 grams, 11.4 troy ounces. Height 9.5cm (to top of handle). Width 11.5cm. Spread 15.8cm. London 1834. Maker William Barber. Sterling silver.

  • 1793

    Edward Lowe

    9976 George III Antique Silver Salts


    An elegant set of 4 of antique sterling silver salt cellars of oval form with pretty pierced decoration with swags. Blue glass liners. Lovely classical style with rope borders and standing on pierced shaped feet. Weight of silver 218 grams, 7 troy ounces. Height 5cm. Top measures 8.3 x 6.1cm. London 1793. Maker Edward Lowe.

  • 1766

    Nathaniel Appleton & Anne Smith

    9974 George III Antique Silver Strainer


    An antique sterling silver strainer of circular form with a single shaped handle. A very charming and useful size; although originally made as a lemon strainer this could be used nowadays as a tea strainer. The bowl is pierced with a flower design. Weight 67 grams, 2.1 troy oz. Spread 12.9cm. Diameter 8.8cm. Height 2.9cm. London 1766. Maker Nathaniel Appleton & Anne Smith. Sterling silver.

  • 1824

    Samuel Davenport

    9972 George IV Antique Silver Tureen


    A large and imposing sterling silver tureen with matching cover. Excellent size for serving soup, casseroles and vegetables. Oval bellied shape with twin side handles, stunningly shaped feet and cast silver lid handle. Hand engraved to the front is a large armorial with the matching elephant crest to the lid. Heavy gauge silver. Good colour. Weight 3433 grams, 110.3 troy ounces. Spread across handles 40.5cm. Length 31cm. Width 24cm. Height 24cm. London 1824. Maker Samuel Davenport.

  • 1866

    William Summers

    9971 Antique Silver Baby Rattle


    An excellent quality antique sterling silver child’s rattle complete with whistle and real pink coral teether. Lovely bright gilt finish. There are 6 silver bells attached. The engraved decoration is very pretty. Weight 69 grams, 2 troy ounces (including coral). Length 15cm. London 1866. Maker William Summers.

  • 1746

    Richard Gurney

    9970 George II Antique Silver Mug


    An excellent quality antique silver mug of baluster shape on a spreading foot. Nice chunky style. The plain features are typical of the period. Hand engraved to the front with decorative cipher. Height 12.3cm. Spread 12.5cm. Diameter 8cm (top), 9cm (base). London 1746. Maker Richard Gurney

  • 1752

    John Swift

    9969 George II Antique Silver Coffee Pot


    An antique sterling silver coffee pot with a straight sided, slightly baluster form raised on a shallow pedestal foot. Good quality shaped wooden handle. Elegant plain design and graceful shaped spout. Contains 980 ml. Weight 776 grams, 24.9 troy ounces. Height 24cm. Spread across spout and handle 21cm. London 1752. Maker John Swift.

  • 1732

    Thomas Causton

    9967 George II Antique Silver Chamberstick


    An early English sterling silver chamber stick (also known as a go to bed) with a simple C shaped handle and reeded rim. Solid design and excellent heavy gauge silver as you’d expect from this date. Weight 256 grams, 8.2 troy ounces. Diameter 13.5cm. Spread 15.5cm. Height 6.5cm. London 1732. Maker Thomas Causton, a known candlestick maker. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1900


    9966 Antique Silver Pencil


    An antique silver propelling pencil, would have originally hung on a lady’s chatelaine or gentleman’s watch chain. Hexagonal shaped body with hand engraved decoration around the outside. The top is inset with a purple coloured stone. The central sliding band extends & retracts the internal pencil mechanism. Length 4.3cm (closed), 5.cm (extended). English circa 1900. The pencil is unmarked. The T-bar has maker’s mark “J.K”, date letter “s” probably for Birmingham 1892. The chain links with the lion mark only. Guaranteed silver, sterling grade or similar.

  • 1696

    St John Hoyte

    9964 William III Antique Silver Caster


    A late 17th century antique sterling silver muffineer in the traditional lighthouse design with a bayonet fitting, so typical of these very early casters. Excellent size and heavy quality, it feels good in the hand. Lovely patina. The base is plain styled with a gadrooned base, the top is simply pierced, the holes are quite large as crushed loaf sugar was still in use at this early date. Uninscribed.Weight 304 grams, 9.7 troy ounces. Height 19.5cm. Diameter of base 6.3cm. London 1686. Makers mark for St John Hoyte. Sterling silver

  • 1837

    Robert Hennell I

    9963 William IV Antique Silver Chamberstick


    A plain styled antique sterling silver chamberstick of octafoil form with matching candle snuffer and candle nozzle. Hand engraved with the matching lion crest. Total weight 287 grams, 9.2 troy ounces. Height 6cm. Diameter of base 15cm. London 1837. Maker Robert Hennell I. Sterling silver

  • 1901

    Charles Stuart Harris

    9962 Antique Silver Castor


    An early 20th century silver muffineer in the traditional lighthouse design with a bayonet fitting, typical of the late 17th century. Britannia standard silver*. Neat size. Weight 100 grams, 3.2 troy ounces. Height 14.5cm. London 1901. Maker Charles Stuart Harris.

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