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Latest Items

  • 1809

    Rundell‚ Bridge & Rundell

    10389 George III Antique Silver Wine Cooler


    A magnificent antique silver gilt cup and cover with elegant classical styling and a lovely bright gilt finish. Of campana urn form with twin side handles, the lift off cover has a naturalistic finial of closed petal form. The body has broad bands of applied grape vine decoration and fluted ornament. Weight 3718 grams, 119 troy ounces. Height 38cm. London 1809. Maker’s mark for Philip Rundell of the esteemed retail partnership Rundell Bridge and Rundell, Goldsmiths and Jewellers to the King. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1780

    Francesco Arnaud

    10387 Maltese Antique Silver Sugar Bowl and Cover


    An attractive 18th century antique silver sugar box of inverted pear form with a pull off dome cover. The fluted tapering body is raised on three cast hoof feet. Weight 180g, 5.7 troy oz. Height 12.2cm. Spread across the body 10cm. Malta circa 1780, Rohan Period (1775-97). Maker Francesco Arnaud.

  • Circa 1770

    John Parker & Edward Wakelin

    10386 George III Antique Silver Tea Caddy


    A delightful antique silver tea box of plain cubic design with a flat hinged lid. The cannister form has very pleasing geometric lines. The top is charmingly decorated with a hand engraved border with shell corners, the finial is modelled as a pineapple. To the front is a locking mechanism (key available) and a hand engraved crest. An attractive feature is the fitted mahogany wooden box with colourful inlaid bands to the edges. Weight 303g, 9.7 troy oz. Height 12cm. Length 8.9cm. Width 8.9cm. London 1768. Maker Parker & Wakelin. Sterling silver.

  • 1719

    Seth Lofthouse

    10385 George I Antique Silver Mug


    An excellent early English silver tankard with straight sides and plain form. Britannia standard silver. Lovely hand beaten finish. Good proportions and excellent colour. Contains 600ml (568ml = 1 pint). Weight 292g, 9.3 troy oz. Height 11.5cm. Diameter of top 8.5cm. London 1719. Maker Seth Lofthouse. Britannia standard silver (95.8% pure).

  • 1701 - 1720

    David Greene

    10384 George I Antique Silver Bell


    A rare early English silver hand bell from the early 1700’s. Lovely plain style with concentric bands around the centre and bottom rim. Heavy cast silver. Weight 207g, 6.6 troy oz. Height 13.3cm. Diameter 6.7cm. Owner’s initials “MP” engraved to the top of the handle. London circa 1701-1720. Maker David Green. Britannia Standard silver, 95.8% purity.

  • 1683

    Robert Cooper

    10383 Charles II Antique Silver Porringer


    A rare early English silver cup and cover with finely engraved chinoiserie decoration to the body and lid. Large size and good heavy weight. The fantastical Chinese forest landscape contains exotic long tailed birds and spidery plants depicted in beautiful hand chased ornament. To the front there is a widow’s armorial, owner’s initials, and the date “1683”. The shaped handles are typical of this early period. Weight 575g, 18.4 troy oz. Height 11.2cm (to rim), 17.5cm (to top of finial). Spread 21.8cm. Diameter 14.1cm. London 1683. Maker Robert Cooper. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1871

    George Unite

    10382 Antique Silver Goblet


    A good quality antique silver cup with bold embossed decoration and finely engraved borders. Useful size, perfect for a glass of wine. Traces of the original gilt interior. Contains 250 ml. Weight 209g, 6,7 troy oz. Height 17.3cm. Diameter of top 8.1cm. Birmingham 1871. Maker George Unite. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1650


    10381 17th Century Silver Skull Pomander


    A fascinating piece of early silver steeped in history and symbolism. Modelled in the form of a skull, this early German silver pomander has a segmented interior to contain fragrant spices. Originally a talisman to ward off sickness and noxious odours, this exquisite item of jewellery could be worn round the neck or suspended from a belt. The skull opens into 2 hinged compartments, one side divided into 6 segments beneath a gilded cover engraved with spice names – Citron, Rosmarin, Rosen, Citron, Schlag, Canel, Negeln, the other side to contain a sponge soaked in the perfumed oils/spices. The screw post, on a later chain, holds the piece tightly together. Weight 31g, 1 troy oz. Height 3/2.2cm. Spread 4cm open, 3.1cm closed. Probably German. Circa 1600-20. Unmarked silver.

  • 1618


    10380 Dutch Antique Silver Beaker


    A rare example of early Dutch provincial silver. A beautiful antique silver beaker of tall tapering form with a flared rim. Good size and excellent gauge silver. The cup is hand engraved with a strapwork border and fine quality foliate scroll decoration interspersed with flower heads and fruit clusters. The base is scratch engraved with owner’s initials and possibly a date “A.1628”. Contains 600 ml. Weight 255g, 8.2 troy oz. Height 15cm. Diameter 10.2cm (top). Breda, Netherlands. Date1618.

  • 1708 - 1709

    William Charnelhouse

    10379 Queen Anne Antique Silver Monteith


    A spectacular sized antique silver bowl with the original castellated collar mounted with shaped strapwork and fleur de lys motifs. Very handsome design and excellent proportions. The bowl design is typical for a monteith of the period 1700-1720 with its plain form on a built-up foot and the large hand engraved coat of arms. Weight 2597g, 83 troy oz. Height 26.5cm (with Monteith collar), 20cm (bowl). Diameter 35cm (collar), 32cm (bowl). London 1708/09. Maker William Charnelhouse. Britannia standard silver – 95.8% pure. 18th century.

  • 1774

    Robert Jones

    10378 George III Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A handsome pair of antique sterling silver candle holders with detachable sconces. Very attractive design with a decorative vase shaped stem and shaped bases with shell motifs. This design is repeated on the detachable sconces. Heavy cast silver and good original colour. These are a copy of an earlier design, probably custom made to match an existing pair. Total weight 920 grams, 29.5 troy ounces. Height 21cm. Base 10.8c,. London 177. Maker Robert Jones. There is a similar pair c.1735 in Peter Waldron’s esteemed work “Price Guide to Antique Silver”.

  • 1821

    Robert Gainsford

    10377 George III Antique Silver Saffron Teapot


    A very pretty antique silver teapot with deep embossed decoration. Small size. Good style with an ornamental animal head spout. There is a hand engraved armorial to the front and reverse sides. The interior has the original gilded finish. Contains 350 ml. Weight 327 grams, 10.5 troy ounces. Height 9.75cm. Spread 17.75cm. Sheffield 1821. Maker Robert Gainsford.

  • 1765 - 1767

    Johann Jakob Adam

    10375 Antique Novelty Silver Bell Inkstand


    An unusual mid 18th century antique German inkstand modelled as 3 fruits sitting on vine leaf. It comprises a pomegranate inkwell and cover, an apple pounce pot, and the pear shaped bell acts as the cover of the nib box. Rising from the centre is a tall naturalistic cast silver taperstick with leafy drip pan. Excellent weight and quality modelling. Weight 819g, 26.3 troy oz. Height 15.2cm. Base 21.5cm x 19.5cm. Augsburg, Germany. 1765-67. Maker Johann Jakob Adam.

  • 1767

    Thomas Whipham & Charles Wright

    10374 George III Antique Silver Coffee Pot


    A rare and very charming early English silver coffee pot, embossed with Chinese figures and exotic birds and plants. With a tall and graceful baluster form, wooden scroll handle and a cast silver finial in the form of an oriental gentleman. To the front there is a small hand engraved armorial with motto “I’ll Defend”. Good patina. Contains 1250 ml. Weight 1127g, 36.2 troy oz. Height 31.5cm. Spread 21.5cm. London 1767. Maker Thomas Whipham & Charles Wright. Sterling silver.

  • 1742

    Thomas Farren

    10373 George II Antique Silver Teapot


    An antique silver bullet shape teapot with the small size typical of the early date. Lovely plain shape with a curved spout and engraved decoration to the upper body. The lid has a good quality inset hinge. Contains 520ml. Weight 472g, 15.2 troy oz. Height 11.5cm. Spread 20.2cm. London 1742. Maker Thomas Farren. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1880


    10372 German Antique Silver Beaker


    A 19th century continental silver drinking cup of bell form, with deep embossed decoration, standing on 3 ball feet. Good gauge silver. Around the beaker is a very charming scene of Diana, the mythical Greek goddess of hunting, in her chariot drawn by a pair of stags. Contains 450ml. Weight 189g, 6 troy ounces. Height 12.5cm. Diameter 9.8cm. Hanau, Germany. Circa 1880.

  • 1697

    William Andrews

    10370 William and Mary Antique Silver Beaker


    A rare early English silver drinking cup of tapering cylindrical form with a flared lip, central band and simple reeded foot. Very attractive size. The lower body has the deep embossed band of acanthus leaves, a popular decoration of the period. Hand engraved to the front are owner’s initials with the date 1701. Contains 150ml. Weight 101g, 3.2 troy oz. Height 7.9cm. Diameter 6.8cm. London 1697. Maker William Andrews. Britannia standard silver – high purity 95.8%.

  • 1775

    Andrew Fogelberg

    10369 George III Antique Silver Soup Tureen


    A handsome antique sterling silver serving tureen in the neo-classical style characteristic of the work of Andrew Fogelberg. Large size and good weight. The elegant oval form body has bead borders and a semi-fluted design, all topped by a magnificent pineapple finial. An exceptional feature is the striking pair of large, cast silver side handles in the form of a ram’s head. To the front body is a fine hand engraved armorial and the lid bears a crest. Weight 3073g, 98.8 troy oz. Spread across the handles 37cm. Height to top of finial 31cm. Top 31 x 22cm. London 1775. Maker Andrew Fogelberg, master to Paul Storr.

  • 1725

    John Eckford

    10366 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    A pretty little antique silver taperstick with knopped stem and shaped rectangular base. Nice plain style. Hand engraved initials “ERB” in old fashioned script to the foot. Cast silver. Weight 154 grams, 4.9 troy oz. Height 10.5cm. Diameter of base 6.7cm. London 1725. Maker John Eckford. Sterling silver.

  • 1730

    John Bache

    10363 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    A delightful little antique silver taper stick of plain early design with baluster stem and square octagonal foot with a sunken well. Nice plain style and straight lines. Cast silver. Hand engraved within the well is a “hand” crest. Weight 94g, 3.0 troy oz. Height 10.5cm. Base diameter 6.5cm. London 1730. Maker John Bache. Sterling silver. This taperstick would make a good pair with #10360 (minor differences).

  • 1671


    10361 17th Century Italian Antique Silver Ewer


    A large and imposing antique silver jug with an applied spout, harp shaped handle, on a spreading foot. Excellent plain style with traces of the original hand beaten finish. Very good weight and thick gauge silver. To the front is a hand engraved armorial with a coronet and motto “Micat Inter Omnia”, all within a band of tied plumage. This early jug shape was replaced in the 1680’s by the helmet shaped ewer. Contains 1050ml. Weight 812g, 26.1 troy oz. Height 22cm (to top of handle), 18.7cm (top rim). Spread 20.2cm. Top diameter 11.4cm. Italian marks for Rome, 1671.

  • Circa 1630

    Daniel Gee

    10359 Charles I Antique Silver Wine Cup


    An exquisite little antique silver cup dating from the early 1600’s. It’s very rare to find a small cup from this date and with such fine proportions. The tapering bowl stands on a knopped stem with a spreading circular foot. Contains 85ml. Weight 115g, 3.6 troy oz. Height 11.7cm. London circa 1630. Maker Daniel Gee. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1700

    Jacob Warnberger

    10358 Antique Augsburg Silver Dish


    An excellent early German silver plaque of oval form with a decorative embossed design. The centre depicts a forest scene with a gentleman riding a horse accompanied by a lady riding side saddle; a young page boy leads the way. The raised leafy border portrays a deer hunt and a pack of dogs are chasing 3 deer. Weight 142 grams, 4.5 troy ounces. Length 23.5cm. Width 20cm. Augsburg, Germany. Maker Jacob Warnberger. Circa 1700.

  • Circa 1690


    10357 German Augsburg Antique Silver Dish


    An early antique German silver dish (or possibly wine taster) of plain oval form with a scalloped border. To the centre there is a charming bird scene surrounded by shell border and pin prick designs. The cast side handles have a bird’s head design on top. Original interior gilding. Weight 136 grams, 4.3 troy ounces. Height 2.75cm. Top of dish measures 17.25 x 13.5cm. Spread 21.5cm. Augsburg, Germany. Makers mark “IK”. Circa 1690.

  • 1727

    James Gould

    10356 George II Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A handsome pair of antique silver candle holders. Very attractive design with faceted columns and shaped bases. Heavy cast silver and good original colour. Total weight 721g, 23.1 troy ounces. Height 16.5cm. Base 10.3cm. London 1727 (first year of George II). Maker James Gould. Sterling silver.

  • 1692

    John Cruttall

    10355 William and Mary Antique Silver Mug


    A charming piece of chinoiserie silver. A rare early antique silver tankard of straight sided form with bands of reed to the top and a simple strap handle. Small size. The hand engraved decoration has a naive oriental scene incorporating Chinese people and exotic birds. To the front is a vacant cartouche with intertwined foliage. Contains 160ml. Weight 280g, 9 troy oz. Height 8.8cm. Diameter 7.4cm (top). London 1692. Maker John Cruttall. Sterling silver.

  • 1902

    James Deakin & Sons

    10354 Antique Silver Centrepiece Suite


    A beautiful antique silver epergne set with a matching pair of tall dishes. The pierced decoration is particularly attractive with flowers, scrolls and heart shaped ornament. The epergne has five bowls which can be detached and used separately. The pair of tazzas are raised on tall decorative feet and have a shaped cast border. There is a presentation inscription on the centrepiece front and all the dishes are engraved to the centre with a monogram of entwined letters in old fashioned script. Total weight 3,153g, 101.3 troy oz.
    Epergne weight 1,876g, 60.3 troy oz, height 25cm, spread 52.5cm. Large bowl 32 x 22.2cm. Small bowl 17.4cm x 12.4cm. Side dishes total weight 1286g, 41.3troy oz, height 15cm, bowl 31 x 23cm. All pieces London 1902. Maker James Deakin & Sons. Sterling silver

  • 1805

    William Fountain

    10353 George III Antique Silver Bowl


    An antique silver bowl of plain circular form on a stepped foot with broad gadrooned borders. The decoration is very striking with the single band of matted ornament with applied bacchanalian face masks and magnificent twin coiling rope handles each culminating in basket of fruit. Good size and substantial weight. Weight 3784g, 121.6 troy oz. Height 22.4cm (to top of handle). Spread across handles 24.1cm. Diameter 15cm. London 1805. Maker William Fountain. Sterling silver.

  • 1711

    Simon Pantin

    10350 Queen Anne Antique Silver Cup and Cover


    A magnificent antique silver cup and cover of campana form with twin side handles. Lovely plain style, very good weight and large size. Excellent quality with the cut card banding typical of this sought after Huguenot maker. Engraved to the front is a large marital coat of arms for Bagot and Wagstaffe contained within a contemporary cartouche; the lid has a goat crest. Total weight 2976g, 95.6 troy oz. Height 32.5cm (to top of lid), 22.2cm (to top of cup rim). Spread across handles 33cm. Diameter of top 19.5cm. London 1711. Maker Simon Pantin. Britannia standard silver.

  • Circa 1600 - 1620


    10349 17th Century Antique Silver Pomander


    An intriguing piece of history contained in a small silver sphere. The antique silver pomander was worn round the neck or suspended from a belt and was intended to protect the wearer from sickness. The exterior of this example is hand engraved with royal portraits, probably English, based on engravings by Simon de Passe (c. 1595 – 6 May 1647). The screw top unturns to release six hollow, hinged segments to contain dried flowers, spices and scented oils. The interior is decorated with scroll and hatched engraving. A similar example formed part of the prestigious David Little collection. Weight 22 grams, less than 1 troy ounce. Height 3.9cm. Spread 5.6cm fully extended. Unmarked silver. Probably English. Circa 1600-20.

  • 1685 - 1691

    Ralph Leake/John Cruttall

    10347 William & Mary Antique Silver Plates


    A fantastically rare set of 12 early English antique silver plates of plain design with reeded borders. Each has a hand engraved coat of arms on the top border for the Hay family, Marquesses of Tweeddale (3 plates also have a marital coat of arms on the reverse edge – very worn). Lovely patina. This is the earliest form of plate you can hope to find in a dozen set. Weight 6,168g, 198 troy oz. Diameter 24.4cm (outside rim), 16.9cm (inside rim). London 1685-91. Makers John Cruttall and Ralph Leake.

  • 1771

    William Plummer

    10346 George III Antique Silver Basket


    A handsome antique silver basket of oval form with swing handle and applied oval foot with rope trim. Lovely decorative detail with embossed swags of harebells and classical medallions. Excellent quality hand cut pierced work to the body. Very good size and colour. Hand engraved to the centre is family coat of arms within a finely executed floral cartouche. Weight 1148 grams, 36.9 troy oz. Height 28cm (total including handle). Top measures 35.5 x 29.5cm. London 1771. Maker William Plummer. Sterling silver.

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