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Latest Items

  • Circa 1690


    10333 17th Century Antique Silver Nutmeg Grater


    An attractive little collector’s item. A silver nutmeg grater of cylindrical form, the tube containing a steel grater. The pull off lid is hand engraved with the Tudor rose and the tube has the hatched decoration typical for small silver objects dating back to the final quarter of the 1600’s. Silver weight 14g, about half a troy oz. Length 6.1cm. Diameter 2cm. Maker mark I.I. English circa 1690. Sterling silver.

  • 1731

    William Darker

    10332 George II Antique Silver Bullet Teapot


    A very charming antique silver teapot of small size and globular form. With a plain body, straight spout, and wooden handle. The engraved decoration to the top has a circular band of hatching interspersed with shells, faces and scrolls. Hand engraved to the front is a crest of a swan. Excellent colour and traces of the original hammered finish. Contains 300ml. Weight 277g, 8.9 troy oz. Height 10.5cm. Spread 17.3cm. London 1731. Maker William Darker. Sterling silver.

  • 1653

    Daniel Rutty

    10331 Commonwealth Period Antique Silver Cup


    An impressive early English silver goblet dating to the mid 17th century Commonwealth period. Over 350 years old. Plain tapering form and cast baluster stem on a shaped spreading foot. Large size. With the good colour and attractive hammered finish you’d expect with hand made silver of this date. Contains 550 ml. Weight 347g, 11.1 troy oz. Height 19cm. Diameter of top 10.6cm. London 1653. Maker Daniel Rutty. Sterling silver.

  • 1709

    Richard Freeman

    10330 Queen Anne Antique Silver Tazza


    English provincial silver. A lovely little silver footed salver with a simple reed border and pedestal foot. Beautiful plain style typical of the period. Good weight. Hand engraved to the centre is a large decorative cartouche containing a boar crest. Weight 143 gm, 4.5 troy oz. Height 5cm. Diameter 15.3cm. Exeter 1709. Maker Richard Freeman. Sterling silver.

  • 1738

    Samuel Wood

    10327 George II Silver Warwick Cruet


    A handsome antique silver cruet set with a matching set of 3 silver casters and 2 silver and faceted crystal oil and vinegar bottles. The cinquefoil frame has 4 shell feet and a shaped decorative cartouche to the front with a hand engraved armorial. Each caster and bottle bears the same matching crest. Total weight of silver 1288 grams, 41.4 troy ounces. Caster height 17.75cm and 14cm. Bottle height 17cm. London 1738. Maker Samuel Wood, known for his silver casters.

  • 1734

    Paul de Lamerie

    10326 George II Antique Silver Dishes by Paul de Lamerie


    An important pair of antique silver second course dishes by the celebrated Huguenot maker Paul de Lamerie. The plates have a generous, dished bowl with a shaped, reed and shell border. There is a hand engraved crest to the edge of the rim. Total weight 1988 grams, 63.9 troy oz. Diameter 28.5cm. Height 3.8cm. Date 1734. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • Circa 1680


    10325 Antique Silver Table Trivet


    An unusual 17th century miniature table of rectangular form standing on cabriole legs. A perfect display for a small tea set or pair of candlesticks. The solid wood top, with inset armorial plaque, is mounted with a silver framework. The underside still has the original claws to hold the wood in place and the pretty little wing nuts for the silver plaque; the remains of an old collector’s label can be seen in the corner. Top measures 26.2cm x 16.4cm. Height 6.3cm. Maker “GJ”. English, circa 1680. Provincial silver. Probably East Anglian.

  • 1804


    10324 Antique Italian Silver Teapot


    A very pretty antique silver teapot with plain oval shape and straight angled spout. Excellent quality. The raised lid is beautifully engraved with acanthus leaf ornament. Contains 700 ml. Weight 551 grams, 17.7 troy ounces. Height 15.7cm. Spread 22cm. Base measures 12 x 8.3cm. Naples, Italy. Circa 1804. 83.3% silver purity.

  • 1812

    John Robins

    10323 George III Antique Silver Entrée Dishes


    A fantastic quality pair of antique silver serving dishes with matching covers. Large size and good gauge silver. This elegant circular form, with plain styling and bead borders, is often known as “cushion form”. The covers have a large decorative cartouche hand engraved to the front and reverse. Total silver weight 5,798 grams, 186 troy ounces. Height 22cm. Diameter (top) 24.7cm, (base) 24.7cm. London 1812. Maker Thomas Robins. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1574

    Lawrence Stratford

    10321 Elizabeth I Antique Silver Chalice


    Originating from the English provincial town of Dorchester in Dorset, this fine early English chalice dates to the reign of Elizabeth I. It has the standard design for Elizabethan communion cups with straight tapering sides and a slightly flared top; with wire ornament applied to the stem and hammered egg and dart frieze to the foot. The beautifully hatched decorative bands below the top edge of the cup are typical for the period, they are well executed and with good definition. Most likely this cup has been made from pre-reformation silver and it has the lovely hand beaten finish you’d expect at this date. The removable cover (paten) bears the date of 1574. Superb antique colour.
    Contains 250 ml. Chalice weight 231 grams, 7.4 troy oz. Height 20.2cm, diameter of top 9.9cm. Cover weight 55 grams, 1.7 troy oz. Height 2.4cm, diameter 9cm. London c.1574.
    Maker’s mark only for Lawrence Stratford. Sterling silver. 16th century.

  • 1729

    Thomas Rush

    10320 George II Antique Silver Jug


    A charming little early antique silver sparrow beak jug with a compact body and wire rimmed foot. Good plain style and lovely patina. To the front is a hand engraved crest of a stag. Weight 88 grams, 2.9 troy oz. Height 8.5cm to top of handle. Spread 7.9cm across the top. London 1729. Maker Thomas Rush. Sterling silver.

  • 1764

    William Peaston

    10318 George III Antique Silver Basket


    A magnificent antique silver basket of oval form with swing handle. The decoration is very fine with excellent quality hand cut pierced work to the body. Both the upper border and bottom frieze are cast with flowers, scrolls, and bells. Very good weight and colour. Weight 1540 grams, 49.5 troy oz. Height 28cm (total including handle). Top measures 37 x 32cm. London 1764. Maker William Peaston. Sterling silver.

  • 1734

    William Gould

    10317 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    A pretty little antique silver taperstick with knopped stem and shaped rectangular base. Nice plain style. Cast silver. Hand engraved to the front with intertwined initials in old fashioned script. Weight 114 grams, 3.6 troy ounces. Height 10.6cm. Diameter of base 6.7cm. London 1734. Maker William Gould. Sterling silver.

  • 1779

    Edward Fernell

    10316 George III Antique Silver Mug


    A large antique silver mug of baluster form having a shaped scroll handle with acanthus leaf mount. Classic plain style. To the front is a hand engraved monogram of 3 entwined initials in old fashioned script. Contains 600 ml. Weight 397 grams, 12.7 troy oz. Height 13.8cm. Spread 13cm. Diameter 8.5cm (top). London 1779. Maker Edward Fernell. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1810

    Samuel Whitford II

    10313 George III Antique Silver Wine Funnel


    An elegant antique sterling silver wine strainer with a broad reed border and simple shaped thumb piece. Excellent classic plain style. There is a hand engraved arm crest to the front. Good weight and colour. Weight 161 grams, 5.1 troy oz. Length 14.5cm. Diameter 7.6cm. London 1810. Maker Samuel Whitford & George Pizey.

  • Circa 1750

    Pierre de Moliere

    10310 George II Antique Silver Teapot


    A charming little bullet shaped teapot of plain simple form with a shaped panelled spout and wooden handle. Elegant small size. The bullet shaped teapot is typical of the George II period and this Swiss example shares all the quality characteristics including an inset hinge and cast silver foot. The lid is finely hand engraved with fruit, flowers and foliate scrolls. Contains 460ml. Total weight 368 grams, 11.8 troy ounces. Height 12.2cm. Spread 19cm. Lausanne, Switzerland. Circa 1750. Maker Pierre de Moliere.

  • 1762

    Samuel Whitford I

    10309 George III Antique Silver Mug


    A handsome antique silver mug of baluster form having a shaped scroll handle and spreading foot. Good size. Classic plain style. Contains 460 ml. Weight 321 grams, 10.5 troy ounces. Height 10.7cm. Spread 12.4cm. Diameter 8cm (top). London 1762. Maker Samuel Whitford I. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1800

    Abstinando King

    10308 George III Antique Silver Wine Funnel


    An elegant antique silver wine strainer with a reed border and shaped thumbpiece. Excellent classic plain style. Good colour. Hand engraved monogram to the front. There is no sign of a thumbpiece ever being present. Weight 126 grams, 4 troy ounces. Length 15cm. Diameter 8cm. London 1800. Maker Abstinando King. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1635

    Henry Starkey

    10306 Charles I Antique Silver Wine Cup


    A rare English silver wine cup of very plain form on a cast baluster stem and spreading foot. This goblet has a superb patina and is perfectly styled for use in modern day times with its unusual tapering bowl. The original slightly hand beaten finish is visible on the inside. This is a very special piece of antique silver.

  • 1724

    John Bache

    10302 George I Antique Silver Tapersticks


    A delightful pair of little antique silver taper sticks with the plain hexagonal design typical of the early 1700’s. Cast silver. Total weight 235 grams, 7.5 troy ounces. Height 11.4cm. Base measures 7 x 8cm. London 1724. Maker John Bache. Britannia standard silver – 95.8% purity*. 18th century.

  • 1766

    Thomas Whipham & William Williams

    10300 George III Antique Silver Beer Jug


    An impressive antique silver jug of baluster form on a broad gadrooned foot. Good plain style and heavy gauge silver. To the front is an expansive hand engraved cartouche containing a lion armorial with motto and crest. The acanthus leaf mounted scroll handle has a beaded spine and is hand engraved with the initial “A”. The spout also has beaded spine below. Large capacity. Contains 1500 ml. Weight 959 grams, 30.8 troy ounces. Height 23 cm. Spread 22 cm. Diameter 9.8cm (top), 9.8cm (base). London 1766. Maker Thomas Whipham & William Williams.

  • 1823

    William Sumner

    10299 George III Antique Silver Serving Spoon


    An attractive antique silver basting spoon in the popular Old English pattern. The long slender handle is prettily engraved with bright cutting and a star pattern. Weight 96 grams, 3 troy ounces. Length 29.8cm. Bowl 9×4.9cm. London 1823. Maker William Sumner. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1712

    William Pearson

    10298 Queen Anne Antique Silver Mug


    A well proportioned early English silver mug with plain styling and a single banded ornament. Excellent colour. Engraved initials “HS” below. Contains 650 ml. Weight 373 grams, 12 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm (to top of handle). Diameter 8.8 (top). London 1712. Maker William Pearson. Britannia standard silver. 18th century.

  • Circa 1770


    10296 William and Mary Antique Silver Toddy Ladle


    An antique sterling silver ladle inset with a 22 carat solid gold guinea dated 1691. Elegant, slim design with a twisted horn handle and silver tip. The gold coin bears the heads of King William and Queen Mary of King George to the front, and on the reverse there are armorials for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and the date “1691”. Owner’s initials “T over I*I” are engraved to the front of the handle. Total weight 45 grams, 1.4 troy ounces. Length 32.5cm. Bowl 8.4 x 5.7cm. Unmarked silver, English, circa 1770. Inset 22 carat gold guinea coin, date 1691, diameter 2.5cm. 18th century.

  • 1707

    John Barnard

    10295 Queen Anne Antique Silver Chocolate Pot


    A good early antique silver chocolate pot of tapering cylindrical form, domed lid typical of the period, and an attractive scrolling wooden side handle. The top finial is hinged so that the chocolate can be stirred by inserting a swizzle stick and the cover detaches via a removable pin and chain for cleaning. The spout has a hinged flap. Hand engraved to the front is an armorial for the FITZGERALD family within a decorative cartouche. Contains 950 ml. Weight 608 grams, 19.5 troy oz. Height 24.5cm. Spread 19.5cm. London 1701. John Barnard I. Britannia standard silver*. 18th century.

  • 1707

    Benjamin Pyne

    10294 Queen Anne Antique Silver Milk Jug


    A rare little antique covered milk jug having a hinged lid and spout with hinged cover. Britannia standard silver*. This is one of the earliest forms of milk jug and the style is very much like a contemporary coffee pot. Simple plain design and very pretty wooden handle. Hand engraved below the spout with a lion crest and duke’s coronet, and between the handle sockets with an earl’s coronet above a cypher. Contains 400 ml.
    Weight 448 grams, 14.4 troy oz. Height 17.2cm. Spread 14cm. London 1707. Benjamin Pyne

  • Circa 1690

    William Gamble

    10293 William and Mary Antique Silver Beaker


    An early English silver cup with plain tapering sides and rounded base. Contains 350ml. Weight 147 grams, 4.7 troy ounces. Height 9.2cm. Diameter 8.5 (top), 6cm (base). Maker William Gamble. Circa 1690. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1793

    Henry Green

    10292 George III Antique Silver Shell Dishes


    An attractive pair of antique silver dishes modelled as scallop shells with charming little whelk shell feet. Hand engraved fleur de lys crest. Simple plain design and perfect to use for serving butter, nuts, or sweets. Weight 191 grams, 6.1 troy oz. Height 3.1cm. Top measures 14.3×12.5cm. London 1793. Maker Henry Green. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1818

    Edward Thomason

    10291 George III Antique Silver Wine Label


    A very decorative antique silver bottle ticket with a silver chain. The elaborate bacchanalian scene portrays two cherubs holding flagons of wine surrounded by grape and vine leaf decoration and a face mask below. Engraved “MADEIRA” to the scroll centre. Weight 16 grams, less than 1 troy oz. Measures 6 x 3.6cm. Birmingham 1818. Maker Edward Thomason. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1818

    Edward Thomason

    10290 George III Antique Silver Wine Label


    A very decorative antique silver bottle ticket with a silver chain. The elaborate bacchanalian scene portrays two cherubs holding flagons of wine surrounded by grape and vine leaf decoration and a face mask below. Engraved “PORT” to the scroll centre. Weight 13 grams, less than 1 troy oz. Measures 6 x 3.6cm. Birmingham 1818. Maker Edward Thomason. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1695

    Edward Gibson

    10289 William III Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A rare pair of early English silver candlesticks with square bases and lobed, gadroon decoration. Excellent quality and heavy gauge of silver. Hand engraved on the base with initials below an earl’s crown. The technique of making cast silver sticks was introduced into England circa 1685 and this is one of the early designs. Weight 605 grams, 19.4 troy ounces. Height 14cm. Base 9.9cm. London 1695. Maker Edward Gibson. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1802

    John Moore

    10288 George III Silver Pepper Shakers


    A decorative pair of antique silver peppers of tall baluster form with pierced detachable tops. Excellent weight. To the front is a flower and scroll cartouche and the body is embossed with pretty flower heads and foliate scrolls. The condiments are mounted asymmetrically on square bases. Weight (pair) 216 grams, 6.9 troy ounces. Height 16.9cm. Base 5x5cm. London 1802. Maker John Moore. Sterling silver. 19th century.

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