• 1722


    9642 Antique French Silver Chamberstick


    A good quality antique silver chamber stick of early form having a long flat handle and broad drip pan. With the solid cast design and excellent heavy gauge silver as you’d expect from this date. Hand engraved to the front is an armorial within a decorative cartouche (worn). Weight 217 grams, 6.9 troy oz. Diameter 10.4 cm. Length 22.5 cm. Marked underneath with French silver marks for Paris, date mark “F” for 1746. Maker’s mark indistinct.

  • 1775

    Elori-Denis Thierry

    10206 Louis XVI Antique French Gold Box


    A superb French vari-colour gold snuff box of oval form charmingly presented with decorative applied plaques. The lid has a central love trophy of hearts, love birds, flaming torches and a mandolin; the four side plaques have gardening and musical themes. Weight 86 grams, just under 3 troy ounces. Length 6.7cm. Width 4.8cm. Height 2.5cm. Paris 1775. Maker Elori-Denis Thierry. High grade gold, 3 colours, 18 carat.

  • Circa 1784


    9888 Antique French Silver Candlesticks


    A fine pair of 18th century silver candlesticks of tall proportions with bead borders and attractive leaf and scale decoration. Detachable nozzles. Each has a vacant sunburst cartouche. Total unfilled weight 941 grams, 30.2 troy ounces. Stamped underneath the bases with French silver marks for Lille, France. Maker’s mark “EL DV”. Circa 1790.

  • Circa 1800


    5487 Antique French Silver Chocolate Pot with Side Handle


    An attractive antique French silver chocolate or coffee pot with plain styling. The turned wood side handle can be unscrewed. Contains 1050 ml. Weight 764 grams, 24.5 troy ounces. Height 25.5 cms. Fully marked with French silver stamps to the lid and body for Paris circa 1800. Silver grade 950. makers initials JFC

  • Circa 1840


    8806 Antique Gold and Stone Desk Seal


    An antique seal with white hard stone handle and solid gold mount. The carved intaglio has an armorial, a horse crest over a crown, and the motto “Con Fide”. The stone handle could be white jade or quartz cabouchon. The intaglio is a creamier white colour and may be rock crystal. Length 6.7 cms. Unmarked gold (15 or 18 carat). French. Circa 1840.

  • Circa 1860


    8465 Antique French Silver Scent Bottle


    An excellent quality antique scent bottle with a decorative silver mount. The hinged top has a hand engraved design with flowers, leaves and dot scroll work. The oval shaped body is made of multi faceted crystal and typically of the period, has a rounded base which was made to lie down. Traces of the original gilt finish. H 11.2 cms. Width 4 cms. Stamped on the mount and top with very small French silver marks, circa 1860.

  • Circa 1860


    8981 Antique Gold Portrait Box - Napoleon


    An antique wooden box with an inset portrait of Napoleon, hand painted and signed “Delaroche”, within an ivory surround. The burr wood is particularly attractive. The gold interior has French gold stamps. Diameter 8.7cm. Circa 1860. 15 carat gold or higher.

  • Circa 1880


    9891 Antique French Gilt Metal Magnifying Glass


    A decorative antique eye glass or monocle with a decorative handle. Can be worn on a chain. Length 7.7cm. Width 3.8cm. Gold cased (gold on metal probably brass). Unmarked. French. Circa 1880.

  • Circa 1880


    10118 French Antique Silver Claret Jugs


    A magnificent set of four 19th century cut crystal claret jugs with decorative silver mounts and hinged lids. Fantastic quality. The interior silver has bright original gilding while the exterior bears faint, gilt traces. The crystal body is cut with ribbons and harebell swags, the lower body and base with cut ribbing. Each contains 750 ml. Height 23.8cm. Spread 15.6cm. French silver marks. Circa 1880. High grade silver. 950/1000.

  • 1884


    9646 Antique Enamel Opera Glasses


    A beautiful pair of antique opera glasses made of gilt brass metal and enamel. The binocular tops and extension knob are made of real mother of pearl. The pink enamel barrels are covered in gilt stars and have beaded cartouches and borders containing hand painted sprays of multi coloured flowers. The underside is inscribed “REG Armstrong 14.August 1884”. Measures – width 10.4 cm, closed height 6.3 cm, extended height 8.5 cm. Probably French. Circa 1884. Retailer’s mark Sharman D Neill, Belfast.

  • Circa 1890


    8834 Antique French Silver Lorgnette


    A decorative antique gilt silver folding magnifying glass or eyeglass with a spring clip. Length 15.5 cms. Spread across the lenses 14 cms. Unmarked silver with gold finish. French. Circa 1890.

  • Circa 1890


    9498 Antique French Silver Plated Candelabra


    An impressive pair of large antique silver plated candelabras with 5 lights. Elegant style with foliate branches, cherub mounted columns and sea foam decoration to the base. The branches are removable and the candlesticks can be used on their own. Height 52 cms (total), 29 (candlesticks). Spread across branches 32.2 cms. Circa 1890. French plate marks underneath the base.

  • Circa 1890

    Victor Boivin

    9825 French Silver Claret Jugs


    A fantastic quality pair of French silver mounted glass claret jugs in the style of Victor Boivin, a leading French 19th century silversmith. Of globular form, on a circular foot, the glass is encased with a fine quality decoration of pierced silver flowers, leaves, scrolls and other motifs. Original gilt to the inside of the lid and neck. Each contains 800 ml. Height 32cm. Spread across the handle 15.5cm. With French silver stamps. Maker or retailer’s stamp “HTO”. Circa 1890.

  • Circa 1890


    9886 Antique Enamel Opera Glasses


    An attractive pair of antique opera glasses made of gilt brass metal and enamel. The binocular tops and extension knob are made of real mother of pearl. The scarlet red enamel barrels each have a large hand painted portrait of a young woman, the flower head and foliate edged cartouche is painted in gilt and silver leaf. Measures – width 10cm, closed height 4.9cm, extended height 6cm. French. Circa 1890. Retailer’s mark for Chevalier, Paris.

  • Circa 1900


    9566 Antique Silver Plated Wall Lights


    A stunning pair of antique wall mirrors of tall shaped form (girandoles), each mounted with two pairs of candle sconces. Decorated in the flamboyant rococo style, the scrolling high relief ornament has fretwork, sea foam and stalactites. Mounted at the top is a winged cherub and below the mirror is a figural plaque. Height 65 cm. Width 34 cm. Mirror height 30 cm, width 18 cm. Probably French. Circa 1900.

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