• Circa 1524


    9787 Antique Italian Gilt and Silver Monstrance


    A rare medieval copper gilt and silver monstrance with a steeple top. The central section has a glass hinged door flanked either side by two niches containing the figures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul; the pillar tops are detachable. The knopped stem is mounted with 4 saint figures. The hexafoil foot, beautifully engraved and chased, is mounted with 3 silver discs engraved with Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Sebastian. The underside bears an engraved inscription in old Italian, dated 1524, for the Italian church of San Piero di Porto di Legnago, near Verona. Height 38.5cm. Width 14.8cm. Italian. Date circa 1524. There are no silver marks which is normal for a religious article of such an early date.

  • Circa 1600


    9461 Antique Continental Silver Processional Cross


    A rare early silver processional cross. The embossed silver has applied plaques to the front and reverse and a “corpus” (figural image of Christ’s body). Bright parcel gilt finish. Bronze terminals enhance the ornate form of the cross. Height 48.5cm including the metal rod support, 40.5cm without. Width 29cm. Unmarked. Probably Italian circa 1600.

  • 1671


    10361 17th Century Italian Antique Silver Ewer


    A large and imposing antique silver jug with an applied spout, harp shaped handle, on a spreading foot. Excellent plain style with traces of the original hand beaten finish. Very good weight and thick gauge silver. To the front is a hand engraved armorial with a coronet and motto “Micat Inter Omnia”, all within a band of tied plumage. This early jug shape was replaced in the 1680’s by the helmet shaped ewer. Contains 1050ml. Weight 812g, 26.1 troy oz. Height 22cm (to top of handle), 18.7cm (top rim). Spread 20.2cm. Top diameter 11.4cm. Italian marks for Rome, 1671.

  • Circa 1790

    Guiseppe Caltagirone

    8191 Antique Italian Silver Frames


    A stylish pair of late 18th century Sicilian silver cartaglorias containing the original texts in old fashioned script. The oval bead bordered frames have applied gilt silver swags, leaves and flower motifs, the bases are raised on square supports. The sheet silver frames are pinned onto carved softwood backs. Height 26.7 cm. Width 23 cm. Marked on the bottom left hand corner with “GC” for Guiseppe Caltagirone of Trapani, Sicilia. Circa 1790.

  • 1804


    10324 Antique Italian Silver Teapot


    A very pretty antique silver teapot with plain oval shape and straight angled spout. Excellent quality. The raised lid is beautifully engraved with acanthus leaf ornament. Contains 700 ml. Weight 551 grams, 17.7 troy ounces. Height 15.7cm. Spread 22cm. Base measures 12 x 8.3cm. Naples, Italy. Circa 1804. 83.3% silver purity.

  • 1830


    9430 Antique Italian Silver Oil Lamp


    An attractive antique silver lamp mounted on a gilt metal cherub column. The traditional style oil lamp has provision for 3 wicks and the cover has a bayonet fitting. Suspended on 3 long chains are the snuffer, knife and tweezer tools. Weighted base. Height 34cm. Diameter of base 11cm. Italian silver marks for Rome and makers mark for Filippo Pacetti circa 1830.

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