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  • 1927

    William Neal

    9273 Art Deco Silver Bowl


    A large 1920’s sterling silver bowl with stylish geometric side handles. Plain design. Weight 891 grams, 28.6 troy ounces. Height 10.75 cm. Diameter 24 cm. Spread 33.3 cm. Birmingham 1927. Maker William Neale Ltd.

  • Circa 1820


    7602 Georgian Wine Waggon in Old Sheffield Plate


    A charming plain design double coaster trolley with the unusual feature of a pair of carved wooden wheels underneath. Very nicely made with bead borders, side handles and central buttons with a hand engraved monogram. To the centre there are two scroll holders which hold the decanter stoppers. Total spread across handles 37 cms. Coaster diameter 14 cms. Height 5.5 cms, 8 cms to top of handle. Circa 1820. Old Sheffield plate.

  • 1726

    Peter Le Chouabe

    4085 George I Silver Tankard


    An excellent antique sterling silver drinking tankard with hinged lid and straight sided design. With a fine armorial engraved to the front. Weight 30 troy ounces approx. Height 18 cms. Diameter 11 cms. London 1726. By Peter Le Chouabe, a rare Huguenot maker.

  • Circa 1720


    8887 Antique Augsburg Silver Lidded Tankard


    A fine early German silver gilt tankard with pretty embossed decoration with bands of hearts, flowers and classical motifs. On top there is a cast model bird finial. Lovely original bright gilding. Contains 380 ml. Weight 387 grams, 12.4 troy ounces. Height 14 cms. Spread 14 cms. Diameter of lid 9.1 cms. Top 8.8 cms, base 10.2 cms. Marked on the lid and base with German silver marks for Augsburg circa 1720. Maker Philipp Stenglin.

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