• 1732


    9901 Antique Silver Scandinavian Peg Beaker


    Possibly Norwegian or Baltic. A rare piece of parcel gilt silver of tapering straight sided form. With bright gilt banding to the foot, rim, and interior. 18th century. Faintly pricked out at the rim with the year “Anno 1732”. To the front is an engraved cartouche with “HNS Lemesand”. While peg tankards are traditional Scandinavian drinking vessels it is very unusual to find a beaker pegged in this fashion. A charming feature is the way that the pegs have been disguised on the front as flower heads. Contains 520 ml. Weight 220 grams, 7ozs. Height 13cm. Diameter 10.9 (top), 7.3cm (base). Stamped underneath with the maker’s mark “FR” double struck. Scandinavian – possibly Norwegian or Baltic. Circa 1732

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