• Circa 1671


    8260 Antique Silver Snuff Mull


    A charming antique silver mounted horn snuff box having a rising lid with an elaborate silver strapwork hinge and a silver band around the top edge. Attractive waisted shape. Height 6 cms. Top measures 4 x 3.7 cms. Unmarked silver. Most probably Scottish. Underneath there is the incised date “1671” which is probably the original date.

  • 1707

    Colin McKenzie

    9550 Queen Anne Silver Punch Bowl


    A rare Scottish silver bowl of exceptional size and weight. Excellent plain style. Of circular form with a reeded rim and short flared foot. The underside has a prick engraving “S.E over F” within a scroll cartouche. Scratchweight 66.19. Weight approx. 2049 grams, 65.9 troy ozs. Height 16.5cm. Diameter 34.5cm. Edinburgh 1707. Maker Colin McKenzie. Edinburgh assay master James Penman.

  • Circa 1740

    Dougal Ged

    8461 Georgian Silver Cowrie Shell Snuff Box


    A highly collectible antique sterling silver and shell snuff box with a hinged lid. Length 7.5 cms, width 6 cms, height 5 cms. The silver mount bears Scottish hallmarks (badly struck) for Dougal Ged, Edinburgh assay master. Circa 1740.

  • 1753 - 1780

    Adam Graham

    6002 George III Scottish Silver Oil and Vinegar Set


    A rare early antique Glasgow silver condiment set consisting of 2 heavily faceted crystal bottles with silver mounts (unmarked) in a heavy sterling silver frame with handsome rococo cartouche and broad shell feet. Either side are ring supports for the bottle tops. Weight of stand 549 grams, 17.6 troy ounces. Total height 22 cms. Stand width 20.75 cms. Bottle height 9 cms, diameter of base 5.5 cms. Stamped underneath with makers mark for Adam Graham 1763 – 1780.

  • 1765

    Alexander Gairdner

    9355 George III Silver Invalid Cup


    A collector’s item. Medical interest. A rare antique sterling silver feeding cup of plain design having a long pouring spout and simple curved handle. Hand engraved to the front is the crest of a hand holding a crown together with the motto “Virtutis Gloria Merces” for the Robertson clan*. Hand engraved owner’s initials to the top of the lid and base. Weight 276 grams, 8.8 troy ounces. Height 14.5cm. Spread 12.5cm. Diameter 6.7cm. Edinburgh 1765. Maker Alexander Gairdner.

  • 1781

    Patrick Robertson

    9893 George III Scottish Silver Teapot


    Excellent quality antique silver teapot of globular form on a pedestal foot. Very attractive design. The deep chased decoration to the upper body has flower and foliate swags. The rococo design cartouche to the front contains a hand engraved armorial. Contains 850 ml. Total weight 636 grams, 20.4 troy ounces. Height 18cm (to top of finial). Spread 24.8cm. Diameter 13.5cm approx. Edinburgh 1781 Maker Patrick Robinson. Sterling silver.

  • 1787


    8199 George III Silver Goblet


    A very elegant antique Scottish sterling silver chalice with plain classical style and square pedestal foot. Original gilt bowl. With decorative bands of hand engraved decoration to the body and foot and an oval vacant cartouche to the front. Contains 300 ml. Weight 234 grams, 7.5 troy ounces. Height 14.5 cms. Diameter of top 9.5 cms. Base 7 x 7 cms. Edinburgh 1787. No makers mark.

  • Circa 1800


    9260 Antique Scottish Silver Snuff Mull


    A charming antique silver mounted horn snuff box, the hinged lid with a silver mount and large Scottish thistle. The quality of the horn is particularly good. Length 7.5 cms. Diameter 3.7 cms. Unmarked silver. Most probably Scottish. Circa 1800.

  • 1814

    Robert Gray & Son

    9841 Antique Silver Serving Boat


    A very useful little antique silver jug of plain design. Suitable as a small sauceboat. Weight 65 grams, 2 troy ounces. Height 2.8cm. Length 16cm. Width 6.1cm. Edinburgh 1814. Maker Robert Gray & Son.

    Literature. The antique silver pap boat was originally used as a shallow feeding dish for a child or invalid. These appeared circa 1710 and fell out of manufacture about 120 years later. With their smooth elegant shape, they make ideal servers for sauce.

  • 1819

    George McHattie

    9873 George III Antique Silver Cup and Cover


    A magnificent Scottish silver presentation cup and cover of campana form. Large enough to take a bottle. Magnificent original gilded interior. Acanthus leaf decorated throughout, the stylish curved handles finish with a bacchanalian face mask below, the body has an ornate band of foliate scrolls interspersed with Scottish thistles. To the front and reverse are 2 large panels with a presentation inscription for the Great Yarmouth Rifle Volunteer Corp “Ladies Challenge Cup”. Weight 2309 grams, 74.2 troy ounces. Height 25.5cm (without lid) 33cm (with lid). Diameter 16.5cm. Spread across handles 29cm. Edinburgh 1819. Maker George McHattie. Sterling silver.

  • 1819

    Robert Gray & Son

    9959 George III Antique Silver Tea Set


    Scottish silver. An elegant 3 piece antique sterling silver tea set of globular form with gadroon borders and half fluted body. The jug and bowl have the original bright gilt interior. Excellent classical features with acanthus mounted handles and superior quality grape leaf decorated upper body; an unusual feature is the expansive lotus flower finial. Heavy weight of set 1959 grams, 63 troy ounces. Teapot contains 1150 ml, height 14cm, spread 29cm. Glasgow 1819. Maker Robert Gray & Son. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1838


    9556 Antique Scottish Silver Snuff Mull


    Large size. An antique horn snuff mull with a silver mount and hinged lid. The attached chain has a small snuff spoon, bone hammer and silver mounted rabbits foot. The lid has a cut out silver mount with thistles, also a silver shield with crest and motto “MANU FORTI”. Around the top rim is a hand engraved inscription dated 1838. Spread 18 cm. Diameter 7 cm. Unmarked silver. Probably Scottish.

  • 1843

    Walter Crichton

    7427 Victorian Scottish Silver Tea Set


    A fine quality antique sterling silver tea set of hexagonal panelled form. With deep scroll engraving and original gilding to the sugar bowl and milk jug. Teapot contains 1500 ml. Teapot height 20 cms, spread 25 cms. Total weight of set 1542 grams, 49.5 troy ounces. Edinburgh 1843. Maker Walter Crichton.

  • Circa 1856


    9948 Antique Silver Cowrie Shell Snuff Box


    Of nautical interest. A charming antique silver mounted cowrie shell snuff box with flush hinged cover, decorated with bright cut engraving and engraved dedication ” P. Ferguson 1856″. Particularly nice is the unusual carved shell decoration featuring a sailing ship with full rigging and the Forget me Not inscription. Length 8cm. Width 5.8cm. Height 4cm. The silver is unmarked as is common with these boxes. Probably Scottish. Circa 1856.

  • Circa 1860


    9624 Antique Scottish Silver Snuff Mull


    An antique horn snuff mull with a broad silver mount embossed with thistles. The hinged lid is inset with a large citrine gemstone. Spread 14.5 cm. Diameter 6.5 cm. Unmarked silver. Probably Scottish circa 1860.

  • 1898

    William Dunningham & Co Of Aberdeen

    4612 Scottish Silver and Horn Vinaigrette


    A stunning antique sterling silver vinaigrette with a horn body and stone inset top. Diameter 2 cms. Spread 6 cms. WILLIAM DUNNINGHAM & CO OF ABERDEEN. 1898.

  • 1910

    William Dunningham & Co Of Aberdeen

    8471 Antique Scottish Silver Quaich


    A very good Scottish provincial silver and horn quaich, the two side handles mounted with amethyst or citrine glass jewels. The cup is inset with a silver disc engraved ‘Squab asi’, a Gaelic phrase meaning ‘Sweep it up’, a much used toast in the Highlands of Scotland meaning “Drink heartily, with gusto”. Length 13.7 cms. Diameter 7.3 cms. Height 2.7 cms. Hallmarked silver for Edinburgh 1910. Made by William Dunningham & Co. of Aberdeen.

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