Georg Carl Brenner

Georg Carl Brenner

  • Circa 1770

    Georg Carl Brenner

    9060 Antique German Silver Chocolate Pot


    A rare early German antique silver chocolate pot of baluster form with a turned wood side handle. Good weight. The lid is detachable, so that the chocolate can be stirred, and is held in place by a pin and chain. The top finial is fixed. Gilded inside. Weight 442 grams, 14.2 troy ounces. Height 16.5 cms. Spread across handle 15.5 cms. German silver marks for Hanover circa 1770. Maker Georg Carl Brenner.

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  • 1850

    George John Richards

    8196 Victorian Silver Owl Castor


    An unusual novelty piece of antique sterling silver in the form of an owl with a detachable head and glass eyes. This delightful sugar castor is beautifully modelled and engraved, the quality is very realistic. Weight 123 grams, 3.9 troy ounces. Height 11 cms. London 1850. Maker George Richards.

  • 1890


    7478 Victorian Silver Plate and Crystal Drinks Set


    A delightful antique after dinner drinks set consisting of a dozen little cut crystal liqueur glasses with a matching pair of small decanters. All sitting on the original arts and crafts style silver plated tray with carrying handles. Tray spread 36 cms, length 27 cms, width 19 cms. Decanters each contain 150 ml, height 20 cms,. Glasses height 5.5 cms. Circa 1890.

  • 1763

    William & John Deane

    9272 George III Antique Silver Sauce Boats


    A handsome pair of antique sterling silver sauceboats with typical classic shape and plain styling of the period. Uninscribed. Good weight. Total weight 558 grams, 17.9 troy ounces. Spread 17 cm. Height 11 cm (to top of handle). London 1763. Maker William & John Deane.

  • 1731

    John Tuite

    9154 Antique George II Silver Salver


    An excellent quality antique sterling silver salver of plain form and raised on heavy cast shaped feet. Simple Chippendale border. Good weight and patina. To the front is a large and well executed, hand engraved armorial and crest within a decorative cartouche. Weight 1504 grams, 48.3 troy ounces. Diameter 36.5 cms. Height 4.5 cms. London 1731. Maker John Tuite, a highly regarded salver maker.

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