John Jackson

John Jackson

  • 1688

    John Jackson

    6543 James II Silver Porringer


    Absolutely stunning. A rare early English silver cup of plain form with serpent handles. Simple style with exquisite engraving to both sides. To the front there is an armorial within a tied plumage cartouche, the correct form of armorial for this date. The reverse depicts an archer and the name Charles Dakeyne Captain Aprill 23.1690. Excellent patina. Weight 130 grams, 4,1 troy ounces. Height 7.25 cms. Diameter 9 cms. Spread 14.25 cms. London 1688. Maker John Jackson (mark partially struck).

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  • 1748

    George Jones

    5551 George II Cast Silver Cream Jug


    A very pretty little antique sterling silver cream jug with embossed decoration of flowers and scrolls. Good weight and handles well. Original gilt inside. Weight 107 grams, 3.4 troy ounces. Height 11 cms. London 1748. Maker GJ (probably by George Jones).

  • Circa 1860


    9624 Antique Scottish Silver Snuff Mull


    An antique horn snuff mull with a broad silver mount embossed with thistles. The hinged lid is inset with a large citrine gemstone. Spread 14.5 cm. Diameter 6.5 cm. Unmarked silver. Probably Scottish circa 1860.

  • Circa 1809

    Phipps & Robinson

    6367 Georgian Silver Apple Corer


    A charming little collectors piece. An antique sterling silver apple corer of simple form. Usually these items unscrew however this has been made in one piece. Weight 20 grams. Length 10.5 cms. London 1809. Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson.

  • Circa 1900


    9566 Antique Silver Plated Wall Lights


    A stunning pair of antique wall mirrors of tall shaped form (girandoles), each mounted with two pairs of candle sconces. Decorated in the flamboyant rococo style, the scrolling high relief ornament has fretwork, sea foam and stalactites. Mounted at the top is a winged cherub and below the mirror is a figural plaque. Height 65 cm. Width 34 cm. Mirror height 30 cm, width 18 cm. Probably French. Circa 1900.

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