Joseph Cradock|William Ker Read

Joseph Cradock|William Ker Read

  • 1820

    Joseph Cradock|William Ker Read

    9678 Pair of Georgian Silver Entrée Dishes on Warmers


    A fine pair of antique silver serving dishes with matching cover and warming base. The elegant plain styling has a broad band of ribbing with gadroon and shell borders; the handles are modelled as a curled snake. Excellent quality and good gauge silver. The lid has a large hand engraved armorial to the front and a stag crest to the reverse. Dishes and rings marked number 2 and 3. Silver weight 3961 grams, 127.3 troy ounces. Total height 18cm (including warmer base). Dish measures 30x24cm. Entrée dishes and handles sterling silver London 1820, maker Joseph Cradock & William Ker Read. Warmer bases are made of old Sheffield plate, circa 1820.

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