Karl Fabergé

Karl Fabergé Russian silver maker

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Karl Fabergé

Karl Fabergé Russian silver maker

  • 1895

    Karl Fabergé

    8634 Antique Russian Silver Jug by Faberge


    A stylish antique silver cream jug with a tall vase shape with reeded design and square foot. Initials “EB” engraved to the front. Ontains 110 ml. Weight 254 grams, 8.1 troy ounces. Height 16 cms (to lip), 18 cms (to top of handle). Spread 10.3 cms. Base 5.6 cms square. Stamped on the edge of the base with Russian silver stamps for 1895, 84 silver grade*. Maker Karl Faberge.

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  • Circa 1749

    David Hennell

    8976 George II Antique Silver Teapot


    An early English sterling silver teapot of globular form. Early teapots were of small capacity because of the rarity of tea. Lovely plain shape with a straight spout and engraved decoration to the upper body. An attractive feature is the blobby mercury solder underneath which is completely original in the manufacture. Generally speaking bullet teapots were only made during the George II period. Weight 372 grams, 11.9 troy ounces. Height 12.5 cms (to top of handle). Spread 20.5 cms. London 1749. Maker David Hennell I.

  • 1978

    Deakin & Francis

    8577 Set of Vintage Silver Goblets in a Box


    A good quality set of sterling silver cups in their original presentation box. Excellent plain styling and deep gilded bowls. Each contains 150 ml. Weight 1201 grams, 38.6 troy ounces. Height 14 cms. Diameter 7 cms. Birmingham 1978. Maker Deakin & Francis Ltd.

  • 1737

    Thomas Whipham

    9931 George II Antique Silver Mug


    A plain styled antique sterling silver mug of baluster form with a shaped scroll handle with acanthus mount. Excellent quality. Good gauge silver and patina. Contains 425 ml. Weight 310 grams, 9.9 troy ounces. Height 12.1cm. Spread 12.4cm. Diameter 8cm (top and base).
    London 1737. Maker probably Thomas Whipham. Sterling silver

  • 1897

    Heath And Middleton

    5486 Novelty Drum Biscuit Jar in Silver and Glass


    A highly unusual and very decorative novelty silver biscuit box in the shape of a drum, the lid having a drum stick as a handle. Sterling silver with a glass body. Height 12 cms. Diameter 12 cms. London 1897. Maker Heath and Middleton.

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