Robert Lucas

Robert Lucas

  • 1733

    Robert Lucas

    9753 George II Silver Coffee Pot


    A good plain style antique silver coffee pot with straight tapering sides and a shallow domed lid. To the front is a contemporary hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Good gauge silver and excellent colour. Contains 640 ml. Weight 699 grams, 22.4 troy ounces. Height 20cm. Spread 19cm. London 1733. Maker Robert Lucas. Sterling silver.

  • 1726

    Robert Lucas

    7953 George I Silver Cream Jug


    An early English silver cream jug having a pitcher shape with a scroll handle and simple applied ring base. Small size silver cream jugs without lids were only introduced in the 1720’s so this is a very early example. Excellent colour. Contains 80 ml. Weight 81 grams, 2.6 troy ounces. Height 7 cms. Sterling silver. London 1726. Maker probably Robert Lucas.

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  • 1815

    Phipps Robinson & Phipps

    9452 Georgian Silver Horns


    Of sporting interest. A rare pair of sterling silver mounted hunting horns, each bearing the crest of a lion on an oval plaque. The mouthpieces are probably later. They play beautifully. Spread 26cm. Top measures 7×5.8cm. London 1815. Maker Phipps, Robinson & Phipps.

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