16th century

16th century

  • Circa 1600


    9461 Antique Continental Silver Processional Cross


    A rare early silver processional cross. The embossed silver has applied plaques to the front and reverse and a “corpus” (figural image of Christ’s body). Bright parcel gilt finish. Bronze terminals enhance the ornate form of the cross. Height 48.5cm including the metal rod support, 40.5cm without. Width 29cm. Unmarked. Probably Italian circa 1600.

  • Circa 1524


    9787 Antique Italian Gilt and Silver Monstrance


    A rare medieval copper gilt and silver monstrance with a steeple top. The central section has a glass hinged door flanked either side by two niches containing the figures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul; the pillar tops are detachable. The knopped stem is mounted with 4 saint figures. The hexafoil foot, beautifully engraved and chased, is mounted with 3 silver discs engraved with Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Sebastian. The underside bears an engraved inscription in old Italian, dated 1524, for the Italian church of San Piero di Porto di Legnago, near Verona. Height 38.5 cm. Width 14.8 cm. Italian. Date circa 1524. There are no silver marks which is normal for a religious article of such an early date.

  • Circa 1550

    Leonhard Bram

    9788 Antique Swiss Silver Beaker


    An exceptionally early drinking cup dating from the 16th century. This parcel gilt beaker has a cylindrical tumbler form and stands on a shallow foot. The cup still retains the original hand beaten finish. There is a gilded band of decoration around the top with foliate scrolls and roundels on a hatched background. The foot has a gilt band and feather decorated border. The underside retains traces of the old, blobby mercury solder used in the original manufacture over 450 years ago. Contains 150 ml. Weight 79 grams, 2.4 troy ounces. Height 6.4cm. Diameter 6.9cm. Stamped underneath with Swiss silver marks for Zurich, Switzerland. Maker Leonhard Bram. Circa 1550. Ref: Eva Losel’s book on Zurich Goldsmiths pages 164 and 360 – see images.

  • 1571

    James Feake

    9918 Elizabeth I Silver Chalice


    A rare early English chalice dating to the reign of Elizabeth I. A very early date and in very good condition. With straight tapering sides, slightly flared at the top, and would originally have had a cover (paten). Hand beaten finish as you’d expect at this date. The single hatched band of decoration is well executed and the definition is very good. There is applied wire ornament to the stem, the foot has a second band of hatched engraving. Contains 180 ml. Weight of chalice 190 grams, 6.1 troy ounces. Chalice dimensions – height 15.3cm, diameter of top 7.7cm. Extremely good silver marks for London 1571. Maker probably James Feake. Sterling silver.

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