Wine Antiques

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Wine Antiques

  • 1861

    George Angell

    8658 Antique Silver Model Chariot and Horses


    An outstanding piece of decorative silver. An antique sterling silver pair of galloping horses pulling a wheeled chariot. All mounted on a heavy solid silver base with naturalistic decoration, standing on four turned wooden feet. Excellent quality and good heavy weight. Probably it is just a decorative piece however the chariot could possibly be used for serving – the shape isn’t suitable for holding a bottle (see photo). Weight 1506 grams, 48.4 troy ounces. Height 15.5 cms. Base 33 x 16 cms. London 1861. Maker George Angell

  • 1864

    Henry Aston

    7976 Victorian Silver Brandy Label


    A very pretty antique silver label with shaped border and the word “BRANDY” engraved on the front. The front has hand engraved bordered of leaf scrolls. Weight 9 grams. Measures 5.5 x 3 cm. Birmingham 1864. Maker Henry Aston.

  • 1865

    Creswick & Co

    7461 Antique Silver Plated Wine Coolers


    A superior quality pair of antique silver plated wine coolers of shaped circular form on a pedestal base. The cast decorative detail is superb with handles modelled as gracefully curling foliage, the ribbed top section rising like a giant sea wave, the body with undulating vertical bands of foliate scrolls, the edge of the base with four dolphin’s heads. There is a hand engraved crest to back and front. The sleeves are detachable. Height 27.5 cms. Spread 32 cms. To the underside is the makers mark for Creswick & Co. Circa 1865.

  • 1874

    Hunt & Roskell

    8525 Antique Silver Wine Jug


    A fine antique sterling silver wine ewer of tall shapely vase form having a curved silver handle with acanthus leaf terminal. Plain style and elegant classical shape. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this prestigious firm of silversmiths, previously known as Storr & Mortimer, the famous Paul Storr partnership. Gilt interior. Contains 1350 ml. Weight 810 grams, 25.1 troy ounces. Height 29.5 cms. Spread 12 cms. London 1874. Maker Hunt & Roskell (late Storr & Mortimer).

  • 1875 - 1876

    Martin Hall and Co

    10129 Antique Silver Ewer and Basin


    A very rare and prestigious item. This magnificent gilt silver armada jug and stand was presented in honour of the Guildhall banquet for the Prince and Princess of Wales’s return from India. The tall jug, of vase shape form, has bands of classical motifs and ribbing, the centre with deep relief swags of ribbons and fruit with centre medallions. This superb decoration is repeated on the matching base which has a raised central dome decorated with the Prince of Wales feathers. The front of the basin has a large presentation inscription dated 1876. Weight – ewer 908 grams, basin 1258 grams, total 2166 grams, 69.6 troy ounces. Jug – height36cm, spread 14cm. Basin diameter 39.5cm. London 1875/6. Maker Martin Hall.

  • 1877

    Barnabas Blackburn

    6009 Victorian Silver Tongs


    An antique pair of sterling silver tongs beautifully modelled with claw nips.
    Weight 65 grams, 2 troy ounces. Length 14.5 cms. London 1877. Maker Barnabas Blackburn.


  • Circa 1880


    10118 French Antique Silver Claret Jugs


    A magnificent set of four 19th century cut crystal claret jugs with decorative silver mounts and hinged lids. Fantastic quality. The interior silver has bright original gilding while the exterior bears faint, gilt traces. The crystal body is cut with ribbons and harebell swags, the lower body and base with cut ribbing. Each contains 750 ml. Height 23.8cm. Spread 15.6cm. French silver marks. Circa 1880. High grade silver. 950/1000.

  • 1881

    Edward Barnard & Sons

    9377 Victorian Silver Wine Jug


    A fine antique sterling silver wine ewer of tall elegant vase form standing on a ribbed pedestal foot. The body is finely engraved with bands of leaves and scrolls. A very nice feature is the little model bird at the base of the handle. The lid and interior of the jug is gilded and has a free form pouring mechanism. Weight 834 grams, 26.8 troy ounces. Contains 1400 ml. Height 35.3 cms (top of handle). Spread 14 cms. London 1881. Maker W & J Barnard.

  • 1887


    9587 Antique Silver Jardiniere


    A large and imposing antique silver bowl or wine cooler. Heavy gauge silver. Decorative side handles in the Art Nouveau style. To the front there is a deep relief fairy tale scene from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. The interior is gilded. Weight approx. 3700 grams, 118 troy ounces. Height 27 cm, 31 cm to top of handle. Spread 51 cm. English sterling silver. London 1887. Maker John Newton Mappin.

  • 1890


    7478 Victorian Silver Plate and Crystal Drinks Set


    A delightful antique after dinner drinks set consisting of a dozen little cut crystal liqueur glasses with a matching pair of small decanters. All sitting on the original arts and crafts style silver plated tray with carrying handles. Tray spread 36 cms, length 27 cms, width 19 cms. Decanters each contain 150 ml, height 20 cms,. Glasses height 5.5 cms. Circa 1890.

  • Circa 1890


    9722 Antique German Silver Jug – Napoleon


    A massive novelty silver jug in the form of Napoleon Bonaparte, the iconic French statesman and military leader. Suitable for wine, beer and water. Superb bright gilt finish and excellent quality modelling and chased detail. Napoleon is wearing full dress regalia, with epaulettes and the trademark bicorne hat, he is sitting on a military drum. Contains 1700 ml. Weight 996 grams, 32 troy ounces. Height 31.5cm. Spread 18.5cm. Diameter of drum 10cm. Stamped underneath with German silver marks (crown and moon) and the silver grade 800*. Maker “SB” crowned. Circa 1890.

  • Circa 1890

    Victor Boivin

    9825 French Silver Claret Jugs


    A fantastic quality pair of French silver mounted glass claret jugs in the style of Victor Boivin, a leading French 19th century silversmith. Of globular form, on a circular foot, the glass is encased with a fine quality decoration of pierced silver flowers, leaves, scrolls and other motifs. Original gilt to the inside of the lid and neck. Each contains 800 ml. Height 32cm. Spread across the handle 15.5cm. With French silver stamps. Maker or retailer’s stamp “HTO”. Circa 1890.

  • 1896

    James Dixon

    7568 Victorian Silver Scent Flask


    A tiny size antique sterling silver flask with plain styling and a screw off top. Very handy size and would make a good baby gift. Engraved to the front is a decorative monogram. Small capacity and contains less than 20ml. Weight 33 grams, 1 troy ounce. Height 4 cms (6 cms to top of cap), width 5.5 cms. London 1896. Maker James Dixon.

  • 1899

    Walter And Charles Sissons

    9480 Antique Silver Claret Jug


    A handsome Victorian sterling silver mounted wine jug with a fine quality cut crystal body. The silver has foliate scroll decoration and a pierced silver thumbpiece. Contains 1300ml. Height 24cm/26.8cm to top of thumbpiece. Spread 16cm. Sheffield 1899. Maker Walter and Charles Sissons.

  • Circa 1900


    8022 Antique Silver Plated Bottle Tantalus


    A fantastic show. A solid oak 3 bottle drinks tantalus with silver plated mounts. This unusual model has a pull out drawer at the base to access the 3 hobnail cut bottles. Height 39 cms (to top of handle) 29 cms (to top of frame). Base 39 x 13 cms. Bottle height 23 cms, base 8.75 cms Circa 1900.

  • 1900

    Hung Chong

    9404 Antique Chinese Silver Cocktail Shaker


    A large size antique sterling silver cocktail shaker with a hammered finish. An embossed decoration of bamboo stems and leaves curls all the way round the shaker. The large top comes off to fill the ingredients and the little top cup comes off for pouring and also serves as a drinks measure. Weight 479 grams, 15.4 troy ounces. Height 23 cm. Stamped underneath with Chinese silver marks. Maker Hung Chong. Circa 1900.

  • 1900

    B Neresheimer & Sohnes

    9941 Antique Silver Bear Decanter


    A splendid antique silver drinks flask in the form of a standing bear with outstretched paws. Excellent quality and heavy gauge cast silver. Very pleasing design with lifelike detail in the face and all-over chased fur. The head is removable so that the body can be used as a decanter and the head as a cup; it pours beautifully. The interior is gilded. Contains 1 litre. Weight 1407 grams, 45.2 troy ounces. Height 24.5cm. Width between the paws 13.5cm. German Hanau silver marks. Probably Neresheimer. Circa 1900.

  • Circa 1900

    Grachev Brothers

    9946 Russian Antique Silver Tray


    A stylish antique silver drinks tray of sleek, geometric form. Will hold up 6 bottles of champagne. Excellent quality and heavy gauge silver. Engraved to the front and rear with a monogram in cursive script. Weight 1540 grams, 49.5 troy ounces. Length 36cm. Width 27cm. Height 5.5cm. Maker Grachev Brothers, St Petersburg. Retailed by G. Keller, Paris. Circa 1900.

  • 1901

    John Grinsell & Sons

    9025 Arts and Crafts Silver Claret Jug


    A stylish antique silver mounted wine jug with a segmented crystal body. The smart, plain stylish features include a straight box spout and a geometric handle. Contains 900 ml. Height 20 cms. Spread 12.3 cms. London 1901. Maker John Grinsell & Sons. Sterling silver.

  • 1902

    Walker & Hall

    9960 Antique Silver Bowl


    An antique sterling silver bowl of boat form with outstretched gondola arms. Perfect as a table centrepiece with flowers or fruit, or even as a wine cistern to hold 4 bottles. Decorated with a wide frieze of scrolling foliage, flowers and shells. Raised on four magnificent shell feet. To the front is a large engraved armorial with lion crest and motto “Ventus Secundet”. Weight 2866 grams, 92.1 troy ounces. Spread across handles 68.5cm. Height 29.5cm/19.5cm. Top measures 35.5 x 27.5cm. London 1902. Maker Walker and Hall. Sterling silver.

  • 1921

    Carringtons & Co

    9870 Antique Silver Wine Ewer


    A magnificent silver gilt wine jug, of good size and weight, in the Renaissance style. Perfect for serving cold drinks, wine, beer and water. Of tall, bulbous form, the jug has a slender tapering neck, a graceful shaped handle, and a lady face mask to the front. The cutwork decoration is interspersed with foliate symbols and flowerheads. Contains 1250 ml. Weight 1302 grams, 41.5 troy ounces. Height 37cm. Spread 18cm. London 1921. Maker Carrington & Co.

  • 1934

    Stockwell & Co

    8668 Vintage Silver Corkscrew and Bottle Opener – Golf Putter


    A rare sterling silver novelty bar item in the form of a golf putter. At one end is a bottle opener which unscrews to reveal a corkscrew. The end of the putter has an applied disc with stylistic enamel initials. Weight of silver putter 32 grams, 1 troy ounce. Length 16 cms. Import marks for London 1934, Importer George Stockwell.

  • 1992

    C.J. Vander

    9351 Vintage Silver Wine Label


    A collectors item. An excellent quality sterling silver bottle ticket with a silver chain. Very heavy with an unusual modern design and applied across the centre with “WHISKY”. Weight 49 grams, 1.5 troy ounce. Measures 8.1 x 5.4 cm. Fully hallmarked across the front for London 1992. Maker CJ Vander.

  • 1992

    C.J. Vander

    9752 Vintage Silver Spirit Label


    A modern silver bottle ticket in the stylised form of a cast vine leaf with pierced cluster of grapes. “WHISKY” is applied across the curved title scroll. Numbered ‘14’ on reverse. Weight 49 grams, 1.5 troy ounces.Measures 8cm long. London 1992. Maker C.J. Vander Ltd, London. Sterling silver.

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