18th century

18th century

  • 1706

    Isaac Dighton

    10169 Queen Anne Antique Silver Bowl


    A rare early English silver monteith from the Queen Anne period. Large size. The decoration, with the ribbed body and decorative cartouches, is typical for this period. Particularly charming are the quaint lions mask side handles. The shaped monteith rim is fixed and was originally used to hold stem glasses, punch ladle and lemon squeezer. To the front and back there is a good hand engraved armorial for the Fitzgerald family. Underneath the bowl there is also a presentation inscription from the Fitzgerald family. Gilt interior. Weight 1895 grams, 60.9 troy ounces. Height 20cm. Diameter 29.5cm. London 1706. Maker Isaac Dighton. Britannia standard silver (95.8% pure).

  • 1791

    Peter & Ann Bateman

    10127 George III Antique Silver Beaker


    A charming antique silver drinking cup of straight tapering form with a flared top. The attractive matted body has an unusual shaped cartouche containing a crest. Original gilt interior, traces of gilt to the body. Weight 96 grams, 3.1 troy ounces. Contains 100 ml. Height 8cm. Diameter 6.5cm. London 1791. Maker Peter & Ann Bateman.

  • 1791

    Peter & Ann Bateman

    10132 George III Antique Silver Beaker


    A charming antique silver drinking cup of straight tapering form with a flared top. The attractive matted body has an unusual shaped cartouche containing a crest. Original gilt interior, traces of gilt to the body. Weight 96 grams, 3.1 troy ounces. Contains 100 ml. Height 8cm. Diameter 6.5cm. London 1791. Maker Peter & Ann Bateman.

  • 1799

    John Emes

    10130 George III Antique Silver Beaker


    A plain antique silver tumbler with tapering sides and flat foot. Plain style. Hand engraved to the front with an armorial shield with deer crest and motto “Deus Agit Causam”. A perfect vessel for drinking wine or that early evening shot of whisky. Contains 250ml. Weight 169 grams, 5.43 troy ounces. Height 9.1cm. Diameter 7.4cm. London 1799. Maker John Emes.

  • 1735

    Thomas Mason

    10136 George II Antique Silver Teapot


    An excellent quality antique silver bullet shaped teapot. Lovely plain form with an octagonal panelled spout and wooden handle. The bullet shaped teapot is probably one of the better known types of the George II period and the lid of this one has a cleverly concealed flush hinge which is difficult to distinguish as the engraver has continued the decoration over this area. To the front is a finely engraved cartouche containing the initial “F” in old fashioned cursive script. Contains 450ml. Weight 445 grams, 14.3 troy ounces. Height 11cm. Spread 20cm. London 1735. Maker Thomas Mason.

  • 1788

    Robert Breading

    10144 George III Antique Silver Dish Ring


    Of sporting interest. An Irish antique silver dish ring, of traditional design, beautifully pierced and embossed with a shooting scene of huntsmen in a wooded glen accompanied by dogs and flying birds. To the front is a large, vacant cartouche. Weight 424 grams, 13.6 troy ounces. Height 10cm. Diameter 18.3cm (top), 19.6cm (bottom). Dublin 1788. Maker probably Robert Breading. Sterling silver.

  • 1749

    David Willaume II

    10146 George II Antique Silver Candlesticks


    An excellent quality pair of antique silver candlesticks of baluster design with shaped bases. Heavy cast silver and good original colour. Each is hand engraved within the well of the base with an insignia containing the royal motto. Weight 1171 grams, 37.6 troy ounces. Height 21cm. Bases 12cm square. London 1749. Maker David Willaume II. Sterling silver.

  • 1754

    John Café

    10150 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    An attractive antique silver taperstick with hexafoil shell base, rope borders and an intricately shaped stem. Cast silver. Good size and weight. Owner’s initials “W.M” engraved underneath. Weight 180 grams, 5.8 troy ounces. Height 13.3cm. Base diameter 8.7cm. London 1754. Maker John Cafe. Sterling silver.

  • 1742

    William Gould

    10152 Set of George II Antique Silver Candlesticks


    This plain design, typical of the period, is enhanced by the unusual feature of the naturalistic shell corners. A handsome set of four antique silver candlesticks with baluster stems and shaped square bases. Heavy gauge cast silver. Each foot has a hand engraved armorial. Total weight 1,940 grams, 62.3 troy ounces. Height 19.5cm. Diameter of base 11cm. London 1742. Maker William Gould, specialist candlestick maker and great exponent of rococo silver. Sterling silver.

  • 1735

    James Gould

    10154 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    A pretty little antique silver taperstick with knopped stem and shaped rectangular base. Nice plain style. Cast silver. Weight 124 grams, 4.0 troy ounces. Height 10.8cm. Diameter of base 6.9cm. London 1735. Maker James Gould. Sterling silver.

  • 1716

    Richard Bayley

    10156 George I Silver Mug


    A handsome early English silver mug with a slightly baluster shape on a spreading foot. Good plain style typical of the period. Dainty size, suitable as a christening mug. The slightly hand beaten finish is very charming. Contains 300 ml. Weight 196 grams, 6.3 troy ounces. Height 9.1cm (to top of thumb piece). Spread 10.6cm. Diameter 6.9cm. London 1716. Maker Richard Bayley. Britannia standard silver.

  • 1749

    Richard Gurney And Thomas Cooke

    10157 George II Antique Silver Beer Jug


    A classic antique silver jug of baluster form on a plain circular cast foot, with a sparrow beak spout and hand engraved crest. An attractive feature is the carved wooden handle with the lower socket in the form of a bird. Large size, heavy gauge silver and excellent patina. Useful for serving both cold and hot drinks. Contains 1700 ml. Weight (including wooden handle) 1273 grams, 40.9 troy ounces. Height 23.7cm (to top of thumbpiece). Spread 19.6cm. Diameter 9.5 cm. London 1749. Maker Richard Gurney & Thomas Cook. Sterling silver.

  • 1713

    John Barnard

    10158 Queen Anne Antique Silver Taperstick


    A lovely little antique silver taperstick of plain form of plain design with knopped tapering stem and raised faceted foot. This straight lined octagonal shape is a very rare and desirable feature. Britannia standard silver*. Weight 101 grams, 3.2 troy ounces. Height 12cm. Base diameter 6.7cm. London 1713. Maker John Barnard.

  • 1711

    Joseph Bird

    10161 Queen Anne Antique Silver Chamberstick


    A rare early English silver chamberstick (also known as a go to bed) with the solid design and excellent heavy gauge silver as you’d expect from this date. It has the early form with a flat teardrop handle and a broad drip pan mounted on three small stump feet. The circular base is hand engraved with a coat of arms within a decorative cartouche. Weight 242 grams, 7.7 troy ounces. Diameter 4.5cm. Length 23cm. Britannia standard silver. London 1711. Maker Joseph Bird.

  • 1715

    Martin Stockar

    10165 Antique George I Silver Coffee Pot


    An early antique silver coffee pot (or chocolate pot) with domed lid and beautifully grained fruit wood side handle. The elegant plain style, with simple reed borders, has the straight lined octagonal shape which is a very rare and desirable feature. The decorative strapwork handle supports are also functional as Britannia standard silver is purer and therefore a softer silver. Contains 1000ml. Weight 1098 grams, 35.3 troy ounces. Height 26.6cm. Diameter 15.25cm (widest point of body). London 1715. Maker Martin Stockar. Britannia standard silver.

  • 1739

    Peter Archambo

    10166 George II Antique Silver Tureen


    An outstanding quality early English silver tureen made by an important Huguenot maker of the period. Handsome plain design. This large sized serving dish with matching cover is of oval bellied form with applied decorative mounts, heavy cast silver side handles and feet, and a lid finial in the form of an eagle. The Turk’s head masks displayed to both sides of the lid are an interesting feature. With a hand engraved crest (for the Armistead family) to the front of the body and the lid. Good colour. Very heavy gauge silver. Weight 3731 grams, 119 troy ounces. Height 23cm. Spread across handles 41cm. Top measures 33 x 22cm. London 1739. Maker Peter Archambo. Sterling silver.

  • 1739

    Edward Workman

    10167 George I Antique Silver Strawberry Dish


    A delightful little Irish antique silver serving dish with the scalloped border typical of the early 18th century strawberry (or salad) dish. Hand engraved to the centre is an armorial crest within a decorative cartouche. Weight 222 grams, 7.1 troy ounces. Diameter 16.5cm. Height 2.8cm. Dublin 1739. Maker Edward Workman. Sterling silver.

  • 1739

    James Manners

    10168 George II Antique Silver Teapot


    A good example of early English teawares. A rare antique silver bullet shaped teapot of plain simple form with a shaped panelled spout and wooden handle. Excellent small size. The bullet shaped teapot is probably one of the better known types of the George II period and the lid of this one has a good quality flush hinge. Contains 550ml. Total weight 440 grams, 14.2 troy ounces. Height 12.2cm. Spread 21.70cm. London 1739. Maker James Manners.

  • 1747

    George Boothby

    10171 George II Antique Silver Kettle


    A decorative antique sterling silver samovar of circular form having a shaped folding handle with leather finish. The body is beautifully hand chased with scrolls, fish scale and flowers and there is a large rococo design cartouche to the front and back. The matching stand has a cut-work frieze with face masks, it has a removable burner well with push on top. Weight 2294 grams, 73.7 troy ounces. Total height (handle extended) 36cm, height (handle folded) 26cm. London 1747. Maker George Boothby. Sterling silver.

  • 1710

    Thomas Merry

    10173 Queen Anne Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A highly desirable pair of antique English silver candlesticks from the early 1700’s with octagonal form and baluster columns. This lovely plain style is fully in keeping with the period. Very solid cast silver. Good patina. Total weight 677 grams, 21.7 troy ounces. Height 18.8cm. Base 11.8cm wide. London 1710. Maker Thomas Merry I, specialist candlestick maker. Britannia standard silver*.

  • 1773

    William Grundy

    10176 George III Antique Silver Mug


    A good quality antique silver tankard of large size and very good weight. Of plain form with baluster shape, the shaped handle having acanthus leaf ornament. Uninscribed. Contains 610 ml, over 1 imperial pint. Weight 432 grams, 13.9 troy ounces. Height 13.4cm. Spread 13cm. Diameter 8.5cm. London 1773. Maker William Grundy. Sterling silver.

  • 1732

    Paul de Lamerie

    10181 George II Antique Silver Salts


    A handsome set of 4 antique silver salts by the sought after Huguenot silversmith. Plain, compact form and a lovely chunky feel. Heavy gauge metal. Total weight 440 grams, 14.1 troy ounces. Height 4.3cm. Diameter 6cm. London 1732. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Sterling silver.

  • 1745

    Gabriel Sleath

    10188 George II Antique Silver Cup and Cover


    An excellent antique silver cup with matching cover having a traditional campana shape and acanthus leaf side handles. The lid and body have broad bands of embossed shell scrolls with vine leaf and grape ornament. Excellent plain style and very good weight. To the front is a large and finely engraved armorial within a foliate scroll cartouche, the lid with a dog crest. Total weight 1229 grams, 39.5 troy ounces. Cup 855 grams, 27.4 troy ounces. Lid 374 grams,12 troy ounces. Height 26cm (to top of lid finial), 13cm (to top of cup rim). Spread across handles 23.2cm. Diameter of top 13cm. London 1745. Maker Gabriel Sleath.

  • 1756

    William Sanden

    10193 George II Antique Silver Dinner Plates


    A very desirable set of plain styled antique sterling silver plates with handsome gadroon borders. Hand engraved to each top rim is an expansive armorial with a motto below. Excellent quality. Each is numbered on the underside (range 06-97) showing that the plates originally formed part of a very large set. Total weight 6071 grams, 195.2 troy ounces. Diameter 24.8cm. London 1756. Maker William Sanden.

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