• 1759

    Charles Kandler

    10106 George II Antique Silver Salver


    A fine early English silver salver by the sought after maker Charles Frederick Kandler. Of square form, and raised on tall scrolling feet, this rare salver is hand engraved with an expansive outer border of scroll motifs, the centre with the crest of a dog with a tree behind. Super heavy quality and feels very good in the hand. Perfect to stand a bottle or wine glass on top. Weight 408 grams, 13.1 troy ounces. Width 16cm. Height 4cm. London 1759. Maker Charles Frederick Kandler. Sterling silver.

  • 1731

    Louis Laroche

    10112 George II Antique Silver Jug


    An antique silver cream jug, with a good early date, of baluster form. With a shaped handle, curved rim and 3 hoof feet. Good gauge silver and nice chunky feel. Hand engraved to the front is an armorial crest. Weight 117 grams, 3.76 troy ounces. Height 10cm (top of handle, 8cm (top of pouring lip). London 1731. Maker Louis Laroche. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1720

    Paul de Lamerie

    10174 George II Antique Silver Bell


    An excellent quality silver hand bell by the sought after Huguenot silversmith Paul de Lamerie. Good plain style with concentric bands around the centre and bottom rim. Heavy cast silver. Weight 226 grams, 7.2 troy ounces. Height 10.2cm. Diameter 6.7cm. London circa 1720. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Britannia Standard silver, 95.8% purity.

  • 1734

    Paul de Lamerie

    10267 George II Antique Silver Dish by Paul de Lamerie


    An important antique silver second course dish by the celebrated Huguenot maker Paul de Lamerie. The plate has a generous, dished bowl with a shaped, reed and shell border. There is a hand engraved crest to the edge of the rim. Weight 981 grams, 31.5 troy ounces. Diameter 28.5cm. Height 3.8cm. Date 1734. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Sterling silver. 18th century.


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