Hunting Horns or Powder Flasks?

These fabulous hunting horns were quick to find two lovely new owners. We purchased this fine pair of silver mounted Georgian horns purely on the strength of their looks, age and interest value – not being expert antiquarian musical instrument specialists they were catalogued on our website perhaps conservatively as “possibly of sporting interest, maybe converted powder flasks”.

Then Patrick contacted us…. he’s Ann’s cousin, an ex-professional horn player and eclectic collector. He had very quickly spotted them on our website and messaged us “These look interesting. I’d love to see them please!” and sure enough his old friend and colleague arrived in our Vault several days later to evaluate the old horns. Normally when a customer examines a piece a silver, he maybe takes a photo, checks the marks, looks it up in a book… but as a musician, Tony had a rather more unusual approach. You can imagine the amazement from others in the vicinity at the sound which projected from the two old horns – who would have known that the acoustics in the London Silver Vaults were so good! It was quite a concert. Evidently this amazement also stood up to the inspection of more professional ears, as the two old friends were delighted to buy the horns and took one each.

They were definitely hunting horns, very rare, and fully functional!

PS. We’re reliably informed that the correct term for the big curly horns in the collector’s den  is “trompes”. The horns featured in this news article should be referred to as “presentation hunting horns”.

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Georgian silver mounted hunting horns
Collectors den with musical horns

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