Charles I

Charles I

  • Circa 1626


    9780 German Parcel Gilt Silver Tankard


    A fine early German silver gilt tankard of cylindrical form. Small size. Good weight. The body and cover are chased with scrolls and shells on a matted ground. Initials “IP” engraved to the cover. Contains 250 ml. Weight 294 grams. Height (to top of finial) 13.8 cm. Spread 12 cm. Diameter of base 12.3 cm. Marked on the lid and base with German silver marks for Augsburg 1624-1628. Maker Hans Kolb or Hieronymous Wolfgang Kern.

  • Circa 1640


    9786 German Parcel Gilt Silver Cup & Cover


    A rare and impressive antique silver standing cup and cover of baluster shape with lobed foot. Large size. The waisted, lobed body is chased with fleur-de-lys and scrolls on a finely matted background. The top has a silver vase of flowers finial. This form is typical of German Renaissance banqueting silver cups and the quality is excellent. Contains 500 ml. Weight 611 grams, 19.6 troy ounces. Height – 40 cm (total), 29.5 cm (cup). Diameter of top 10.6 cm. Stamped by the rim and on the foot with the German town mark “W” possibly Breslau. Makers mark “WO” unidentified. Circa 1640.

  • 1628 - 1635

    Wenzel Zeideler

    9988 Antique German Silver Beaker


    An early Leipzig silver stipple ground beaker of tapering form. Original gilt finish. Hand engraved to the body is a charming design of a tree with outspread branches and large leaves like table tennis bats. Contains 190 ml. Weight 109 grams, 3.5 troy ounces. Height 8.3cm. Diameter 6.7cm (top), 5.2cm (base). Leipzig 1633-1635 Maker Wenzel Zeideler. Circa 1628-30. Marks. Stamped underneath with German silver marks for Leipzig.

  • 1625

    Robert Profit

    9989 Charles I Antique Silver Bowl


    An extremely early date. A rare antique silver porringer (or bleeding bowl) of plain circular form. The straight sided shape with a simple rim is the earliest type and in keeping with the early date. Small proportions and very charming with the original hand beaten finish. A useful serving bowl, handy for nuts and sweets. Prick marked on the edge of the rim with the initials “MC”. Weight 108 grams, 3.4 troy ounces. Diameter 10.3cm. Height 3.5 cm. Spread 14cm. London 1625. Maker “RP” possibly Robert Profit (David Mitchell’s “Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London”).

  • Circa 1635

    Simon and Willem De Passe

    9993 Charles I Antique Silver Box


    A charming piece of early silver. An antique silver counter box of cylindrical form, the openwork sides pierced with fanciful birds and scrolling foliage. The cover has a bust portrait of Charles I, the base has a bust portrait of Henrietta Maria. This box has no counters.

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