Charles I

Charles I

  • 1625

    Robert Profit

    9989 Charles I Antique Silver Bowl


    An extremely early date. A rare antique silver porringer (or bleeding bowl) of plain circular form. The straight sided shape with a simple rim is the earliest type and in keeping with the early date. Small proportions and very charming with the original hand beaten finish. A useful serving bowl, handy for nuts and sweets. Prick marked on the edge of the rim with the initials “MC”. Weight 108 grams, 3.4 troy ounces. Diameter 10.3cm. Height 3.5 cm. Spread 14cm. London 1625. Maker “RP” possibly Robert Profit (David Mitchell’s “Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London”).

  • 1643

    Arent Verstege

    10201 Antique Dutch Silver Jug


    An extremely rare antique silver jug dating from the 1600’s with a cast, shaped handle and superb decoration with embossed cherubs’ heads and bunches of fruit. Very heavy quality and feels good in the hand. Deep bright gilding throughout. Originally an altar cruet jug for wine and/or water. Weight 226 grams, 7.2 troy ounces. Height 15cm. Spread 10.3cm. Foot diameter 6.7cm. Haarlem 1643. Maker Arent Verstege. 17th century.

  • 1631


    10256 Charles I Antique Silver Cup


    A superb early English silver wine cup of very plain form with a cast baluster stem and spreading foot. This large goblet has an excellent patina, good weight, and sits very well in the hand. To the front is a well-executed armorial for Dr Thomas Eden, hand engraved, the style is typical of the Charles I period with the shield within a laurel-wreath. This is an outstanding piece of antique silver in every way. Contains 430 ml. Weight 326 grams, 10.4 troy ounces. Height 19.8cm. Diameter 9.2cm (top), 9cm (foot). London 1631. Maker “HM”. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1641


    10277 Charles I Antique Silver Wine Taster


    An early English silver taster of a rare boat shaped form with simple shaped side handles. The decoration is typical for the period, the body having a fluted design with punched dots and a flower head to the centre. Dishes from this period are occasionally referred to as sweetmeat dishes. Weight 88 grams, 2.8 troy ounces. Length 15.2cm. Width 9.6/12.5cm. Height 2.2/3.9cm. London 1641. No maker’s mark. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1635

    Henry Starkey

    10306 Charles I Antique Silver Wine Cup


    A rare English silver wine cup of very plain form on a cast baluster stem and spreading foot. This goblet has a superb patina and is perfectly styled for use in modern day times with its unusual tapering bowl. The original slightly hand beaten finish is visible on the inside. Contains 300 ml. Weight 207 grams, 6.6 troy ounces. Height 15.8cm. Diameter 10.7cm (top), 8.1cm (foot). London 1635. Maker probably Henry Starkey. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • Circa 1630

    Daniel Gee

    10359 Charles I Antique Silver Wine Cup


    An exquisite little antique silver cup dating from the early 1600’s. It’s very rare to find a small cup from this date and with such fine proportions. The tapering bowl stands on a knopped stem with a spreading circular foot. Contains 85ml. Weight 115g, 3.6 troy oz. Height 11.7cm. London circa 1630. Maker Daniel Gee. Sterling silver.

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