17th century

17th century

  • Circa 1690


    10212 17th century Antique Silver Counter Box


    An antique silver counter box of typical cylindrical form. The hand engraved decoration is very unusual having a finely worked matted and hatched background. The pull-off cover is decorated with the Tudor rose, the sides with cherubs, fruit and foliage. Weight approx.10 grams, 0.4 troy ounces. Diameter 2.1cm. Height 1.8cm. Probably English. Circa 1690. Unmarked silver. 17th century.

    Literature. Counter boxes contained a number of disks, commonly stamped or engraved with portraits of English monarchs, that were used as game markers and counting devices. Counter boxes were rarely marked.

  • 1684


    10247 Charles II Antique Silver Mug


    A rare early English silver mug of plain form. The body is raised from sheet and has a simple strap handle and an incised, reeded neck. This is the earliest type of mug. Contains 520ml. Weight 210 grams, 6.7 troy ounces. Height 16cm. Diameter 7.7cm. Spread across handle 13.2cm. London 1684. Makers mark “PM” start above and below (see Jacksons Page 138). Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1631


    10256 Charles I Antique Silver Cup


    A superb early English silver wine cup of very plain form with a cast baluster stem and spreading foot. This large goblet has an excellent patina, good weight, and sits very well in the hand. To the front is a well-executed armorial for Dr Thomas Eden, hand engraved, the style is typical of the Charles I period with the shield within a laurel-wreath. This is an outstanding piece of antique silver in every way. Contains 430 ml. Weight 326 grams, 10.4 troy ounces. Height 19.8cm. Diameter 9.2cm (top), 9cm (foot). London 1631. Maker “HM”. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1699

    Samuel Hood

    10257 William III Antique Silver Tazza


    An excellent early English silver footed salver with a broad gadroon border to the top and foot. Britannia standard silver*. To the centre is a hand engraved armorial for the Scott family within a decorative cartouche. Weight 395 grams, 12.7 troy ounces. Height 7.3cm. Diameter 24cm. London 1699. Maker Samuel Hood. *Britannia standard silver. 17th century.

  • Circa 1674


    10260 Antique Augsburg Silver Drinking Tot


    A delightful little antique silver cup with a faded gilt patina; having cast foliate side handles and decorative motifs to the lower body. Original bright gilt interior. Contains 70ml. Weight 70 grams, 2.2 troy ounces. Height 6cm. Diameter 5.5cm. Made in Augsburg, Germany. Circa 1674. 17th century.

  • Circa 1690

    William Gamble

    10293 William and Mary Antique Silver Beaker


    An early English silver cup with plain tapering sides and rounded base. Contains 350ml. Weight 147 grams, 4.7 troy ounces. Height 9.2cm. Diameter 8.5 (top), 6cm (base). Maker William Gamble. Circa 1690. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1712

    William Pearson

    10298 Queen Anne Antique Silver Mug


    A well proportioned early English silver mug with plain styling and a single banded ornament. Excellent colour. Engraved initials “HS” below. Contains 650 ml. Weight 373 grams, 12 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm (to top of handle). Diameter 8.8 (top). London 1712. Maker William Pearson. Britannia standard silver. 18th century.

  • 1695

    Edward Gibson

    10289 William III Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A rare pair of early English silver candlesticks with square bases and lobed, gadroon decoration. Excellent quality and heavy gauge of silver. Hand engraved on the base with cypher initials below the coronet of a count (continental european). The technique of making cast silver sticks was introduced into England circa 1685 and this is one of the early designs. Weight 605 grams, 19.4 troy ounces. Height 14cm. Base 9.9cm. London 1695. Maker Edward Gibson. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1635

    Henry Starkey

    10306 Charles I Antique Silver Wine Cup


    A rare English silver wine cup of very plain form on a cast baluster stem and spreading foot. This goblet has a superb patina and is perfectly styled for use in modern day times with its unusual tapering bowl. The original slightly hand beaten finish is visible on the inside. Contains 300 ml. Weight 207 grams, 6.6 troy ounces. Height 15.8cm. Diameter 10.7cm (top), 8.1cm (foot). London 1635. Maker probably Henry Starkey. Sterling silver. 17th century.

  • 1662

    Edward Treen

    10339 Charles II Antique Silver Porringer


    A very early English twin handled silver cup with cast serpent form side handles. This little porringer (or caudle cup) combines some of the austere decoration associated with the Commonwealth period with the addition of hand engraved flowers marking the transition into the joyful Restoration period of Charles II. Superb colour. An attractive feature is the decorative base, very reminiscent of sweetmeat dishes of this period. Contains 250ml. Weight 113 grams, 3.6 troy ounces. Diameter 7.7 cm. Height 7cm (to top of handle). London 1662. Maker Edward Treen, specialist cup, porringer and sweetmeat dish maker. Sterling silver.

  • 1654

    John Winterton

    10340 Commonwealth Period Antique Silver Beaker


    An early English silver drinking cup of small size. Plain tapering design with a turned over lip and simple foot. Contains 240 ml. Weight 63 grams, 2 troy ounces. Height 7cm. Diameter 7.5cm. London 1654. Maker John Winterton. Sterling silver.

  • 1685 - 1691

    Ralph Leake/John Cruttall

    10347 William & Mary Antique Silver Plates


    A fantastically rare set of 12 early English antique silver plates of plain design with reeded borders. Each has a hand engraved coat of arms on the top border for the Hay family, Marquesses of Tweeddale (3 plates also have a marital coat of arms on the reverse edge – very worn). Lovely patina. This is the earliest form of plate you can hope to find in a dozen set. Weight 6,168g, 198 troy oz. Diameter 24.4cm (outside rim), 16.9cm (inside rim). London 1685-91. Makers John Cruttall and Ralph Leake.

  • Circa 1690


    10348 William and Mary Antique Silver Pilgrim Flask


    A rare early English silver drinks flask of small size in the form of a medieval pilgrim flask. Plain form and heavy gauge silver with a screw-on top. To the front there is a large decorative cartouche hand engraved with an armorial for the Nutt family. Weight 132g, 4.2 troy oz. Height 12cm. Width 8cm. Maker “BR conjoined”. London circa 1690. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1600 - 1620


    10349 17th Century Antique Silver Pomander


    An intriguing piece of history contained in a small silver sphere. The antique silver pomander was worn round the neck or suspended from a belt and was intended to protect the wearer from sickness. The exterior of this example is hand engraved with royal portraits, probably English, based on engravings by Simon de Passe (c. 1595 – 6 May 1647). The screw top unturns to release six hollow, hinged segments to contain dried flowers, spices and scented oils. The interior is decorated with scroll and hatched engraving. A similar example formed part of the prestigious David Little collection. Weight 22 grams, less than 1 troy ounce. Height 3.9cm. Spread 5.6cm fully extended. Unmarked silver. Probably English. Circa 1600-20.

  • 1671


    10361 17th Century Italian Antique Silver Ewer


    A large and imposing antique silver jug with an applied spout, harp shaped handle, on a spreading foot. Excellent plain style with traces of the original hand beaten finish. Very good weight and thick gauge silver. To the front is a hand engraved armorial with a coronet and motto “Micat Inter Omnia”, all within a band of tied plumage. This early jug shape was replaced in the 1680’s by the helmet shaped ewer. Contains 1050ml. Weight 812g, 26.1 troy oz. Height 22cm (to top of handle), 18.7cm (top rim). Spread 20.2cm. Top diameter 11.4cm. Italian marks for Rome, 1671.

  • 1697

    William Andrews

    10370 William and Mary Antique Silver Beaker


    A rare early English silver drinking cup of tapering cylindrical form with a flared lip, central band and simple reeded foot. Very attractive size. The lower body has the deep embossed band of acanthus leaves, a popular decoration of the period. Hand engraved to the front are owner’s initials with the date 1701. Contains 150ml. Weight 101g, 3.2 troy oz. Height 7.9cm. Diameter 6.8cm. London 1697. Maker William Andrews. Britannia standard silver – high purity 95.8%.

  • 1618


    10380 Dutch Antique Silver Beaker


    A rare example of early Dutch provincial silver. A beautiful antique silver beaker of tall tapering form with a flared rim. Good size and excellent gauge silver. The cup is hand engraved with a strapwork border and fine quality foliate scroll decoration interspersed with flower heads and fruit clusters. The base is scratch engraved with owner’s initials and possibly a date “A.1628”. Contains 600 ml. Weight 255g, 8.2 troy oz. Height 15cm. Diameter 10.2cm (top). Breda, Netherlands. Date1618.

  • Circa 1690

    Charles Eystone

    10394 William & Mary Antique Silver Miniature Chamber Pot


    A charming little doll’s house piece. This rare miniature antique silver potty is made of hand beaten sheet silver with a simple scrolled handle. It dates to the second half of the 1600’s. Weight 13g, less than half a troy oz. Spread 4.9cm. Diameter 3.4cm. Height 2.5cm (to top of handle). London, circa 1690. Maker Charles Eystone. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1670


    10393 Charles II Antique Silver Miniature Wine Taster


    A charming little early English miniature dish from the reign of Charles II. Very sweet size. This little cup has a circular form with simple wirework handles and an embossed grape decoration. Owner’s initials “AA” engraved to the top rim. Weight 12 grams, less than half a troy ounce. Height 1.5 cm approx. Diameter of top 5.2cm. Spread across handles 7.4cm. English, circa 1670. Unmarked sterling silver.

  • 1689 - 1690

    Thomas Ash

    10392 William & Mary Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A rare pair of early antique silver candlesticks dating from the late 1600’s. Of unusual form, these fine candlesticks stand on broad flaring octagonal bases, the fixed octagonal sconces over tapering fluted stems. Hand engraved below with owner’s initials “P over TE”. There are faint traces of an armorial within plumage feathers to both. Weight 725g, 23 troy oz. Height 20.5cm. Width of base 10.5cm. London 1689 and 1690. Maker Thomas Ash. Sterling silver.

  • 1656

    William Harrison

    10395 Commonwealth Period Antique Silver Wine Taster


    A rare and very beautiful 17th century silver dish with leaf side handles and hand decorated with bands of flowers, leaves and prick dot engraving. Although rather shallow, this is probably a wine taster as it has the domed centre for viewing the colour of the wine. This could also be called a sweetmeat dish. The centre is engraved with prick dots and initials “S over W*M”. Excellent patina. Weight 128g, 4.1 troy oz. Spread across handles 20.3cm, 8 ins. London 1656. Maker William Harrison. Sterling silver

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