• 1732

    George Bulman

    9992 George II Newcastle Silver Teapot


    Provincial silver. A fine antique sterling silver bullet shape teapot. Plain, graceful form with a quality inset hinge and curved wooden handle. Small size. Early teapots tend to be small size as tea was a very expensive commodity. Contains 450 ml. Weight 450 grams, 14.4 troy ounces. Height 11.4cm. Spread 21.1cm. Height (top of finial) 11.4cm.  London 1732. Maker George Bulman.

  • Circa 1690

    Katherine Mangy

    10186 William and Mary Antique Hull Silver Tumbler Cup


    A rare item of English provincial silver from Hull in the North of England. An antique silver tumbler cup of simple plain design. Good gauge silver and excellent patina. The round and weighted base allows the cup to stay upright when knocked from side to side. This example, typical of Hull silver tumblers, has a flatter base than those made in London. To the front is a hand engraved armorial with a badger crest for the Brooke family. To the reverse are owner’s initials “AD to IS”.  Contains  170 ml. Weight  116 grams, 3.7 troy ounces. Height 5.4cm. Diameter 7.3cm. Hull circa 1690. Maker Kath Mangy (Jacksons page 473). Sterling silver.

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