• 1706

    Henry Matthews

    8312 Queen Anne Irish Silver Footed Salver


    A lovely early Irish antique silver tazza with simple reed border and pedestal foot. Beautiful plain style typical of the period. Hand engraved to the centre is an angel holding a sword and shield; very charming. The underside is initialled F over D.A. Weight 155 gms, 5 troy ounces. Height 5 cms. Diameter 13.5 cms. Marked on top and the foot with Irish silver stamps for Dublin 1706. Maker Henry Matthews.

  • 1718

    W Bell

    5888 Early Irish Silver Cup with Armorial


    A heavy gauge antique Dublin silver armorial cup with flying handles. Superb quality and colour. Fine original coat of arms engraved to the front – with the arms of LAMBERT of Carnagh, county Wexford. Weight 886 grams, 28.4 troy ounces. Height 18 cms (to top of handle). Diameter 14.5 cms. Spread across handles 24.5 cms. Dublin 1718. Maker W Bell.

  • Circa 1725

    John Hamilton Of Dublin

    6519 Antique Irish Silver Snuffer Tray


    A fine piece of early Irish silver. A plain styled snuffer tray of simple oval shape with a shaped side handle and round feet. To the centre there is an engraved crest. This is a very charming item, it handles well and the colour is excellent. Very good weight 214 grams, 6.8 troy ounces. Length 18 cms. Width 7.75 cms, 13.5 including handle. Makers mark only for John Hamilton. Dublin circa 1725.

  • 1734

    James Douglas

    8219 Antique Irish Silver Candlesticks


    A superb pair of early Dublin cast candlesticks of circular form with a baluster stem and sunken well base. Sterling silver. Lovely plain style and good gauge silver. Weight 628 grams, 20.1 troy ounces. Height 16 cms. Base 10.2 cms. Each is stamped within the well of the base with Irish silver hallmarks for Dublin 1734. Maker James Douglas. Also stamped on the edge of the capitals with the harp mark.

  • 1735

    William Clarke Of Cork

    6405 George II Irish Silver Strawberry Dish


    A beautiful antique sterling silver serving dish with a scalloped border. Handsome plain design. To the centre there is a hand engraved armorial for the Earl of Ormonde in Cork. Excellent patina. Weight 316 grams, 10.1 troy ounces. Diameter 24 cms. Height 4 cms. No date mark. Dublin circa 1735. Maker William Clarke

  • 1737

    John Hamilton Of Dublin

    8403 Antique Irish Silver Candlesticks


    A rare pair of early Dublin cast candlesticks having octagonal bases with sunken wells and diamond faceting. The baluster stem follows the outline of the base. This is very desirable shape. Sterling silver. Lovely plain style and good gauge silver. Weight 662 grams, 21.2 troy ounces. Height 15.5 cms. Base 10 cms. Each is stamped within the well of the base with Irish silver hallmarks for Dublin 1737. Maker John Hamilton.

  • 1745 - 1770

    George Hodder Of Cork

    7382 Antique Cork Serving Dish by George Hodder


    A rare provincial Irish silver dish and detachable cover of unusual shallow design. At first sight this looks to be a bacon or hash dish however it is more likely to be a cheese toaster. Very simple and charming. The plain form is embellished by a gadroon border and small side handles. To the top there is a hand engraved crest of a boars head over a French motto. 524 grams, 16.8 troy ounces. Spread 29 cm. Length 22.5 cm. Width 14.5 cm. Both pieces are stamped “sterling” with the distinctive scrolled border used by George Hodder 1745-1770. The top also bears Hodder’s maker’s mark (double struck).

  • Circa 1750

    John Laughlin Of Dublin

    8009 Irish Silver Spoon Tray


    A small antique silver tray of oval form with a ribbed and scalloped border. Uninscribed. Weight 66 grams, 2.1 troy ounces. There is a scratch weight underneath of 2.7. Top measures 18 x 8.5 cms. Sterling silver. Stamped on top with the Dublin mark, Hibernia and makers mark for John Laughlin. Circa 1750.

  • Circa 1770

    John Walker

    9118 Georgian Irish Silver Beaker


    An excellent antique sterling silver drinking tumbler with fish scale design and bright cut dot engraving. Large size and good gauge silver. Contains 340 ml. Weight 188 grams, 6 troy ounces. Height 10 cms. Diameter 8.5 cms. Dublin circa 1770. Maker possibly John Walker.

  • Circa 1770

    Charles Mullen

    9897 Antique Irish Silver Salver


    An attractive antique silver salver with a beautifully cast and pierced border with flowers, berries and leaves. To the centre is a hand engraved coat of arms surmounted by a lion crest. All raised on 4 decorative feet. Weight 363 grams, 11.6 troy ounces. Diameter 21.4cm. Height 3.6cm. Irish silver stamps. Maker Charles Mullin. Dublin circa 1770. Sterling silver.

  • 1772

    Charles Townsend

    9175 Antique Irish Silver Lidded Tankard


    A very large size George III antique silver tankard of baluster form with a domed lid. Sterling silver. Good plain style. The handle has ornamental strapwork topped by an attractive thumbpiece. To the front there is a large hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Contains 1480 ml, 3 pints. Weight 1104 grams, 35.4 troy ounces. Height 23 cm. Spread 18 cm. Diameter of top 11.2 cm. Dublin 1772. Maker Charles Townsend.

  • 1779

    Thomas Jones of Dublin

    6813 Irish George III Silver Cup and Cover


    Stunning quality. An ornamental antique sterling silver cup with shaped side handles and an acanthus decorated cover with pineapple finial. Gilt finish. Excellent weight. To one side there is a later inscription for the 1829 Southampton Regatta. Weight 1231 grams, 39.5 troy ounces. Height 21.5 (to top of handle), 28 cms (total). Dublin 1779. Maker Thomas Jones.

  • Circa 1780

    Matthew (Mathew) West Of Dublin

    6623 Georgian Irish Silver Strawberry Dish


    A pretty little antique sterling silver dish with scalloped border and engraved centre crest. Weight 72 grams, 2.3 troy ounces. Diameter 12 cms. Dublin circa 1780. Maker Matthew West.

  • 1788

    Robert Breading

    10144 George III Antique Silver Dish Ring


    Of sporting interest. An Irish antique silver dish ring, of traditional design, beautifully pierced and embossed with a shooting scene of huntsmen in a wooded glen accompanied by dogs and flying birds. To the front is a large, vacant cartouche. Weight 424 grams, 13.6 troy ounces. Height 10cm. Diameter 18.3cm (top), 19.6cm (bottom). Dublin 1788. Maker probably Robert Breading. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1790

    John Heyland

    8916 Antique Cork Silver Basting Spoon


    A rare Irish provincial sterling silver serving spoon with a sought after Cork makers mark. Long length. Plain style with an initial in old fashioned script hand engraved to the handle. Weight 107 grams, 3.4 troy ounces. Length 30 cms. Bowl 9.2×5.5 cms. The bowl is solid and has no wear. Stamped 3 times with the makers mark only for John Heyland. Circa 1790.

  • Circa 1800

    William Fitzgerald

    8402 Antique Irish Limerick Spoon


    A rare Irish provincial sterling silver serving spoon with highly sought after Limerick marks. Excellent plain style with the pointed terminal, typical of the late 18th century. The end is hand engraved with with a crest and the motto “Pro Rege, Lege Grege” (Latin for ‘For King, Law and People’). Weight 98 grams, 3.1 troy ounces. Length 33 cms. Width 5 cms. Marked on the back of the handle with the makers mark WFG for William Fitzgerald (worked at Mary Street and 15, Patrick Street, Limerick 1794-1824) and “STERLING”.

  • 1803

    John Power

    8911 Antique Irish Silver Strainer Spoon


    An elegant antique sterling silver gravy spoon of classic plain design with a feather edge and bright cut engraving. The handle has a monogram of intertwined initials in old fashioned script. Weight 140 grams, 4.5 troy ounces. Length 33cm. Bowl 10.5x6cm. Dublin 1803. Maker John Power.

  • 1806

    Arthur Murphy

    7098 Antique Irish Silver Skewer


    A good quality antique Dublin silver meat skewer with ring handle and hand engraved crest to one end. Could be used as a letter opener.. Weight 81 grams, 2.6 troy ounces. Length 31 cm. Dublin 1806. Maker Arthur Murphy.

  • 1807

    Samuel Neville

    8150 Antique Georgian Irish Silver Marrow Scoop


    A good antique sterling silver marrow scoop used for scooping marrow out of bones. Double ended. Weight 53 grams, 1.7 troy ounces. Length 23 cms. Dublin 1807. Maker Samuel Neville.

  • 1808

    Robert Breading

    9693 Antique Irish Silver Wine Funnel Stand


    An antique wine funnel stand in sterling silver with simple, plain design. Of circular form, it has a reed border and a domed centre hand engraved with the crest of a unicorn. Weight 62 grams, 2 troy ounces. Diameter 10.5cm. Dublin 1808. Maker Robert Breading.

  • 1810


    7383 Antique Cork Silver Bowl


    A delightful antique Irish provincial silver bowl on pedestal foot. Lovely plain and simple style. Excellent colour. Weight 271 grams, 8.7 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm. Diameter of top 13cm. Marked underneath “sterling” with the Cork maker’s mark Gibson. Circa 1810.

  • 1840


    9238 Antique Irish Silver Christening Mug


    A very pretty antique sterling silver mug with a deep relief foliate decoration around the lower body. Uninscribed. Contains 200 ml. Weight 145 grams, 4.6 troy ounces. Height 10.8 cm. Spread 10.7 cm. Diameter 7.9 cm. Dublin 1840. Maker I.N not attributed.

  • 1877

    John Smyth Of Dublin

    6475 Irish Victorian Silver Armada Jug


    A magnificent large antique sterling silver wine jug of elegant shaped form on pedestal foot. The hinged lid, with ornate flower finial, opens by squeezing the handle mechanism. Beautifully chased with flowers, swirls and leaves, the jug has a cartouche to both sides, one with an engraved crest and motto to the centre. To the front there is an applied leopards head and both sides of each cartouche there is a winged figure. Weight 1387 grams, 44.5 troy ounces. Tall height 38 cms. Diameter of foot 12.5 cms. Dublin 1877. Maker John Smith.

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