William III

William III

  • Circa 1685 - 1720

    George Manjoy

    9764 Antique Silver Miniature Candle Snuffers


    A delightful little collector’s piece. A rare antique silver wick trimmer miniature, also called a candle douter. Britannia standard silver*. Weight 6 grams, 0.19 troy ounces. Length 4.8 cm. Width 2.2 cm. Circa 1700. Maker George Manjoy (c.1685-c.1720), specialist toy maker (see Jackson’s Silver & Gold Marks of England, Scotland & Ireland p.141).

  • 1697


    9775 William III Silver Chamberstick


    A rare early English silver chamberstick (or “go to bed”) with the solid design and heavy gauge silver you’d expect from this date. It has the early form with flat teardrop handle. The circular pan has a gadrooned border and ribbed sconce, all mounted on three small stump feet. Hand engraved to one side is a crest and motto. The handle is hand engraved with a set of initials typical of the period. Weight 295 grams, 9.4 troy ounces. Height 6.2 cm. Diameter 11.5 cm. Spread 21.4 cm. London 1697. Makers mark unclear. Britannia standard silver.

  • 1696

    Thomas Jenkins

    9781 William III Silver Bowl


    An early English silver side handled porringer (or bleeding bowl) of plain circular form. Very charming with the original hand beaten finish. The shaped and pierced handle has initials hand engraved to the centre. A useful serving bowl, handy for nuts and sweets. Weight 285 grams, 9.1 troy ounces. Diameter 12.8 cm. Height 9.8 cm. Spread 14.5 cm. London 1696. Maker “TI two escallops between”* attributed to Thomas Jenkins (see Jackson’s “Silver & Gold Marks” and David Mitchell’s “Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London”). Sterling silver.

  • 1697

    John Sutton

    9860 William III Silver Tankard


    Outstanding quality and unusually large quart size. A rare early English silver flat top lidded tankard in Britannia standard silver with a scroll handle and decorative thumb piece. To the front is a large hand engraved armorial capped by the crest of a griffin. To the top of the handle there is a set of prick engraved owners initials. An excellent example of early hand beaten silver with lots of character.Contains 2500 ml, a hefty quart capacity (1 quart = 2 pints). Weight 1420 grams, 45.6 troy ounces. Height 23 cm (to top of thumbpiece). Spread 25 cm. London 1697. Maker John Sutton.

  • 1702

    Edward Ironside

    9863 Queen Anne Antique Silver Tazza


    A very charming early silver footed salver with a thick gadroon border to the top and foot. Britannia standard silver*. There is a hand engraved crest of a stag to the centre. Weight 285 grams, 9.1 troy ounces. Height 6.2cm. Diameter 20.1cm. London 1702. Maker Edward Ironside.

  • Circa 1700


    9895 Antique Silver Wine Taster


    A rare early antique silver wine taster of simple plain form in the shape of a flat bowl with a raised central dome. Very charming with the original hand beaten silver. At a later date the reverse side has been gilded for use as a trencher salt and the crest of a beaver holding a fish hand engraved to the front. Weight 78 grams, 2.5 troy ounces approx. Height 2.1cm. Diameter 11.47cm. Unmarked silver. Circa 1700. Probably English.

  • Circa 1701


    9903 Antique Silver Armorial Beaker


    A very interesting antique silver cup of tapering form and plain style. Simple shape with bright gilt bands to the rim and base, and gilded interior. Good gauge silver and weight. The base is beautifully engraved with an armorial dated 1701, possibly a town arms. Engraved initials to the front. Contains 350 ml. Weight 136 grams, 4.3 troy ounces. Height 9.2cm. Diameter 8cm (top), 6.3cm (base). Unmarked silver. Continental. Circa 1701.

  • Circa 1698


    9935 17th Century Silver Capstan Trencher Salt


    A rare antique Dutch silver salt cellar, late 17th century, of square base form with canted corners. The waisted stem is beautifully engraved and chased with scroll and scalework detail, with the engraved date ‘1698’ above and initials ‘I T’. The base and circular bowl have the embossed fluting typical of the circa 1700 period. Weight 111 grams,3.5 troy ounces. Height 6.3cm. Width of base 9cm. Probably Dutch. Makers mark “HS”. Circa 1698.

  • 1697


    9990 William III Antique Silver Cup


    A very unusual antique silver chocolate cup of tapering form on a small applied foot; the simple “S” scroll handle having a beaded rat-tail decoration. The body has four panels of hand applied matting work. This rare little cup was made for drinking hot chocolate, the newly discovered drinking beverage popular c.1680-1720 – see the coloured illustration. Contains 155ml. Weight 108 grams, 3.4 troy ounces. Height 7.7cm. Diameter of top 7.2cm. Spread across the handle 9cm. London 1697. Maker unknown.

  • 1697 - 1698

    Robert Timbrell

    10153 William III Antique Silver Bowl


    An outstanding antique silver monteith bowl complete with the original detachable collar with castellated scroll border and cherub heads. Excellent size and proportions. The body decoration is typical for a monteith of the period 1690-1702 and has a series of asymmetrical tear shaped panels interspersed with unusual foliate “face” motifs; all on an intricately hand chased matted background. The lions mask side handles are beautifully modelled. Weight 1780 grams, 57.2 troy ounces. Height 21.4cm (with Monteith collar), 15.6cm (without collar). Diameter 27.5cm (collar), 26.2cm (bowl). London 1697/8. Maker Robert Timbrell. Britannia standard silver (95.8% pure).

  • 1697

    William Fawdery

    10235 William III Antique Silver Cannon Handle Spoon


    A massive antique sterling silver hash spoon with the long tubular handle and a large deep bowl with a rattail extension to the underside. This elegant form is known as a Cannon handled spoon and can be used as a basting or stuffing spoon. Very useful size. To the reverse of the handle terminal there is an intricate hand engraved armorial. Weight 234 grams, 7.5 troy oz. Length 44.5cm. Bowl 10.4 x 7.5cm. London 1697. Maker probably William Fawdery. Britannia standard silver.

  • 1699

    Samuel Hood

    10257 William III Antique Silver Tazza


    An excellent early English silver footed salver with a broad gadroon border to the top and foot. Britannia standard silver*. To the centre is a hand engraved armorial for the Scott family within a decorative cartouche. Weight 395 grams, 12.7 troy ounces. Height 7.3cm. Diameter 24cm. London 1699. Maker Samuel Hood. *Britannia standard silver. 17th century.

  • Circa 1690


    10335 17th century Antique Silver Scent Flask


    A rare early English silver scent bottle with a screw top and attached chain with finger ring. The perfume flask is in the form of a miniature medieval pilgrim flask and is hand engraved with foliate decoration. The posy ring is inscribed inside “A” and “My night is all my delight” together with a little mouse figure. Weight 29 grams, just under 1 troy oz. Height 5.9cm. Width 3.1cm. Base measures 1 .8 x 1.3cm. Probably London circa 1690. Maker’s mark of E.H.

  • 1700

    David Willaume

    10376 Set of 4 William III Silver Candlesticks


    A handsome set of four antique silver candlesticks, the spreading circular bases with sunken wells and a chased border of foliage. The sticks have a pale gilt finish. Hand engraved to each base is a leopard crest and earl’s coronet. Total weight 1618g, 52 troy oz. Height 17cm. Diameter 10.7cm. London 1700. Maker David Willaume. Britannia standard silver.

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