Animal / Figural

Beautiful lifelike models of animals, birds, fish, people and objects in solid silver

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Animal / Figural

Beautiful lifelike models of animals, birds, fish, people and objects in solid silver

  • Circa 1635

    Simon and Willem De Passe

    9993 Charles I Antique Silver Box


    A charming piece of early silver. An antique silver counter box of cylindrical form, the openwork sides pierced with fanciful birds and scrolling foliage. The cover has a bust portrait of Charles I, the base has a bust portrait of Henrietta Maria. This box has no counters.

  • 1661

    Richard Farmer

    9659 Charles II Silver Charger


    A rare antique silver dish dating from Charles II period having the high relief embossing of animals, flowers and foliage, typical of the period. The quality of the decoration is excellent and the animals (lion, dog, stag and deer) are very charming. Weight 1172 grams, 31.1 troy ounces. Scratchweight 38=14. Diameter 41cm. London 1661. Maker “RF”, probably Richard Farmer (page 122 Jacksons Silver and Gold Marks”. Sterling silver.

  • 1683

    John Duck

    9991 Charles II Antique Silver Beaker


    An early English antique sterling silver beaker of plain tapering design with simple foot wires. Dating from the late 1600’s. Charmingly flat chased with an exuberant scene of exotic birds and foliage in the Chinese style known as “chinoiserie”. To the front there are hand engraved initials “MFD” and the date 1684 and to the reverse are the prick engraved initials “CIE”. Excellent patina and hand beaten finish. Contains 290 ml. Weight 99 grams, 3.1 troy ounces. Height 9.2cm. Diameter 8cm. London 1683. Maker John Duck, well known for his fine period beakers.

  • 1689

    Seth Lofthouse

    9940 William & Mary Antique Chinoiserie Silver Porringer


    A fascinating and rare piece of chinoiserie silver. This early English antique sterling silver porringer, or side handled cup, is flat chased with an exuberant oriental scene incorporating Chinese people and exotic birds. The large bowl, of circular form with flared lip, is ideal for use as a drinking cup or for displaying flowers. Weight 482 grams, 14.4 troy ounces. Height 12.3cm. Diameter 14cm. Spread across the handles 21.5cm. London 1689. Maker Seth Lofthouse. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1690

    Ferrn Family

    10210 Antique German Silver Beaker


    An antique continental silver cup with charming decoration with scenes of cherubs drinking, dancing and fishing, interspersed between deeply chased panels of embossed flowers and foliate scrolls. Gilt interior and exterior bands top and bottom. Contains 300 ml. Weight 110 grams, 3.53 troy ounces. Height 9.3cm. Diameter 7.4cm (top) and 6.2cm (base). Height 9.3cm. Made in Nurnberg, Germany. Maker Ferrn Family, their cups are known for having realistically chased and embossed flower decorations. Circa 1690. Silver grade 13 loth.

  • Circa 1700


    9029 Antique Spanish Silver Wall Plaque


    A highly decorative piece of early continental silver. An antique sterling silver figural plaque in high relief with gilt highlights. The scene, taken from the Old Testament of the Bible, depicts the story of Abraham and Isaac. Height 46cm. Width 27.5cm. Stamped in many places with 2 continental silver marks. Probably Spanish circa 1700.

  • 1700


    9712 Antique German Silver Dish


    An interesting piece of early German silver with a tobacco smoking scene to the centre. Original gilt interior. The little dish, or wine taster, has scalloped borders and scrolled side handles. Embossed to the centre is the figure of a man in 17th century clothing and smoking a giant pipe; a brazier stands on the table to the left. The cartouche is formed from embossed dots and foliage in typical 17thcentury style. Weight 95 grams, 3 troy ounces. Width across handles 13.15cm. Height 3.1cm. Top 12.8cm. German silver hallmarks stamped around the edge for Augsburg circa 1700. Maker probably “IK” unidentified.

  • Circa 1720

    David Willaume

    10362 George II Antique Silver Jug


    An interesting little antique silver cream jug formed of an auricular shell with a ribbed serpent scroll handle and raised on a dragon support. Exquisite workmanship and very heavy gauge silver. Faint traces of original gilding. Contains 75ml. Weight 252g, 8.1 troy oz. Height 10.4cm (top of handle)/9cm (lip). Spread 10.8cm. Foot 5.3 x 4.1cm. Unmarked silver. Probably David Willaume. Circa 1720.

  • Circa 1730

    Anders Erichsen Hind

    9594 Antique Norwegian Silver Tankard


    Probably Norwegian. An early 18th century Scandinavian silver peg tankard of plain cylindrical form raised on three stylish pomegranate ball feet. Large size and heavy weight. The domed cover and body are decorated in the Regence style popular in c.1730. The scroll handle has a thumb piece modelled as a rampant lion holding a large ball. The lid has an inset coin (added later). Contains 1600 ml. Weight 1294 grams, 41.6 troy oz. Height 18 cm, 23 cm (to top of thumbpiece). Makers mark only “AEH” struck 4 times underneath probably for Anders Erichsen Hind of Bergen, Norway. Circa 1730.

  • 1748

    Edward Wakelin

    9454 Antique George II Silver Caddy


    A magnificent antique sterling silver tea box with a sliding top and cast silver flower finial. Very heavy cast silver design. The deep relief decoration includes flowers, shells, scrolls and a magnificent lions head and paw. After a Paul de Lamerie design. Weight 462 grams, 14.8 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm. Top 10.2 x6.7cm. London 1748. Maker Edward Wakelin for George Wickes.

  • 1749

    John Jacob

    10147 George II Antique Silver Cream Boat


    A fantastic quality serving piece of plain oval form, typical of the George II period, with a shaped border, flying scroll handle in the form of an eagle’s head and three dolphin feet. The cast silver mounts are finely modelled and very realistic. To the front is a large decorative cartouche containing a hand engraved coat of arms. Weight 190 grams, 6.1 troy ounces. Height 9.4cm (to top of handle). Spread 15cm. Width 7.3cm. London 1749. Maker John Jacob.

  • Circa 1750


    7819 Georgian Silver Dolphin Salts


    A fine pair of antique sterling silver salt dishes with figural dolphin supports and naturalistic bases. Heavy cast silver. The detailed workmanship on these is quite exceptional and they sit very well in the hand. Each is hand engraved to the front with the crest of a lion over a crown. Traces of the original all over gilding. Weight 491 grams, 15.7 troy ounces. Height 8 cms. Top 12 x 9 cms. Base 7 x 6.5 cms. Unmarked silver. Circa 1750.

  • Circa 1760

    William Cafe

    9440 George II Silver Harlequin Taperstick


    A rare and very charming antique sterling silver taper stick, the stem modelled in the form of Harlequin. Cast silver. Excellent quality. Lovely patina. Weight 134 grams, 4.3 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm. Diameter of base 6.6cm. London circa 1760. Maker William Cafe.

    This candlestick was produced over a period of about ten years, mainly by William Café and his brother John.

  • 1761

    Emick Romer

    9755 George III Silver Chinoiserie Tea Caddy


    A fine example of an antique silver caddy box of bombe form with a side hinged lid and standing on scrolling feet. The sides are embossed with charming scenes of Chinese daily life. The lid finial is in the form of a mother and baby. Weight 366 grams, 11.7 troy ounces. Height 16cm. Body measurements at maximum – width 9.2cm, depth 8cm. London 1761. Maker Emick Romer. Sterling silver.

  • 1764

    John Schuppe

    9934 George III Silver Cow Creamer


    An antique silver cream jug in the form of a model cow. The cavity below the lid is filled with cream which is poured out through the cow’s mouth using the curled tail as a handle. Simple figuring and naive expressive face. The body is all over chased with a charmingly realistic hairy finish. Weight 132 grams, 4.2 troy ounces. Spread 14.5cm. Height 9.5cm (top of horns), 7.6cm (top of back). London 1764. Maker John Schuppe. Sterling silver.

  • 1765

    John Schuppe

    9672 George III Silver Cow Creamer


    An antique silver cream jug in the form of a model cow with a handle in the form of a looped tail. The saddle shaped lid on the cow’s back has a finial in the form of a fly; it lifts to fill the jug with cream which is poured out of the cow’s mouth. Simple figuring and naive expressive face. The body has charmingly realistic hair chased on top. Weight 137 grams, 4.4 troy ounces. Length 15cm. Height 9.5cm. London 1765. Maker John Schuppe. Sterling silver.

  • 1773

    John Lautier

    8086 George III Silver Fox Stirrup Cup


    A beautifully modelled antique sterling silver stirrup cup in the form of a fox head. Fine features and lovely expressive face. Weight 147 grams, 4.7 troy ounces. Length 11.5 cm. Width 10 cm. English silver hallmarks on the rim for London 1773. Maker John Lautier.

  • 1779


    9679 Georgian Silver Shell Dish


    A delightful antique sterling silver butter dish in the form of a scallop shell. Lovely simple design. Bead borders and pretty little whelk shell feet. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Weight 91 grams, 2.9 troy ounces. Measures 13.7x12cm. Height 3cm. London 1779. Makers mark rubbed. Sterling silver.

  • 1798

    Samuel Pemberton

    8663 Antique Silver Jockey Cap Caddy Spoon


    A rare and collectable early silver caddy spoon in the form of a jockey cap. It has a ribbed design and a plain centre button with the initial “G” in old fashioned script. Weight 8 grams. Measures 5.5 x 3.8 cms. Birmingham 1798. No maker’s mark* but almost certainly made in Birmingham by Samuel Pemberton. For a similar example see ‘Caddy Spoons, an Illustrated Guide’ by John Norrie, plate 95c.

  • Circa 1800


    9601 Antique Continental Silver Box


    An antique silver box of interesting design. The lift off cover has a finial shaped as an antique soldier figure raised on a tall column. Heavy quality. The body has a deep chased foliate decoration. Weight 533 grams, 17.1 troy ounces. Height 9.6 cm, 20 cm to top of finial. Top measures 13 x 8 cm. Stamped with continental silver marks, assay scrape to the base. Circa 1800.

  • Circa 1804

    Robert Garrard

    6215 George III Antique Silver Butter Shells by Robert Garrard


    A delightful pair of antique sterling silver scallop shell dishes with a crest of an emu engraved to the top of the hand grip. Lovely simple design. Pretty little whelk shell feet. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Weight 144 grams, 4.6 troy ounces. Each measures 10 x 10.5cm. London 1804. Maker Robert Garrard.

  • 1810 - 1811

    John Mewburn

    10258 George III Antique Silver Salts


    A fine pair of antique sterling silver salt dishes formed as scallop shells mounted on naturalistic turtle shell bases. Heavy cast gilt silver. The detailed workmanship on these is quite exceptional. Each is hand engraved to the front with a bird crest. Weight 555 grams, 17.8 troy ounces. Height 8.5/4.7cm. Width 10.5cm. London 1810/11. Maker John Mewburn. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1813

    David Solomon

    9985 George III Antique Silver Taperstick


    A fine Regency taperstick in cast silver with a gilt finish. This antique figural candle holder is beautifully modelled as a gentleman or “dandy”. Ideal for a desk or table decoration. Weight 218 grams, 7 troy ounces. Height 15.1cm. Base diameter 7.7cm. London 1813. Maker David Solomon.

  • 1818

    Edward Farrell

    9916 Regency Silver Coffee Pot


    An outstanding quality antique silver coffee pot of gourd form, the body depicting Dutch tavern scenes after David Teniers, deeply chased in relief. Made by Edward Farrell, one of the most innovative silversmiths of the day. The fabulous spout, in the form of a dragon with outstretched wings, is very rare and unrecorded. The drunken revellers are drinking, playing music and dancing in the company of serving wenches, dogs and a caged bird. The lid finial depicts a man reclining with his dog, drinking and smoking a long pipe. This very heavy pot weighs 1394 grams, 44.8 troy ounces. Height 25.5cm. Spread 22.5cm. London 1818. Maker Edward Farrell.

  • Circa 1830


    8852 Antique Augsburg Silver Goblet


    An antique silver figural cup with embossed decoration to the bowl and foot. The central column support is a model of a continental gentleman in old fashioned clothes and holding a staff. Contains 150 ml. Weight 200 grams, 6.4 troy ounces. Height 19.5 cms. Diameter 9 cms. Marked on the top of the foot with German silver marks for Augsburg. Circa 1830.

  • 1830

    Paul Storr

    10226 Pair of Antique Silver Salts


    A pair of superb quality silver salt cellars by the world famous English silversmith Paul Storr. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this sought after maker. Each rococo sea shell is supported on three conch shell feet and has the original bright gilt interior. Hand engraved to the front is a crest of a hand clutching a dagger. Total weight 255 grams, 8.1 troy ounces. Height 5cm. Top measures 10x9cm. London 1830. Maker Paul Storr. Sterling silver.

  • 1831

    Charles Fox

    10159 William IV Antique Silver Butter Dish


    A fantastic antique silver covered dish on stand with the top finial modelled as a cow. Super large size, suitable not only as a butter or cream dish, but also as a sauce tureen or for serving desserts. The dish, of reeded form, has a hand chased scalloped decoration resembling leaves interspersed with flower heads. The underplate has a presentation inscription dated 1833. Weight 852 grams, 27.3 troy ounces. Height 14.5cm. Diameter 20cm (base), 16.6cm (top). London 1831. Maker Charles Fox II. Sterling silver.

  • 1831

    William Ker Reid

    10249 George IV Antique Silver Salts


    A beautiful pair of silver salt cellars beautifully modelled in the form of scrolling sea shells, each supported by three conch shell feet. Good weight. Attractive gilt finish. Total weight 347 grams, 11.1 troy ounces. Height 4.7cm. Top measures 9.6×10.1cm. London 1831. Maker William Ker Reid. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1835

    Rawlings & Summers

    8714 Georgian Silver Book Vinaigrette


    A very attractive antique sterling silver vinaigrette in the form of a book with an opening lid. The interior has the original gilding. The finely pierced grill is decorated with birds, flowers and scrolls. Weight 26 grams, just under 1 troy ounce. Measures 4 x 2.8 cms. Height 0.8 cms. London 1835. Maker Rawlings and Summers.

  • 1835

    Robert Hennell II

    9578 William IV Antique Silver Salts


    A fantastic quality set of four antique silver salts each modelled as a large open shell supported on three little shell feet. Light internal gilding. Total weight 1366 grams, 43.9 troy ounces. Height 4.5 cm. Top 12 x 8.5 cm. London 1835. Maker Robert Hennell II

  • 1838 - 1872

    Robert Garrard II

    9037 Antique Silver Salts – Novelty Mermaid


    A fine quality set of three antique sterling silver salt cellars modelled as a mermaid draped in a fishing net and holding a giant sea shell. Heavy cast silver. Original gilt finish. Hand engraved inside the bowl of the salt is a stylistic monogram below a ducal coronet. Total weight 1039 grams, 33.4 troy ounces. Height 5.5cm. Width 9.5cm. Depth 9cm. One is made by Robert Garrard, London 1838. The other pair, an identical copy, is by Henry William Curry, London 1872.

  • Circa 1840


    9310 Antique Silver Bell


    An attractive antique sterling silver bell, the handle fashioned as a classical young man. Weight 265 grams, 8.5 troy ounces. Height 12.7 cm. Diameter 4 cm. Stamped round the base with Italian silver stamps for Rome. Circa 1840.

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