Pre 1740

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Pre 1740

  • 1725

    Matthew Cooper

    10334 George I Antique Silver Snuffer Set


    A very rare all-matching 4 piece silver desk set. It is extremely unusual to find a complete set of this early date. The suite consists of silver candlesticks, silver snuffer tray and silver snuffer scissors. All with a matching hand engraved boar crest. Lovely plain style in keeping with the period. Cast candlesticks – the square shaped bases with incuse corners. Weight 785g, 25.2 troy oz. Height 15.4cm. Base 10.4cm. Snuffer stand – of square shaped form with incuse corners, raised on four ball feet. Weight 156g, 5 troy oz. Length 15.5 x 7.6cm. Candle snuffer scissors – the simple open and shut mechanism retains the original steel cutting plates. Weight 62g, 2 troy oz. Length 12.2cm. London 1725. Maker Matthew Cooper I. Sterling silver.

  • 1726

    William Darker

    8488 Antique George I Octagonal Silver Sugar Bowl


    A rare early English silver sugar bowl of octagonal form. Lovely plain style and heavy gauge silver. Good colour. Weight 132 grams, 4.2 troy ounces. Height 5.5 cms. Diameter 10 cms. London 1726. Maker William Darker.

  • 1726

    John Edwards II

    10243 George I Antique Silver Inkstand


    A rare early English silver standish of plain rectangular design raised on large scroll feet. Sterling silver. Mounted on top are two circular containers for ink and sand. Excellent weight 999 grams, 32.1 troy ounces. Base height 5 cms, length 28 cms, width 19.5 cms. Ink bottle height, 5 cms, diameter 5.75 cms. London 1726. Maker John Edwards.

  • 1726

    Francis Turner

    9608 George I Antique Silver Candlesticks


    An excellent pair of early English cast candlesticks of hexagonal form. Sterling silver. Good plain style and very desirable shape. Excellent colour. Heavy gauge silver. Each has a hand engraved crest within the well of the base. Weight 759 grams, 24.4 troy ounces. Height 17 cm. Base 10 cm. London 1726. Maker Francis Turner.

  • Circa 1726


    10220 Antique Continental Silver Candlesticks


    An early pair of solid silver candlesticks with baluster columns and spreading bases with sunken wells. This style is typical of early 18th century English candlesticks. Excellent colour. Each has a hand engraved initial “R” to the top of the base and a contemporary inscription below. Total weight 338 grams, 10.8 troy oz. Height 16cm. Diameter of base 11.1cm. Continental. Circa 1726.

  • 1727

    James Gould

    10356 George II Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A handsome pair of antique silver candle holders. Very attractive design with faceted columns and shaped bases. Heavy cast silver and good original colour. Total weight 721g, 23.1 troy ounces. Height 16.5cm. Base 10.3cm. London 1727 (first year of George II). Maker James Gould. Sterling silver.

  • 1728

    Gabriel Sleath

    10283 George II Antique Silver Caster


    An excellent quality antique silver castor with a  pierced removable top. Classic plain form. Heavy gauge and chunky style. Hand engraved to the front is a large cypher.   Total weight 195 grams, 6.2 troy ounces. Height 16.3cm. Diameter of base 5.2cm. London 1728. Maker Gabriel Sleath. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1728

    David Willaume

    10315 George II Antique Silver Strawberry Dish


    A charming antique silver serving bowl with a scalloped border. Excellent quality, lovely patina. The hand engraved cartouche contains an armorial for Howe impaling Von Kielmansegg with a Cornish chough to the left and a savage holding a club to the right. This form is usually called a strawberry dish or salad dish. Weight 463 grams, 14.8 troy oz. Diameter 21.2cm. Height 2cm. London 1728. Maker David Willaume. Sterling silver.

  • 1729

    Thomas Rush

    10320 George II Antique Silver Jug


    A charming little early antique silver sparrow beak jug with a compact body and wire rimmed foot. Good plain style and lovely patina. To the front is a hand engraved crest of a stag. Weight 88 grams, 2.9 troy oz. Height 8.5cm to top of handle. Spread 7.9cm across the top. London 1729. Maker Thomas Rush. Sterling silver.

  • 1731


    10328 George II Antique Silver Mug


    A well proportioned antique silver mug of baluster shape on a spreading foot. Excellent quality and nice chunky style. The plain features are typical of the period. To the front there is a large contemporary hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche.
    Contains 300ml (just over ½ pint). Weight 258 grams, 8.2 troy ounces. Height 9.9cm (to top of handle). Spread 11cm. Diameter 7.1cm (top), 7.5cm (base). London 1731. Maker “F.S”. Sterling silver.

  • 1731

    William Darker

    10332 George II Antique Silver Bullet Teapot


    A very charming antique silver teapot of small size and globular form. With a plain body, straight spout, and wooden handle. The engraved decoration to the top has a circular band of hatching interspersed with shells, faces and scrolls. Hand engraved to the front is a crest of a swan. Excellent colour and traces of the original hammered finish. Contains 300ml. Weight 277g, 8.9 troy oz. Height 10.5cm. Spread 17.3cm. London 1731. Maker William Darker. Sterling silver.

  • 1732


    9901 Antique Silver Scandinavian Peg Beaker


    Possibly Norwegian or Baltic. A rare piece of parcel gilt silver of tapering straight sided form. With bright gilt banding to the foot, rim, and interior. 18th century. Faintly pricked out at the rim with the year “Anno 1732”. To the front is an engraved cartouche with “HNS Lemesand”. While peg tankards are traditional Scandinavian drinking vessels it is very unusual to find a beaker pegged in this fashion. A charming feature is the way that the pegs have been disguised on the front as flower heads. Contains 520 ml. Weight 220 grams, 7ozs. Height 13cm. Diameter 10.9 (top), 7.3cm (base). Stamped underneath with the maker’s mark “FR” double struck. Scandinavian – possibly Norwegian or Baltic. Circa 1732

  • 1732

    Thomas Causton

    9967 George II Antique Silver Chamberstick


    An early English sterling silver chamber stick (also known as a go to bed) with a simple C shaped handle and reeded rim. Solid design and excellent heavy gauge silver as you’d expect from this date. Weight 256 grams, 8.2 troy ounces. Diameter 13.5cm. Spread 15.5cm. Height 6.5cm. London 1732. Maker Thomas Causton, a known candlestick maker. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Richard Burcombe

    9090 George II Antique Silver Tankard


    An antique silver lidded tankard with domed lid. Lovely plain design with simple straight sided form. The body has a concentric reed ring to the base of the handle, the S scroll handle finishes in a decorative thumb piece. Uninscribed. Good patina. Owners initials hand engraved to the top of the handle. Contains 800 ml. Weight 587 grams, 15.5 troy ounces. Height 16 cms (to top of thumb piece). Spread 16.5 cms. Diameter 9.7 cms (top). London 1733. Maker Richard Burcombe. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Edward Vincent

    9695 George II Silver Box


    A rare antique silver box of hexagonal form with a folding strapwork catch; the hinged lid having a large drop handle supported by ball finials. Of plain form and heavy gauge silver, this unusual box is extremely heavy. The interior pull out tray has two hinged lids enclosing six compartments. Possibly a spice box, although spice boxes of this period usually had a double centrally hinged lid, could also be used for cash or jewellery. Weight 1268 grams, 40.7 troy ounces. Height 9.5cm. Top measures 17 x 12cm. London 1733. Maker Edward Vincent. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Robert Lucas

    9753 George II Silver Coffee Pot


    A good plain style antique silver coffee pot with straight tapering sides and a shallow domed lid. To the front is a contemporary hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Good gauge silver and excellent colour. Contains 640 ml. Weight 699 grams, 22.4 troy ounces. Height 20cm. Spread 19cm. London 1733. Maker Robert Lucas. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Francis Spilsbury

    9861 George II Silver Caster


    A charming antique silver caster of plain baluster form with a pierced pull off cover. Good colour. To the front is the hand engraved crest of a falcon over a plume of five ostrich feathers/ducal crown. London 1733. Made by Francis Spilsbury. Sterling silver.

  • 1734

    Richard Pargeter

    9675 George II Silver Salver


    A handsome antique sterling silver salver of plain design having a Chippendale border. Heavy gauge silver. Standing on 4 large scroll feet. To the centre is a hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Scratch weight 38=17. Weight 1150 grams, 36.9 troy ounces. Diameter 30 cm. Height 4.8 cm. London 1734. Maker Richard Pargeter. Sterling silver.

  • 1734

    William Gould

    10317 George II Antique Silver Taperstick


    A pretty little antique silver taperstick with knopped stem and shaped rectangular base. Nice plain style. Cast silver. Hand engraved to the front with intertwined initials in old fashioned script. Weight 114 grams, 3.6 troy ounces. Height 10.6cm. Diameter of base 6.7cm. London 1734. Maker William Gould. Sterling silver.

  • 1734

    Paul de Lamerie

    10326 George II Antique Silver Dishes by Paul de Lamerie


    An important pair of antique silver second course dishes by the celebrated Huguenot maker Paul de Lamerie. The plates have a generous, dished bowl with a shaped, reed and shell border. There is a hand engraved crest to the edge of the rim. Total weight 1988 grams, 63.9 troy oz. Diameter 28.5cm. Height 3.8cm. Date 1734. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1734

    Richard Gurney And Thomas Cooke

    10341 George II Antique Silver Jug


    A pretty little silver sparrow beak jug with a compact body and spreading foot. Good plain style. Good patina. Weight 58 grams, under 2 troy oz. Height 7.7cm. Spread 6.8cm across the top. London 1734. Maker Thomas Cooke & Richard Gurney. Sterling silver.

  • 1735

    John Chapman

    9581 George II Silver Sauceboats


    A good pair of antique sterling silver sauce jugs of plain oval form on a spreading foot. Scalloped rims. Each jug has a hand engraved armorial to the front. Good colour. Weight of pair 702 grams, 22.5 troy ounces. Height 10.2 cm. Bowl measures 15 x 10 cm. Spread 19 cm. London 1735. Maker John Chapman.

  • 1735

    Paul de Lamerie

    9774 George II Silver Salver by Paul de Lamerie


    A fine early English silver salver by the celebrated Huguenot maker Paul de Lamerie. Of square form, and raised on shaped feet, this exceptional salver is hand engraved with an expansive outer border of scrolls and cornucopias having to each corner a roundel containing the crest of a dog pierced with an arrow. To the centre, within a decorative cartouche, is a hand engraved coat of arms for the Knipe family with another in pretence. Weight 664 grams, 21.3 troy ounces. Width 22.5cm. Height 2.6cm. London 1735. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Sterling silver.

  • 1737

    Willem Van Strant

    10116 Antique Dutch Silver Miniature Teapot


    A Dutch silver toy teapot of pear shaped form with swing handle and detachable lid. Very good condition. Excellent patina. Weight 45 grams, 1.5 troy ounces. Height 5.5cm (to top of handle), 4.4cm (to top of knob). Made in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Date mark “C” for 1737. Maker Willem Van Strant.

  • 1738

    Samuel Wood

    10327 George II Silver Warwick Cruet


    A handsome antique silver cruet set with a matching set of 3 silver casters and 2 silver and faceted crystal oil and vinegar bottles. The cinquefoil frame has 4 shell feet and a shaped decorative cartouche to the front with a hand engraved armorial. Each caster and bottle bears the same matching crest. Total weight of silver 1288 grams, 41.4 troy ounces. Caster height 17.75cm and 14cm. Bottle height 17cm. London 1738. Maker Samuel Wood, known for his silver casters.

  • 1740

    Richard Bayley

    10284 George II Antique Silver Mug


    A first class half pint antique silver mug with an attractive bellied shape. Smaller size, perfect for a baby gift. Excellent gauge silver and good weight. Contains 280ml. Weight 256 grams, 8.2 troy ounces. Height 9.3cm. Diameter 6.9cm. London 1740. Maker Richard Bayley. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1742

    Louis Maystre

    10351 Louis XV Antique French Silver Basin


    French provincial. A 18th century shallow bowl of oval form on a stepped foot with shaped, reeded border. Very heavy weight and good gauge silver. Weight 836g, 26.8 troy oz. Length 26.3cm. Width 6.8cm. Height 7.5cm. Nimes 1742. Maker Louis Maystre.

  • 1745

    Edward Feline

    10342 George II Antique Silver Strawberry Dish


    A delightful antique silver serving dish of small size with a scalloped border. This form is usually called a strawberry dish or salad dish. Hand engraved to the centre is an armorial within a decorative cartouche. Weight 199g, 6.3 troy oz. Diameter 15.2cm. Height 3cm. London 1745. Maker Edward Feline.

  • 1771

    William Plummer

    10346 George III Antique Silver Basket


    A handsome antique silver basket of oval form with swing handle and applied oval foot with rope trim. Lovely decorative detail with embossed swags of harebells and classical medallions. Excellent quality hand cut pierced work to the body. Very good size and colour. Hand engraved to the centre is family coat of arms within a finely executed floral cartouche. Weight 1148 grams, 36.9 troy oz. Height 28cm (total including handle). Top measures 35.5 x 29.5cm. London 1771. Maker William Plummer. Sterling silver.

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