Pre 1740

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Pre 1740

  • 1706 - 1718

    Matthew Cooper

    10255 Queen Anne Antique Silver Snuffers and Stand


    A rare early English silver snuffers and stand dating to the early 1700’s. The base, with a cast hexagonal stepped base and baluster stem, has the typical style of the candlesticks of this period. The snuffer scissors, known also as wick trimmers, sit longways in the stand, and the pointed end fits snugly into the stand’s retaining slot. Total weight 328 grams, 10.5 troy ounces. Height 22cm. Stand height 13.5cm, base diameter 7.8cm. Scissors length 14.7cm. London 1706/1718. Maker Matthew Cooper. *Britannia standard silver. 18th century

  • 1707

    Benjamin Pyne

    10294 Queen Anne Antique Silver Milk Jug


    A rare little antique covered milk jug having a hinged lid and spout with hinged cover. Britannia standard silver*. This is one of the earliest forms of milk jug and the style is very much like a contemporary coffee pot. Simple plain design and very pretty wooden handle. Hand engraved below the spout with a lion crest and duke’s coronet, and between the handle sockets with an earl’s coronet above a cypher. Contains 400 ml.
    Weight 448 grams, 14.4 troy oz. Height 17.2cm. Spread 14cm. London 1707. Benjamin Pyne

  • 1707

    John Barnard

    10295 Queen Anne Antique Silver Chocolate Pot


    A good early antique silver chocolate pot of tapering cylindrical form, domed lid typical of the period, and an attractive scrolling wooden side handle. The top finial is hinged so that the chocolate can be stirred by inserting a swizzle stick and the cover detaches via a removable pin and chain for cleaning. The spout has a hinged flap. Hand engraved to the front is an armorial for the FITZGERALD family within a decorative cartouche. Contains 950 ml. Weight 608 grams, 19.5 troy oz. Height 24.5cm. Spread 19.5cm. London 1701. John Barnard I. Britannia standard silver*. 18th century.

  • 1708

    Richard Bayley

    10314 Queen Anne Antique Silver Mug


    A large antique silver mug with a plain, straight sided, tapering form having concentric reeded bands and a simple scroll handle. Very heavy gauge silver. To the front is an impressive hand engraved armorial with the crest of a deer enclosed within an expansive cartouche. Contains 1100ml. Weight 590 grams, 18.9 troy oz. Height 14.6cm. Spread 18.2cm. Diameter 10.7cm (top), 12.6cm (base). London 1708. Maker Richard Bayley. Britannia standard silver. 18th century.

  • 1708 - 1709

    William Charnelhouse

    10379 Queen Anne Antique Silver Monteith


    A spectacular sized antique silver bowl with the original castellated collar mounted with shaped strapwork and fleur de lys motifs. Very handsome design and excellent proportions. The bowl design is typical for a monteith of the period 1700-1720 with its plain form on a built-up foot and the large hand engraved coat of arms. Weight 2597g, 83 troy oz. Height 26.5cm (with Monteith collar), 20cm (bowl). Diameter 35cm (collar), 32cm (bowl). London 1708/09. Maker William Charnelhouse. Britannia standard silver – 95.8% pure. 18th century.

  • 1709

    Nathaniel Lock

    10208 Queen Anne Antique Silver Dish


    An early English antique silver bowl with scalloped edge and unusually deep bowl with 16 segments. This form is usually called a strawberry dish or salad dish. Hand engraved to the centre is a family armorial, incorporating a swan, within a decorative cartouche. Britannia standard silver. Superb colour. Weight 519 grams, 16.6 troy ounces. Height 5cm. Diameter 23.3cm. London 1709. Maker Nathaniel Lock.

  • 1709

    Richard Freeman

    10330 Queen Anne Antique Silver Tazza


    English provincial silver. A lovely little silver footed salver with a simple reed border and pedestal foot. Beautiful plain style typical of the period. Good weight. Hand engraved to the centre is a large decorative cartouche containing a boar crest. Weight 143 gm, 4.5 troy oz. Height 5cm. Diameter 15.3cm. Exeter 1709. Maker Richard Freeman. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1710


    9091 Antique Queen Anne Silver Pilgrim Flask


    A rare early English silver drinks flask of small size in the form of a medieval pilgrim flask. Plain form and heavy gauge silver with a screw-on top and pendant chain. There is a large decorative cartouche hand engraved to both sides with an armorial to the front (probably for Underhill of Stratford-upon-Avon) and a crest of a stag to the reverse. Weight 173 grams, 5.5 troy ounces. Height 13 cms. Width 8 cms. Unmarked English silver. Circa 1710. Illustrated in Michael Clayton’s Pictorial History of English & American Silver (see photos).

  • 1710

    Thomas Merry

    10173 Queen Anne Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A highly desirable pair of antique English silver candlesticks from the early 1700’s with octagonal form and baluster columns. This lovely plain style is fully in keeping with the period. Very solid cast silver. Good patina. Total weight 677 grams, 21.7 troy ounces. Height 18.8cm. Base 11.8cm wide. London 1710. Maker Thomas Merry I, specialist candlestick maker. Britannia standard silver*.

  • 1711

    Simon Pantin

    10350 Queen Anne Antique Silver Cup and Cover


    A magnificent antique silver cup and cover of campana form with twin side handles. Lovely plain style, very good weight and large size. Excellent quality with the cut card banding typical of this sought after Huguenot maker. Engraved to the front is a large marital coat of arms for Bagot and Wagstaffe contained within a contemporary cartouche; the lid has a goat crest. Total weight 2976g, 95.6 troy oz. Height 32.5cm (to top of lid), 22.2cm (to top of cup rim). Spread across handles 33cm. Diameter of top 19.5cm. London 1711. Maker Simon Pantin. Britannia standard silver.

  • 1712

    Joseph Bird

    10232 Queen Anne Antique Silver Tapersticks


    A rare pair of dainty little antique silver tapersticks with the desirable octagonal shape. Superb quality. Lovely crisp finish. The straight lined form features a faceted sconce and foot and a plain knopped tapering stem. Total weight 200 grams, 6.4 troy ounces. Height 12cm. Base diameter 7.1cm. London 1712. Maker Joseph Bird. Britannia standard silver. 18th century.

  • 1712

    William Pearson

    10298 Queen Anne Antique Silver Mug


    A well proportioned early English silver mug with plain styling and a single banded ornament. Excellent colour. Engraved initials “HS” below. Contains 650 ml. Weight 373 grams, 12 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm (to top of handle). Diameter 8.8 (top). London 1712. Maker William Pearson. Britannia standard silver. 18th century.

  • 1712

    Ozee Lhommedieu

    10312 Queen Anne Antique Silver Caster


    An excellent quality antique silver castor from the early 1700’s having a baluster shape and the desirable octagonal panelled design. Made of heavy grade silver it feels good in the hand. The pull off top and the base are both made of cast silver and its unusual features include a top finial in the form of sugar caster, and a gilded interior. Hand engraved to the front is a star crest. Total weight 214 grams, 6.8 troy oz. Height 17.6cm. London 1712. Maker probably Ozee Lhommedieu. Britannia standard silver*. 18th century.

  • 1713

    Thomas Folkingham

    9767 Queen Anne Antique Silver Candlesticks


    A rare pair of antique English silver candlesticks from the early 1700’s. Britannia standard silver*. Very solid cast silver with octagonal form and baluster columns. Lovely plain style in keeping with the period. Each stick bears a hand engraved lion crest, for the Turnor family, on the base. Excellent colour. Weight 707 grams, 22.7 troy ounces. Height 17.5 cms. Base 10.3 cms square. London 1713. Maker Thomas Folkingham.

    These make a matching set of four with #9770.

  • 1713

    Anthony Nelme

    10218 Queen Anne Antique Silver Coffee Pot


    A rare early antique silver coffee pot with straight tapering sides and domed lid typical of the period. Wooden side handle. Large size and good weight. A nice feature is the little hinged flap on the end of the spout. Contains 1200ml. Weight 930 grams, 29.9 troy ounces. Height 26cm. Diameter of base 11.4cm. London 1713. Maker Anthony Nelme. Britannia standard silver.

  • 1714

    Thomas Port

    10248 George I Antique Silver Cup


    A handsome and very solid antique silver cup of excellent plain form. Extremely heavy gauge. A charming feature is the bird shaped terminal to each of the twin side handles. Weight 646 grams, 20.7 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm. Spread 21cm. Diameter 12.7cm. London 1714. Maker Thomas Port. Britannia standard silver. 18th century.

  • 1715

    Martin Stockar

    10165 Antique George I Silver Coffee Pot


    An early antique silver coffee pot (or chocolate pot) with domed lid and beautifully grained fruit wood side handle. The elegant plain style, with simple reed borders, has the straight lined octagonal shape which is a very rare and desirable feature. The decorative strapwork handle supports are also functional as Britannia standard silver is purer and therefore a softer silver. Contains 1000ml. Weight 1098 grams, 35.3 troy ounces. Height 26.6cm. Diameter 15.25cm (widest point of body). London 1715. Maker Martin Stockar. Britannia standard silver.

  • Circa 1716 - 1730

    Georg Matthias Einboke

    9986 Antique German Silver Candlesticks


    A handsome pair of antique silver candle holders of plain, early design with knopped columns, shaped bases and detachable nozzles. Each has a monogram in old fashioned script inscribed inside the sunken well. Total weight 643 grams, 20.6 troy ounces. Height 19.8cm. Base 13cm. Braunschweig 1716-30. Maker Georg Matthias Einboke.

  • 1717

    Samuel Hitchcock

    9902 George I Silver Kitchen Pepper


    An early antique silver kitchen pepper with simple plain styling, having a ring handle, pull off lid and centre horizontal band. Weight 61 grams, 1.9 troy ounces. Height 8cm. Diameter of base 5.5cm. London 1717. Maker Samuel Hitchcock. Britannia standard silver.

  • 1717

    Thomas Parr

    9930 George I Silver Porringer


    A fine antique silver porringer with bands of ribbing to the lower body and a broad rope twist band above. Britannia standard silver*. Good size. Hand engraved to the front within an expansive embossed cartouche, typical of the Queen Anne period, is an armorial crest of a lion. Excellent patina. Contains 930ml. Weight 436 grams, 14 troy ounces. Height 13.8cm. Diameter 13cm. Spread 20.5 cm. London 1717. Maker Thomas Parr.

  • 1718

    John Farnell

    10303 George I Antique Silver Tea Caddy


    A good early English silver caddy of plain rectangular design with the plain hexagonal design typical of the early 1700’s. The sliding top has a lift off cap which doubles as a tea measure. Weight 226 grams, 7.2 troy ounces. Height 12.6cm. Base 8.9 x 5.8cm. London 1718. Maker John Farnell. Britannia standard silver – purity 95.8%*. 18th century.

  • 1718

    William Fawdery

    10345 George I Antique Silver Caster


    An antique silver sugar caster (muffineer) from the early 1700 period in the desirable octagonal shape. The pull off top has panels of pierced decoration. Hand engraved to the front is a decorative cartouche containing a family armorial. Weight 361 grams, 11.6 troy oz. Height 21 cm. London 1718. Maker William Fawdery. Britannia standard silver 95.8% purity.

  • 1719

    Richard Bayley

    9137 George I Silver Teapot


    A rare early English silver teapot of simple plain form. Britannia standard silver*. Pear shaped with domed hinged cover and original wooden handle. Hand engraved to the front is a coat of arms – argent, six Lions rampant, sable – within an incised shield, possibly for the Savage family. Early teapots were of small capacity because of the rarity of tea. Contains 570 ml. Weight 425 grams, 13.6 troy ounces. Height 14 cm. Spread 19 cm. London 1719. Maker Richard Bayley.

  • 1720

    John Chartier

    9746 Antique George I Silver Serving Dish


    A large and important piece of early English Britannia standard* silver. A Georgian silver meat plate, or serving platter, of shaped oval form with a broad applied gadroon border and decorative motifs. Made by John Chartier, an important Huguenot silversmith; his French influence is seen in the fleur de lys motifs around the border. Superb colour. Hand engraved to two sides with an armorial for Manners impaling Tollemache. Hand hammered finish on the back of the applied borders. Weight 2753 grams, 88.4 troy ounces. Length 52.5 cms. Width 37.5 cms. London 1720. Maker John Chartier.

  • Circa 1720

    Paul de Lamerie

    9720 George I Silver Tea Kettle


    A large and imposing antique silver samovar of plain design having a wooden swing handle and 12-sided baluster design. By the sought after Huguenot silversmith Paul de Lamerie. Britannia standard silver*. Very heavy gauge silver. The matching burner stand has carrying handles and stands on large wooden ball feet; it has a removable burner well with push on top and flip cap for the wick. Excellent colour and hand hammered finish. A nice feature is the hinged cover to the pouring spout. Engraved with a crest and name “Riversdale W.G”. Weight 3696 grams, 118.8 troy ounces. Total height 44cm (handle extended). London circa 1720. Maker’s mark stamped 4 times for Paul de Lamerie (Britannia mark).

  • Circa 1720 - 1740


    9883 Early German Antique Silver Tazza


    An antique silver footed salver of plain circular form with a simple moulded border and a waisted pedestal foot. Excellent heavy quality. Hand engraved to the centre with a coat of arms flanked by a pair of dogs, surmounted by the coronet of a Count. The foot, with the original detachable screw, is now permanently attached to the top for stability. Weight 642 grams, 20.6cm. Diameter 23cm. Height 5.3cm. Stamped underneath to the centre with German silver marks for Hanover Altstadt, 1720-40. Maker’s mark “P.P”

  • Circa 1720

    Paul de Lamerie

    10174 George II Antique Silver Bell


    An excellent quality silver hand bell by the sought after Huguenot silversmith Paul de Lamerie. Good plain style with concentric bands around the centre and bottom rim. Heavy cast silver. Weight 226 grams, 7.2 troy ounces. Height 10.2cm. Diameter 6.7cm. London circa 1720. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Britannia Standard silver, 95.8% purity.

  • 1722

    John Albright

    9942 George I Antique Silver Strainer


    A rare early English antique sterling silver strainer of circular form with decorative side handles. A very charming and useful size; although originally made as a lemon strainer this could be used nowadays as a tea strainer. The bowl is pierced with a design of scrolls and other motifs and contemporary owner’s initials are engraved to one handle. Weight 75 grams, 2.4 troy oz. Spread 16.8cm. Diameter 8.5cm. Height 2.9cm. London 1722. Maker John Albright. Sterling silver

  • 1724

    David Tanqueray

    9622 Pair of George I Silver Chargers


    An outstanding lot. A rare pair of George I silver sideboard dishes of plain circular form with wide borders. Large size and good heavy weight. *Britannia standard silver. Excellent patina. The centres are finely engraved with armorials within a baroque cartouche of strapwork and foliage, a shell above, a bearded mask below. The arms are those of Lane. Diameter 51cm, 20ins. Total weight approx. 6,950 grams, 224 troy ounces. London 1724. Maker David Tanqueray. A highly esteemed Huguenot maker.

  • 1724 - 1728

    Johann Christoph Treffler

    9884 Early 18th Century German Silver Ecuelle and Cover


    A rare and highly desirable antique silver bowl with matching lid, the cast side handles with face masks and foliate scroll work. Handy size, suitable for serving vegetables. The cover, applied with portrait medallions and three scroll and dolphin feet, can be inverted for use as a bowl stand or a spoon tray. The rim of the bowl and cover are hand engraved with decorative strapwork designs. The centre top has a large monogram with intertwined initials in old fashioned script, repeated to the outside of the bowl (worn). Weight 391 grams, 12.5 troy oz. Height 6cm (bowl), 9.5cm (bowl and lid). Diameter 13.4cm. Spread 22cm. German silver marks for Augsburg. Maker Johann Christoph Treffler 1724-28.

  • 1724

    John Bache

    10302 George I Antique Silver Tapersticks


    A delightful pair of little antique silver taper sticks with the plain hexagonal design typical of the early 1700’s. Cast silver. Total weight 235 grams, 7.5 troy ounces. Height 11.4cm. Base measures 7 x 8cm. London 1724. Maker John Bache. Britannia standard silver – 95.8% purity*. 18th century.

  • 1725

    Matthew Cooper

    10334 George I Antique Silver Snuffer Set


    A very rare all-matching 4 piece silver desk set. It is extremely unusual to find a complete set of this early date. The suite consists of silver candlesticks, silver snuffer tray and silver snuffer scissors. All with a matching hand engraved boar crest. Lovely plain style in keeping with the period. Cast candlesticks – the square shaped bases with incuse corners. Weight 785g, 25.2 troy oz. Height 15.4cm. Base 10.4cm. Snuffer stand – of square shaped form with incuse corners, raised on four ball feet. Weight 156g, 5 troy oz. Length 15.5 x 7.6cm. Candle snuffer scissors – the simple open and shut mechanism retains the original steel cutting plates. Weight 62g, 2 troy oz. Length 12.2cm. London 1725. Maker Matthew Cooper I. Sterling silver.

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