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  • Circa 1750


    6179 Large Antique Spanish Silver Dish


    A large and decorative antique silver dish with gilt finish and embossed with flowers, shells and other motifs. Broad raised border and deep expansive centre. Weight 737 grams, 23.7 troy ounces. Height 5 cms. Length 45 cms. Width 32 cms. Stamped on top edge with assay scrape and 2 punches with initials. Castle stamp to the underside. Spanish. Circa 1750.

  • 1767

    Francis Butty and Nicholas Dumee

    8326 Pair of George III Silver Strawberry Dishes


    A delightful pair of antique sterling silver serving dishes of circular form with a scalloped border. Good plain style. The centres have a hand engraved crest within a shield and decorative cartouche. Originally intended for strawberries and/or salad. Good colour. Weight 697 grams, 22.4 troy ounces. Diameter 22 cms. Height 3.5 cms. London 1767. Maker Francis Butty and Nicholas Dumee.

  • 1779


    9679 Georgian Silver Shell Dish


    A delightful antique sterling silver butter dish in the form of a scallop shell. Lovely simple design. Bead borders and pretty little whelk shell feet. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Weight 91 grams, 2.9 troy ounces. Measures 13.7x12cm. Height 3cm. London 1779. Makers mark rubbed. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1780

    Matthew (Mathew) West Of Dublin

    6623 Georgian Irish Silver Strawberry Dish


    A pretty little antique sterling silver dish with scalloped border and engraved centre crest. Weight 72 grams, 2.3 troy ounces. Diameter 12 cms. Dublin circa 1780. Maker Matthew West.

  • 1784

    Robert Sharp

    5569 Pair of Georgian Silver Strawberry Dishes


    A charming pair of antique sterling silver serving dishes having scalloped border with beaded edge. The centre armorial engravings are excellent. Weight 1061 grams, 34.1 troy ounces. Diameter 26.5 cms. London 1784. Maker Daniel Smith & Robert Sharp.

  • 1788

    John Kidder

    6972 George III Silver Epergne


    A superb antique sterling silver centerpiece with five detachable bowls which can be used separately. The pretty fluted stand is raised on tall shaped feet with a decorative border of looped harebell swags embellished with ribbons and classical motifs. Engraved to the centre of the stand and to all 5 bowls is a crest of a cockerel. All the bowls have elegant pierced silver with a cast border. Weight 2000 grams, 64.3 troy ounces. Height 32 cms. Large bowl 33 x 17 cms. Small bowl diameter 12 cms. Spread 41 x 38 cms. All pieces have matching silver marks. London 1788. Maker John Kidder.

  • 1788

    Robert Breading

    10144 George III Antique Silver Dish Ring


    Of sporting interest. An Irish antique silver dish ring, of traditional design, beautifully pierced and embossed with a shooting scene of huntsmen in a wooded glen accompanied by dogs and flying birds. To the front is a large, vacant cartouche. Weight 424 grams, 13.6 troy ounces. Height 10cm. Diameter 18.3cm (top), 19.6cm (bottom). Dublin 1788. Maker probably Robert Breading. Sterling silver.

  • 1799

    Paul Storr

    7820 Georgian Silver Bread Dish by Paul Storr


    A fine quality and very substantial antique sterling silver dish of oval form with a half fluted body and gadroon border. Large size. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this world famous English silversmith. To the front there is a hand engraved crest with the motto “Jour de ma vie”*. Weight 1296 grams, 41.6 troy ounces. Top measures 34.5 x 22 cms. Height 13 cms. London 1799. Maker Paul Storr.

  • 1802

    Robert‚ David & Samuel Hennell

    9412 George III Silver Shell Dishes


    A delightful pair of antique sterling silver butter dishes in the form of a scallop shell. Lovely simple design. Pretty little whelk shell feet. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Weight 232 grams, 7.45 troy ounces. Each measures 15×13.5cm. Height 2.8cm. London 1802. Maker Robert, David & Samuel Hennell.

  • Circa 1804

    Robert Garrard

    6215 George III Antique Silver Butter Shells by Robert Garrard


    A delightful pair of antique sterling silver scallop shell dishes with a crest of an emu engraved to the top of the hand grip. Lovely simple design. Pretty little whelk shell feet. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Weight 144 grams, 4.6 troy ounces. Each measures 10 x 10.5cm. London 1804. Maker Robert Garrard.

  • 1810

    William Burwash and Richard Sibley

    9805 George III Silver Butter Shells


    An excellent quality pair of Georgian silver dishes with gilded centres. Charming little feet in the form of a whelk shell. Gilt interior. Suitable for butter or sweets. Engraved to the front with an elephant crest. Very good weight of 376 grams, 12 troy ounces. Tops measure 10.2 x 11 cm. Height 4cm/1.5cm. London 1810. Maker William Burwash & Richard Sibley. Sterling silver.

  • 1815

    Paul Storr

    8139 George III Silver Chafing Dish by Paul Storr


    A fine antique sterling silver serving dish and cover with a turned wood carrying handle and central divider. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this world famous English silversmith. Elegant plain styling with shaped shell and scroll borders. The lid has a magnificent hand engraved armorial within a scroll cartouche and the base and central divider ring bear a double crest. The decorative lid handle is removable to use the lid as a serving dish. The double skinned base is a warming jacket and the handle unscrews to fill it with hot water. Silver weight 2776 grams, 89.2 troy ounces. Total height 21.5 cms. Diameter of base 30.5 cms. London 1815. Maker Paul Storr.

  • 1816 - 1820

    Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard I

    8564 Georgian Silver Egg Cruet


    A very decorative antique sterling silver egg frame with 4 egg cups and a salt cellar, with hinged handle, at the top. Typical ornament of the period with broad gadroon borders, acanthus mounted supports and splay shell feet. The cups and salt all have the original gilt interiors. Supplied with a matched set of 4 antique sterling silver egg spoons. Weight (excluding spoons) 736 grams, 23.6 troy ounces. Total height 20 cms (to top of handle). Base of frame 13.5 x 13.5 cms. Egg cruet frame and egg cups – London 1816/17/20, maker Emes & Barnard. Spoons – London 1833, maker William Chawner.

  • 1831

    Charles Fox

    10159 William IV Antique Silver Butter Dish


    A fantastic antique silver covered dish on stand with the top finial modelled as a cow. Super large size, suitable not only as a butter or cream dish, but also as a sauce tureen or for serving desserts. The dish, of reeded form, has a hand chased scalloped decoration resembling leaves interspersed with flower heads. The underplate has a presentation inscription dated 1833. Weight 852 grams, 27.3 troy ounces. Height 14.5cm. Diameter 20cm (base), 16.6cm (top). London 1831. Maker Charles Fox II. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1840


    5131 Pair of Antique Cherub Compotes


    A magnificent lot. A pair of fine quality antique gilt ormolu bronze cherubs mounted with cut crystal dishes. Absolutely charming, these period figures have a good weight and presence. Height 42 cms. Diameter of glass dish 30 cms. Circa 1840.

  • 1845 - 1847

    Daniel & Charles Houle

    9625 Victorian Silver Shell Dishes


    A pretty pair of small sterling silver dishes of shell form, each with a shell handle and raised on small hoof feet. Gilt interiors. Suitable for butter or sweets. Engraved to the front with a matching crest. Weight 197 grams, 6.3 troy ounces. Tops measure 10 x 11.3 cm. London 1845/7. Maker Daniel & Charles Houle.

  • 1845

    Joseph Angell

    9880 Victorian Silver Butter Dish


    An attractive covered silver butter dish (or jam dish) with pretty pierced gallery and removable glass liner. The lid is mounted with a pair of doves sitting on a nest with 2 eggs. Weight 361 grams, 11.6 troy ounces. Height 13cm. Diameter 12cm. London 1845. Joseph Angell I & Joseph Angell II. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1870

    Mappin And Webb

    8898 Victorian Silver Plater Spoonwarmer


    An antique spoon warmer in the former of a nautilus shell on a raised base. Engraved flower and foliate decoration and with a quality hinged lid. Nice clean shiny finish Height 15 cms. Length 15.5 cms. Width 8.5 cms. Silver plated Circa 1870. Marked underneath with silver plate stamps for Mappin & Webb, London & Sheffield.

  • Circa 1870

    Samuel Roberts And Charles Belk

    1322 Victorian Spoon Warmer


    A rare antique silver plated novelty spoon warmer in the shape of a cornucopia. Fine quality and unusually large size. Hinged lid. With attractive engraved decoration overall, the base has a bead border and decorative carrying support. Height 15 cms. Length 23 cms. Stamped underneath for the maker Roberts & Belk, Sheffield, UK. Circa 1870.

  • 1880

    Thomas Smily

    8968 Antique Silver Dish


    A very charming antique silver bowl of shallow oval form with 2 handles. A copy of the popular 17th century wine taster. The centre panel is embossed with a cherub scene. Weight 267 grams, 8.5 troy ounces. Bowl measures 20×15.5 cms, height 3/5.5 cms. Spread across handles 22.5 cms. London 1880. Maker Thomas Smily.

  • 1918

    William Aitken

    8341 Pair of Antique Silver Dishes


    A pair of antique sterling silver dishes of oval form with shaped borders and raised on splay feet. The pretty pierced silver is decorated with foliate swags. Good gauge silver. Weight 874 grams, 28.1 troy ounces. Height 8.5 cms. Length 31 cms. Width 22.5 cms.
    Birmingham 1918. Maker William Aitken.

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