George IV

George IV

  • 1821

    Robert Gainsford

    10377 George III Antique Silver Saffron Teapot


    A very pretty antique silver teapot with deep embossed decoration. Small size. Good style with an ornamental animal head spout. There is a hand engraved armorial to the front and reverse sides. The interior has the original gilded finish. Contains 350 ml. Weight 327 grams, 10.5 troy ounces. Height 9.75cm. Spread 17.75cm. Sheffield 1821. Maker Robert Gainsford.

  • 1829


    9038 Antique George III Silver Goblet


    A handsome antique silver chalice of plain tapering form with an embossed band of flowers and leaves to the body and foot. Light gilding to the interior bowl. To the front there is a large hand engraved armorial with the motto “Vulneratus Sed Non Victus”. Contains 375 ml. Weight 258 grams, 8.2 troy ounces. Height 16.5 cms. Diameter of top 9 cms. London 1829. Makers mark badly stamped. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1830


    9045 Antique Wine Coolers in Old Sheffield Plate


    A pair of large antique wine coolers of globular form on a pedestal foot. Classic Georgian style with the half fluted decoration popular at the time and large curled and decorative side handles. Uninscribed. Detachable covers and liners. Height 26 cms. Spread 29 cms. Circa 1830. Unmarked.

  • Circa 1820


    10391 Antique Silver Charger


    A magnificent antique silver platter of heavy gauge, very ornately decorated with cherubs, animals, birds and mythical creatures interspersed with classical ornament. To the centre there is a noble figure mounted on horseback. Traces of the original gilding to the outside border. Weight 2262 grams, 71.7 troy ounces. Diameter 47 cm. Height 5.5 cm. Stamped with a continental mark on the rim. Circa 1820.

  • 1828

    Mary Ann & Charles Reilly

    8702 Antique Silver Flask


    A superb antique silver flask with a fascinating history. Graceful plain form and super large size. Inscribed to the front with a hand engraved lion crest and the name “John Bayley Esq” and to the reverse “Nymph”, the name of Bayley’s* luxury sailing ship. The cap unscrews and the top band is gold plated. Contains a hefty 950 ml. Weight 500 grams, 16 troy oz. Height 21.5cm. Base 7.2 x 5.4cm. London 1828. Maker Mary Ann & Charles Reilly. Sterling silver.

  • 1826

    Thomas Johnson

    9708 Pair of Georgian Silver Coconut Cups


    An excellent pair of antique silver mounted coconuts on decorative silver bases. The coconuts are carved in the forget-me-not design. Very ornamental examples. Each contains 300ml. Height 16.4cm. Diameter 8.7cm. London 1826. Maker TJ, probably Thomas Johnson. Sterling silver.

    Coconuts carved with the forget-me-not design are generally thought to have been made by a sailor or prisoner of war, probably of French origin

  • 1826

    Thomas Edwards

    9772 Antique Silver Wine Label


    A handsome antique sterling silver bottle ticket in the form of a vine leaf pierced for SHERRY. Good decorative detail. Weight 22 grams, less than 1 troy ounce. Measures 8.5 x 5.8 cm. London 1826. Maker Thomas Edwards. Sterling silver.

  • 1823

    Robert Garrard II

    9820 Antique Silver Sauceboats


    A magnificent pair of silver sauceboats by Robert Garrard with broad gadroon borders and shell feet. Exceptional quality and weight. Each has a large hand engraved armorial to the front with the motto “In Domi Confid” – “I trust in the Lord”. Weight 990 grams, 31.8 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm (to top of handle), 7.9cm (lowest point of rim). Spread 20.2cm. London 1823. Maker Robert Garrard II. Sterling silver.

  • 1825

    Benjamin Smith

    9823 Georgian Silver Tea Kettle


    Of sporting interest. A magnificent antique sterling silver tea kettle (also known as a samovar or hot water kettle) with a scene of horses hunting to hounds. The kettle is all over decorated with flowers, foliage, scrolls and cast borders. It has a pretty flower lid finial and folding ivory handle. The matching silver tea kettle stand has an ornate cast and pierced frieze with flowers and leaves; the integral burner has a detachable cap to insert the oil and wick. An excellent piece with heavy gauge silver and good colour. Hand engraved to the top of the burner is a stag crest. Contains 1400 ml. Total weight 1945 grams, 62.5 troy ounces. Total height 31.5cm (to top of handle), 23cm (to top of kettle). London 1825. Makers Benjamin Smith and Richard Sibley.

  • 1824

    John Wakefield

    9961 George IV Antique Silver Tray


    A magnificent antique sterling silver tea tray with a shaped scrolling shell border and twin side handles. Large size. To the centre is an engraved armorial with the motto “Ventus Secundet” meaning “The wind will help”. Weight 2610 grams, 146 troy ounces. Spread across the handles 68.5cm. Length 59cm. Depth 46cm. London 1824. Maker John Wakefield.

  • 1828

    Robert Garrard II

    10114 Set of George IV Antique Silver Plates


    Of military interest. A splendid set of 12 antique sterling silver dinner plates of plain form with a shaped reeded border. Excellent quality. Each bears the insignia of the 54th West Norfork Regiment with a crown above. Total weight 6894 grams, 221.6 troy ounces. Diameter 25.5cm. London 1828. Maker Garrard. Sterling silver.

  • 1829

    Edward Farrell

    10231 George IV Antique Silver Sauceboats


    A splendid pair of antique silver gravy jugs with deep relief embossed decoration and chased detail to the body and below the pouring lip. Heavy gauge silver and fantastic weight as you’d expect from the maker Edward Farrell, one of the most innovative silversmiths of the day. An attractive feature is the off-centre, rococo cartouche containing a hand engraved crest of a goat over a crown. Combined weight 1394 grams, 27.3 troy ounces. Height 9.5/12cm. Spread 21.7cm. Width 10.5cm. London 1829. Maker Edward Farrell.

  • 1823

    William Sumner

    10299 George III Antique Silver Serving Spoon


    An attractive antique silver basting spoon in the popular Old English pattern. The long slender handle is prettily engraved with bright cutting and a star pattern. Weight 96 grams, 3 troy ounces. Length 29.8cm. Bowl 9×4.9cm. London 1823. Maker William Sumner. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1835

    George Innes

    10329 George IV Antique Silver Tureen


    A large and impressive Scottish silver tureen with matching cover. Excellent size for serving soup, casseroles and vegetables. Attractive oval bellied shape with twin side handles, stunningly shaped feet and cast silver lid handle. Hand engraved to the front is a large armorial with crest and motto, all within a decorative expansive cartouche. Heavy gauge silver. Good colour. There is a large presentation inscription to the reverse side. Weight 2604 grams, 83.7 troy oz. Spread across handles 36.5cm. Height 24cm. Glasgow 1835. Maker George Innes.

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