Table Accessories

Antique Silver Dining Table Accessories. These encompass the wide range of items popularly used to add the finishing touches to a dining table display such as antique silver napkin rings, menu holders, cutlery rests and spoon trays. Silver table birds make a marvellous taking point.

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Table Accessories

Antique Silver Dining Table Accessories. These encompass the wide range of items popularly used to add the finishing touches to a dining table display such as antique silver napkin rings, menu holders, cutlery rests and spoon trays. Silver table birds make a marvellous taking point.

  • Circa 1680


    10325 Antique Silver Table Trivet


    An unusual 17th century miniature table of rectangular form standing on cabriole legs. A perfect display for a small tea set or pair of candlesticks. The solid wood top, with inset armorial plaque, is mounted with a silver framework. The underside still has the original claws to hold the wood in place and the pretty little wing nuts for the silver plaque; the remains of an old collector’s label can be seen in the corner. Top measures 26.2cm x 16.4cm. Height 6.3cm. Maker “GJ”. English, circa 1680. Provincial silver. Probably East Anglian.

  • 1697 - 1698

    Robert Timbrell

    10153 William III Antique Silver Bowl


    An outstanding antique silver monteith bowl complete with the original detachable collar with castellated scroll border and cherub heads. Excellent size and proportions. The body decoration is typical for a monteith of the period 1690-1702 and has a series of asymmetrical tear shaped panels interspersed with unusual foliate “face” motifs; all on an intricately hand chased matted background. The lions mask side handles are beautifully modelled. Weight 1780 grams, 57.2 troy ounces. Height 21.4cm (with Monteith collar), 15.6cm (without collar). Diameter 27.5cm (collar), 26.2cm (bowl). London 1697/8. Maker Robert Timbrell. Britannia standard silver (95.8% pure).

  • 1726

    George Weir

    9737 George I Antique Silver Cup


    A rare antique silver cup of small size. Probably a small tot or it may be a tiny egg cup. To the front is a large hand engraved armorial within a shield. Weight 24 grams, less than 1 troy ounce. Contains 25 ml. Height 4.8cm. Diameter 4.2cm. London 1726. Maker possibly George Weir. Sterling silver

  • 1753

    Fuller White

    10155 George II Antique Silver Tea Kettle


    A magnificent example of English rococo silver. An antique sterling silver samovar of inverted baluster form with a folding raffia finish handle, the silver lid finial cast in the form of a little merman drinking from a shell, the curved spout finishing in the form of a bird. Superb quality deep chased decoration with shells, flowers and swirls. Hand engraved to the front is a large family armorial and to the reverse a Scottish sporran crest. The matching stand has an ornate cast and pierced frieze with face masks (to match those on the handle), and stands on large shell feet; the integral oil reservoir has a push on top, both with the sporran crest. Weight (including raffia) 2451 grams, 78.8 troy ounces. Total height 39cm. Kettle height 27.5 cm (handle extended), 19 cm (to top of kettle finial). London 1753. Maker Fuller White. Sterling silver.

  • 1764

    John Schuppe

    9934 George III Silver Cow Creamer


    An antique silver cream jug in the form of a model cow. The cavity below the lid is filled with cream which is poured out through the cow’s mouth using the curled tail as a handle. Simple figuring and naive expressive face. The body is all over chased with a charmingly realistic hairy finish. Weight 132 grams, 4.2 troy ounces. Spread 14.5cm. Height 9.5cm (top of horns), 7.6cm (top of back). London 1764. Maker John Schuppe. Sterling silver.

  • 1765

    John Schuppe

    9672 George III Silver Cow Creamer


    An antique silver cream jug in the form of a model cow with a handle in the form of a looped tail. The saddle shaped lid on the cow’s back has a finial in the form of a fly; it lifts to fill the jug with cream which is poured out of the cow’s mouth. Simple figuring and naive expressive face. The body has charmingly realistic hair chased on top. Weight 137 grams, 4.4 troy ounces. Length 15cm. Height 9.5cm. London 1765. Maker John Schuppe. Sterling silver.

  • 1766

    Edward Aldridge & John Stamper

    8320 George III Silver Dish Cross


    An ingenious table server and trivet. An antique sterling silver dish stand in the form of two crossed arms, centrally pivotted, with adjustable shell feet/dish supports and a central spirit warmer, the whole being flat folded for easy storage. The combined legs/dish holders telescope in and out to accommodate different sized plates. Weight 745 grams, 23.9 troy ounces. Adjustable diameter 17/35 cms. Length when closed 35.5 cms. Height 5/9 cms. London 1766. Maker Edward Aldridge.

  • 1779


    9679 Georgian Silver Shell Dish


    A delightful antique sterling silver butter dish in the form of a scallop shell. Lovely simple design. Bead borders and pretty little whelk shell feet. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Excellent condition and good gauge silver. Weight 91 grams, 2.9 troy ounces. Measures 13.7x12cm. Height 3cm. London 1779. Makers mark rubbed. Sterling silver.

  • 1786

    John Scofield

    9802 George III Silver Sugar Vases


    An elegant pair of antique silver vases with matching detachable lids. Good plain style with applied ribbed mounts. To the front and lid each has a hand engraved crest of a crown over a monogram of intertwined initials in old script. Weight 951 grams, 30.5 troy ounces. Height 17cm (vase), 23.5cm (to top of lid). London 1786. Maker John Scofield. Sterling silver.

  • 1788

    Robert Breading

    10144 George III Antique Silver Dish Ring


    Of sporting interest. An Irish antique silver dish ring, of traditional design, beautifully pierced and embossed with a shooting scene of huntsmen in a wooded glen accompanied by dogs and flying birds. To the front is a large, vacant cartouche. Weight 424 grams, 13.6 troy ounces. Height 10cm. Diameter 18.3cm (top), 19.6cm (bottom). Dublin 1788. Maker probably Robert Breading. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1809

    Phipps & Robinson

    6367 Georgian Silver Apple Corer


    A charming little collectors piece. An antique sterling silver apple corer of simple form. Usually these items unscrew however this has been made in one piece. Weight 20 grams. Length 10.5 cms. London 1809. Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson.

  • 1812

    Thomas Robins

    9920 Pair of George III Silver Trophy Cups


    A substantial pair of antique silver cups and covers with twin handles. Excellent weight and gauge of metal. Elegant classical form with bands of acanthus decoration, the intertwined double snake scroll handles terminate with finely modelled Bacchanalian masks. Total weight 3289 grams, 105.7 troy ounces. Height 31.5cm (total), 33.9cm (to top of rim). Spread across handles 23.3cm. Diameter of top 14.1cm. London 1812. Maker Thomas Robins. Sterling silver.

  • 1816 - 1820

    Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard I

    8564 Georgian Silver Egg Cruet


    A very decorative antique sterling silver egg frame with 4 egg cups and a salt cellar, with hinged handle, at the top. Typical ornament of the period with broad gadroon borders, acanthus mounted supports and splay shell feet. The cups and salt all have the original gilt interiors. Supplied with a matched set of 4 antique sterling silver egg spoons. Weight (excluding spoons) 736 grams, 23.6 troy ounces. Total height 20 cms (to top of handle). Base of frame 13.5 x 13.5 cms. Egg cruet frame and egg cups – London 1816/17/20, maker Emes & Barnard. Spoons – London 1833, maker William Chawner.

  • 1818

    William Bateman

    9552 George III Antique Silver Egg Cruet


    A decorative antique sterling silver egg frame containing 4 egg cups and spoons. Typical ornament of the period. Weight 599 grams, 19.2 troy ounces. Total height 21cm (to top of handle). Base of frame 17.5 x 13.5cm. London 1818. Maker William Bateman I. All pieces same matching date and maker.

  • 1830

    Edward Barnard & Sons

    9741 Antique Silver Bell


    An attractive antique silver hand bell with an embossed design of flowers and foliage. Good quality construction and heavy gauge silver. To the front is an engraved crest. Weight 159 grams, 5.1 troy ounces. Height 12 cms. Diameter 6.5 cms. London 1830. Edward, Edward Jnr, John and W. Barnard. Sterling silver.

  • 1845

    Joseph Angell

    9814 Victorian Silver Toast Rack


    A well modelled antique silver toastrack of classic design with a shaped handle and face mask decorated feet. Good size and weight. 6 slices. Weight 275 grams, 8.8 troy ounces. Height 15cm. Length 17cm. Width 11.2cm. London 1845. Maker Joseph Angell. Sterling silver.

  • 1848

    Henry Wilkinson & Co

    6962 Antique Silver Snuffer Tray


    An early Victorian sterling silver snuffer stand with shaped decorative border and hand engraved centre decoration and monogram. Weight 201 grams, 6.4 troy ounces. Length 23.5 cms. Width 9.75 cms. Sheffield 1848. Maker Henry Wilkinson.

  • 1850

    Aaron Hadfield

    9908 Antique Silver and Mother of Pearl Cutlery


    A large set of 18 knives and 18 forks with elegant plain styled silver blades. Dessert cutlery. The real mother of pearl handles have ornate silver ferules with cross hatch decoration. Engraved to each handle is a boars head crest. Original solid wood box with blue velvet interior and a pull out tray. Knife 20.8cm. Fork 17cm. Sheffield 1850. Maker Aaron Hadfield. Sterling silver.

  • 1867

    George Fox

    9648 Antique Silver Duck


    A collector’s item. A Victorian silver novelty cream boat in the form of a duck with finely engraved feather decoration. Original gilt interior, the beak and eyes are also gilded. Excellent quality and heavy weight. This delightful piece was originally intended for serving cream or sauce however it would be equally suited for use with dried flowers or as a dressing table tidy etc. Weight 120 grams, 3.8 troy ounces. Length 12 cm. Height 7 cm. London 1867. Maker George Fox.

  • 1870

    Thomas Smily

    9206 Antique Silver Grape Scissors in a Box


    An attractive pair of antique sterling silver grape shears in the original green velvet lined box. Good quality cast silver with the original bright gilt finish. Grape and vine leaf decoration. Weight 118 grams, 3.7 troy ounces. Length 17.5 cm. Width 8 cm. London 1870. Maker Thomas Smily.

  • 1874


    9151 Antique Silver Bell


    An attractive antique sterling silver bell, the handle fashioned as a winged cherub. Hand engraved to the front is an initial “M” surmounted by a crown. Weight 200 grams, 6.4 troy ounces. Height 11.5 cm. Diameter 7 cm. London 1874.

  • Circa 1890

    Mappin And Webb

    1873 Victorian Boot Spoon Warmer


    Antique silver plated spoonwarmer. A delightful model of a battered old tramp’s boot with a hinged lid at the top with provision for a spoon. Length 17.5 cms. Height 9.5 cms. Electroplated. Circa 1890. Made by Mappin and Webb, Sheffield, UK.

  • 1890


    7535 Antique Dutch Silver Bird


    A tall and imposing silver model of a stork standing on one foot and holding a worm in his beak. A superb figure, with expert workmanship and lifelike feathers and wings. The head, with glass eyes, is detachable and inside there is a pierced silver stopper with a bird finial. Weight 535 grams, 17.2 troy ounces. Height 33 cms. Spread 31 cms. Diameter of base 11.5 cms. Marked on all pieces with Dutch silver marks. Circa 1890.

  • Circa 1890

    Victor Boivin

    9825 French Silver Claret Jugs


    A fantastic quality pair of French silver mounted glass claret jugs in the style of Victor Boivin, a leading French 19th century silversmith. Of globular form, on a circular foot, the glass is encased with a fine quality decoration of pierced silver flowers, leaves, scrolls and other motifs. Original gilt to the inside of the lid and neck. Each contains 800 ml. Height 32cm. Spread across the handle 15.5cm. With French silver stamps. Maker or retailer’s stamp “HTO”. Circa 1890.

  • 1898

    John George Smith

    9666 Antique Silver Cow Creamer


    An antique silver cream jug in the form of a model cow. The flap with a bee on the cow’s back lifts to fill the jug with cream which is poured out of the cow’s mouth. Nicely figured with red glass eyes and naive expressive face. Weight 94 grams, 3 troy ounces. Height 7cm. Length 12cm. Dutch silver with English import marks for London 1898, retailer John George Smith.

  • 1899

    Robert Pringle

    9548 Antique Silver Matchstriker


    A funky little collectible item. An antique silver match striker in the form of a boot. The container is fashioned in glass, the top strip has a rough finish so it can be used to strike a match, the rim has a sterling silver rim. Height 7cm. Spread 6.5cm. London 1899. Maker Robert Pringle & Sons.

  • Circa 1900

    B Neresheimer & Sohnes

    6148 Antique Silver Table Bird


    An excellent quality antique silver model of a bird with articulated wings. Good weight and extremely fine detail. Weight 730 grams, 23.4 troy ounces. Length 36cm. Height 13cm. German silver marks on the edge of the tail for Neresheimer. Circa 1900.

  • 1900

    B Neresheimer & Sohnes

    9941 Antique Silver Bear Decanter


    A splendid antique silver drinks flask in the form of a standing bear with outstretched paws. Excellent quality and heavy gauge cast silver. Very pleasing design with lifelike detail in the face and all-over chased fur. The head is removable so that the body can be used as a decanter and the head as a cup; it pours beautifully. The interior is gilded. Contains 1 litre. Weight 1407 grams, 45.2 troy ounces. Height 24.5cm. Width between the paws 13.5cm. German Hanau silver marks. Probably Neresheimer. Circa 1900.

  • 1906

    Maurice Freeman

    8558 Antique Silver Harlequin Sugar Nips


    A decorative pair of antique sterling silver sugar tongs in the form of Harlequin suspended from two coiled snakes which form the sugar nip handles. Weight 45 grams, 1.5 troy ounces. Length 11 cms. Spread across handles 5 cms. Marked on the handle for London 1906. Maker Maurice Freeman.

  • Circa 1910


    8552 Antique Silver Plated Monkey Nutcracker by Asprey


    An unusual antique silver plated nutcrackers with a finely modelled head of a monkey at the top. To use – simply place the nut inside the monkey’s jaw and squeeze the handgrip. Stamped Asprey, registered design number 680619. English, circa 1910.

  • Circa 1910


    6064 Pair of Large Antique Silver Table Birds


    An excellent quality pair of antique silver cockerels . Very finely modelled. Weight 1203 grams, 38.6 troy ounces. Height 20 cms. Spread 24 cms. German silver stamps on the wing – crown, moon and 800 silver grade. Each bird is marked on the tip of the wing. Circa 1910.

  • Circa 1910


    9769 Antique Silver Plated Parrot Nutcracker


    An unusual pair of antique silver plated nutcrackers with a finely modelled head of a parrot at the top. To use – simply place the nut inside the parrot’s jaw and squeeze the handgrip. Length 14.8cm. Stamped Asprey, registered design number 598487. English. Circa 1910. Silver plated.

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  • 1753

    Samuel Herbert And Company

    9906 George II Silver Basket


    An elegant antique silver basket of oval form with a swing handle and rope borders. The simple basket weave decoration creates a clean classical style. Hand engraved to the centre is a large armorial within a decorative cartouche, the motto below reads “In Cruce Salus”. These handy multi-purpose serving baskets were originally used for bread and fruit but now are equally perfect for cakes or flowers. Weight 773 grams, 24.8 troy ounces. Height 7.7cm (26 cms to top of handle). Top measures 33 x 24.5cm. London 1753. Maker Samuel Herbert & Co. Sterling silver

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