George III

George III

  • 1806

    Joseph Ash I

    9277 Antique Silver Coconut Cup


    An antique sterling silver mounted goblet with a tall spreading foot. Good size and very good condition. The top mount has a silver inner lip. Contains 300 ml. Height 14.5 cm. Diameter 8 cm. London 1806. Maker Joseph Ash.

  • Circa 1790

    Guiseppe Caltagirone

    8191 Antique Italian Silver Frames


    A stylish pair of late 18th century Sicilian silver cartaglorias containing the original texts in old fashioned script. The oval bead bordered frames have applied gilt silver swags, leaves and flower motifs, the bases are raised on square supports. The sheet silver frames are pinned onto carved softwood backs. Height 26.7 cm. Width 23 cm. Marked on the bottom left hand corner with “GC” for Guiseppe Caltagirone of Trapani, Sicilia. Circa 1790.

  • 1810

    Thomas Wells

    8768 Antique George III Silver Inkwell


    A good George III sterling silver travelling inkwell, of rectangular form, with hinged screw down cover. Lovely plain style. Weight 56 grams, 1.8 troy ounces. Height 2.5 (pot), 5 (top of screw cap) cms. Base 3.9×3.9 cms. London 1810. Maker Thomas Wells.

  • 1770

    Margaret Binley

    9287 Antique Silver Wine Label


    A classical style antique sterling silver bottle ticket of half moon design with feather edge border. The word “HOCK” is hand engraved to the front. Weight 6 grams. Measures 4 x 4.2cms. Makers mark only. Margaret Binley. Circa 1770.

  • 1799

    John Langland

    9409 Antique Newcastle Silver Lidded Tankard


    English provincial silver. A good antique sterling silver tankard with domed hinged lid and plain baluster design. Sterling silver. The handle has attractive strapwork to the top and a heart shape decoration to the base. Good size. Contains 1,050 ml. Weight 816 grams, 26.2 troy ounces. Height 22.5cm (to thumbpiece). Diameter 10.2cm (top). Spread 18 cms. Newcastle 1799. Maker John Langlands.

  • 1816

    William Pitts

    8985 Pair of George III Silver Sideboard Dishes


    A magnificent pair of antique silver chargers (or sideboard dishes) with gilt finish. Decorated in the 17th century style with deep relief embossed fruit and foliage. The centre is engraved with a large coat of arms of Scott impaling Surtees for John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon (1751-1838) and his wife Bessie. Scott was made an Earl in 1821. Weight each 3270 and 3390 grams approx, total 214 troy ounces. Diameter 64 cms. London 1816. Maker William Pitts, known for making large and impressive chargers. Sterling silver.

  • 1785

    Thomas Chawner

    9292 George III Silver Salver


    An elegant antique sterling silver salver. Classic plain style with swept feet and bead border. To the front there is a hand engraved armorial with a crest and armorial. Weight 1174 grams, 37.7 troy ounces. Diameter 33.5 cm. Height 3.5 cm. London 1785. Maker Thomas Chawner.

  • 1782

    John Crouch & Thomas Hannam

    9472 George III Silver Salver


    An elegant antique sterling silver salver with swept feet and bead border. To the centre there is a hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche a crest and armorial. All within a wide border of foliate scroll engraving. Weight 1231 grams, 39.5 troy ounces. Diameter 36 cm. Height 3.5 cm. London 1782. Maker John Crouch & Thomas Hannam.

  • 1819

    Joseph Willmore

    9483 Georgian Silver Wine Label


    An unusual antique sterling silver bottle ticket with a silver chain. Cast in the form of the letter “S” the label has leaf and face mask decoration. Weight 5 grams. Measures 2.5 x 1.9cm. Birmingham 1819. Maker Joseph Wilmore.

  • 1805


    9494 Antique German Silver Tot Cup


    An antique silver drinking cup of neat proportions having a simple rounded form and hand engraved matting decoration. This is a palm cup, known in German as a Faustbecher. Contains 60 ml. Weight 47 grams, 1.5 troy ounces. Height 4.3cm. Diameter 5.8cm. Stamped underneath with German silver marks for Nuremberg. Maker “WS”. Circa 1805. The date letter “M” dates the cup to 1894-1808


  • 1815

    Phipps Robinson & Phipps

    9452 Georgian Silver Horns


    Of sporting interest. A rare pair of sterling silver mounted hunting horns, each bearing the crest of a lion on an oval plaque. The mouthpieces are probably later. They play beautifully. Spread 26cm. Top measures 7×5.8cm. London 1815. Maker Phipps, Robinson & Phipps.

  • 1819

    James Barber & William Whitwell

    9514 Antique York Silver Wine Funnel


    A rare provincial silver wine strainer with embossed scrolls and flowers and shell thumb piece. Sterlijng silver. Good weight and colour. Weight 101 grams, 3.2 troy ounces. Length 13.7 cm. Diameter 9.1 cms. York circa 1819 (date mark rubbed). Maker Barber & Whitwell.

  • 1813


    9527 George III Silver Coaster


    A classic antique sterling silver wine bottle stand with elegant plain styling. Hand engraved crest to the front. Turned hardwood base. Diameter 12 cm. Height 3.4 cms. London 1798 or 1813. Maker’s mark rubbed.

  • 1820

    Paul Storr

    9542 George III Antique Silver Salver by Paul Storr


    A handsome antique sterling silver salver with a broad gadroon border, the feet with shell and grapevine design. Excellent quality as you’d expect by the prestigious English master silversmith Paul Storr. To the centre there is a finely engraved armorial with a motto in Welsh “Bydd Syw Negis Sarpe”. Weight 553 grams, 17.7 troy ounces. Diameter 22.5cm. Height 2.9cm. London 1820. Maker Paul Storr.

  • 1775

    Charles Wright

    9544 George III Silver Drum Teapot


    An antique sterling silver teapot of circular form with a pull off lid. Drum teapots are very desirable and are usually found between 1760 and 1780. Lovely plain styling with bright cut engraved and dot pricked bands with flower head motifs. To the front is a finely engraved crest within a decorate cartouche. Contains 700 ml. Weight 514 grams, 16.5 troy ounces. Height 13cm. Spread 23.5cm. Diameter 10.5cm. London 1775. Maker Charles Wright.

  • 1800

    Abstinando King

    10308 George III Antique Silver Wine Funnel


    An elegant antique silver wine strainer with a reed border and shaped thumbpiece. Excellent classic plain style. Good colour. Hand engraved monogram to the front. There is no sign of a thumbpiece ever being present. Weight 126 grams, 4 troy ounces. Length 15cm. Diameter 8cm. London 1800. Maker Abstinando King. Sterling silver. 18th century.

  • 1798

    William Ely

    9597 Antique Silver Skewer


    A good quality antique silver meat skewer with ring handle. Can also be used as a letter opener. Uninscribed. Weight 133 grams, 4.2 troy ounces. Length 35 cm. London 1798. Maker William Ely II.

  • 1782

    William Sumner

    9607 Antique Silver Skewer


    An attractive antique silver meat skewer with decorative ring handle. Can also be used as a letter opener. Uninscribed. Weight 61 grams, 1 troy ounce. Length 24.5 cm. London 1782. Maker probably William Sumner.

  • 1807

    James Turner

    9604 Georgian Silver Wax Jack


    A rare antique sterling silver wax jack, or go to bed, of rectangular form. Good plain style and gadroon borders. The central wax winder supports the remains of a coil of wax, the end of which is held in place in the centre of the sconce. The small conical snuffer is attached to the top by a long silver chain. Weight including wax 163 grams, 5.2 troy ounces. Height 11 cm. Base 9.3 x 7.4 cm. London 1807. Maker probably James Turner.

  • 1802 - 1804

    John Green & Co.

    9634 George III Antique Silver Candlesticks


    An excellent pair of antique sterling silver candle holders of plain classical design. Having tapering acanthus decorated stems and circular bases with bands of engine turned and classical motif decoration. Detachable nozzles. Heavy gauge silver, Gross filled weight 2,215 grams, 71.2 troy ounces. Height 32.8 cm. Diameter of base 14.7 cm.. Sheffield 1802/04. Maker John Green & Co.

  • Circa 1790


    9643 Antique Tortoiseshell Snuff Box


    A pretty little tortoiseshell snuff box of oval form with a hinged lid and gilt brass banding. The top has intricate silver pique work and a central agate plaque. Top measures 8 x 4.1 cm. Height 2.5 cm. English. Circa 1790.

  • 1819

    Paul Storr

    9658 George III Silver Platter


    A handsome antique sterling silver serving platter of oval form with a shaped gadroon border. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this world famous English silversmith. Large size. On the top edge, to both sides, there is a hand engraved armorial for the 5th Earl of Stamford (1765-1845). Weight 3591 grams, 115.4 troy ounces. Top measures 61 x 45 cm. London 1819. Maker Paul Storr. Sterling silver.

  • 1807

    Richard Cooke

    9698 George III Silver Tureen


    A lovely antique silver serving tureen of globular form having plain styling and broad gadroon borders. Large size and very good weight. A particularly nice feature is the wheatsheaf design top finial topped by foliage and fruits. To the front there is a hand engraved armorial with the motto “Promisso Sto”; the lid bears a dog crest. Weight 3741 grams, 120.2 troy ounces. Height 19cm (without lid), 27cm (to top of lid finial). Diameter 29cm. Spread across the handles 36cm. London 1807. Maker Richard Cook. Sterling silver.

  • 1759

    Benjamin Gignac

    9717 George II Silver Coffee Pot


    An antique sterling silver coffee pot of plain baluster shape and raised on a pedestal foot. Good chunky gadroon borders and graceful shaped spout. Uninscribed. Contains 1200 ml. Weight 950 grams, 30.5 troy ounces. Height 28.8 cm. Spread across spout and handle 21.5 cm. London 1759. Maker Benjamin Gignac. Sterling silver.

  • 1792

    Samuel Godbehere and Edward Wigan

    9716 George III Antique Silver Tankard


    A good quality antique sterling silver tankard with domed lid, straight tapering form and a centre ring to the body. The curved handle has ornamental strapwork and a very attractive pierced thumb piece. No inscription. Owners initials to the handle. Contains 850 ml. Weight 737 grams, 23.6 troy ounces. Height 20.5cm. Spread 17cm. Diameter of top 9.7cm. London 1792. Maker Godbehere and Wigan.

  • 1805

    William Fountain

    9740 George III Silver Tureens


    A substantial pair of antique silver tureens with matching covers having a plain background design, gadroon borders, and amazing applied decoration. The body with a band of classical face masks and coiling rope handles. The lids with artichoke finials rising from an arrangement of cast vegetables. There is a hand engraved crest to the front of the lid and tureen. The interior is lightly gilded. Weight 3371 grams, 108 troy ounces. Height 24.1cm (to top of finial). Spread across handles 24.1cm. Diameter 15cm. London 1805. Maker William Fountain. Sterling silver.

  • 1790

    Henry Green

    9744 George III Antique Silver Shell Dishes


    A pretty pair of antique silver butter dishes in the form of a scallop shell. Simple design with a plain reed border. Charming little whelk shell feet. Weight 233 grams, 7.45 troy ounces. Each measures 14.1×13.1cm. Height 3.5cm. London 1788/90. Maker Henry Green. Sterling silver.

  • 1761

    Emick Romer

    9755 George III Silver Chinoiserie Tea Caddy


    A fine example of an antique silver caddy box of bombe form with a side hinged lid and standing on scrolling feet. The sides are embossed with charming scenes of Chinese daily life. The lid finial is in the form of a mother and baby. Weight 366 grams, 11.7 troy ounces. Height 16cm. Body measurements at maximum – width 9.2cm, depth 8cm. London 1761. Maker Emick Romer. Sterling silver.

  • 1779

    Robert Hennell I

    9760 George III Antique Silver Jug


    A handsome antique sterling silver beer jug (or water jug) of baluster shape with a hinged cover and bead borders. Excellent heavy gauge and patina. Contains 686 ml. Weight 679 grams, 22 troy ounces. Height 22.5cm (to top of finial). Spread 15cm. London 1779. Maker Robert Hennell I.

  • Circa 1795


    9791 George III Old Sheffield Plate Globe Inkstand


    A rare and collectible conversation piece made in Old Sheffield plate. This elegant novelty inkstand, made to sit on an 18th century Englishman’s desk, is in the form of a globe and by pressing down the top finial the two flaps open to reveal four Bristol blue glass bottles. Two bottles are for ink, one for pounce (a fine powder to dry the ink) and a fourth to keep spare nibs. The centre rim is decorated with swags and lions masks. Height 27cm. Diameter 14cm. Bottle height 5cm. Unmarked. Old Sheffield plate. Circa 1795.

  • 1817

    Paul Storr

    9793 Georgian Silver Wine Cooler by Paul Storr


    Of racing interest. A magnificent antique silver gilt wine cooler by the world famous English silversmith Paul Storr. Elegant classical style with Campana urn form; the twin handles mounted with Bacchanalian face masks. The lift off cover has a finial in the form of a wrythen fluted flower seed with petal surround. Embossed to the front in low relief is a charming scene of horses relaxing and socialising. The reverse has an applied laurel wreath containing an engraved inscription for Newcastle Upon Tyne Stewards 1817. Weight 3718 grams, 119 troy ounces. Height 38cm. London 1809. Made by Paul Storr and retailed by Rundell Bridge and Rundell. Sterling silver.

  • 1766

    Edward Aldridge

    9826 George III Silver Caddies in a Box


    An exceptional set of antique silver tea caddies and covered sugar bowl in a black shagreen box with silver mounts. Excellent quality and classic styling. The bombe form tea boxes have lift off lids with gadroon borders; the decorative cast bases have applied acanthus mounts above to all sides. The two square shaped caddies are for green and black tea; the rectangular caddy is for sugar. The shagreen box has a red velvet interior; the exterior has beautifully ornamented silver mounts, the handle is hand engraved with a crest. Total weight of 3 boxes 858 grams, 27.5 troy ounces. Square caddy height 15cm base 8.5 x 7.5cm. Rectangular caddy height 16.5cm, base 9.5 x 8.5cm. London 1766. Maker Edward Aldridge. The box silver maker is “IW”. Sterling silver.

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