Table Silver

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Table Silver

  • 1764

    William Peaston

    9882 George III Silver Basket


    A magnificent antique silver basket of oval form with swing handle. The decoration is very fine with excellent quality hand cut pierced work to the body. Both the upper border and bottom frieze are cast with flowers, scrolls, and bells. Very good weight and colour. Weight 1540 grams, 49.5 troy oz. Height 28cm (total including handle). Top measures 37 x 32cm. London 1764. Maker William Peaston. Sterling silver.

  • 1764

    John Schuppe

    9934 George III Silver Cow Creamer


    An antique silver cream jug in the form of a model cow. The cavity below the lid is filled with cream which is poured out through the cow’s mouth using the curled tail as a handle. Simple figuring and naive expressive face. The body is all over chased with a charmingly realistic hairy finish. Weight 132 grams, 4.2 troy ounces. Spread 14.5cm. Height 9.5cm (top of horns), 7.6cm (top of back). London 1764. Maker John Schuppe. Sterling silver.

  • 1766

    Richard Palmer

    8293 George III Silver Caster


    A plain style antique silver castor with pierced top and spiral finial. Solid chunky weight and feels good in the hand. The top is fitted with an inner lining to reduce the size of the holes making the caster more suitable for modern day (finer ground) condiments. Weight 177 grams, 5.6 troy ounces. Height 14.8 cms. London 1766. Maker Richard Palmer. Sterling silver.

  • 1768


    10253 George III Antique Silver Argyle


    An early form of the innovative antique silver gravy jug known as an argyle. Of plain straight sided form with a waisted body and long curling spout. This example has an exterior flap and double skin warming chamber below – a very rare design. Capacity 200 ml. Weight 256 grams, 8.2 troy ounces. Height 10.2cm. Diameter 7.7cm (top), 8.2cm (base). London 1768. Sterling silver. 18th century.


  • 1769

    Daniel Smith And Robert Sharp

    9850 George III Silver Salver


    Magnificent quality. Large size. This antique silver salver has a superb cast and pierced border with fruiting vines, scrolls, masks and ho ho birds. To the centre is a hand engraved cost of arms surmounted by a bird crest. All raised on 4 pierced and vine leaf decorated feet. Weight 1832 grams, 58.8 troy ounces. Diameter 38cm. Height 5cm. London 1769. Maker Daniel Smith and Robert Sharpe. Sterling silver.

  • 1770

    Sarah Buttall

    9877 George III Silver Sweetmeat Basket


    A very pretty antique silver swing handle basket of small size. Possibly a Georgian epergne basket. Attractive cutwork design decorated with flowerheads and other motifs. Cast and pierced handle. Weight 111 grams, 3.5 troy ounces. Height 5.2/12.8cm. Length 15.2cm. Width 12.5cm. London 1770. Maker Sarah Buttall. Sterling silver.

  • 1773

    William Holmes & Nicholas Dumee

    9848 George III Silver Tureens


    A fine set of 4 antique silver sauce tureens with matching stands and lids. Of classical oval form, they have traditional gadroon borders and lions mask side handles. Hand engraved to the front of each there is a large coat of arms within a decorative cartouche, and to the reverse there is a lion crest above a coronet. The attractive cast silver lid finials have a daisy and foliate design. Total weight 4,040 grams, 129 troy ounces. Height 16 cm. Tureen top 17 x 12 cm. London 1773. Maker William Holmes & Nicholas Dumee. Sterling silver.

  • 1780

    Thomas Harper

    8620 Antique Silver Trencher Salts


    A handsome set of four antique sterling silver trencher salts in the rectangular form popular at the start of the 18th century but actually dating to 1780. Good size. Traces of the original gilt interior. Total weight 220 grams, 7 troy ounces. Base 7.5 x 6 cms. Top 6 x 4.5 cms. London 1780. Maker Thomas Harper. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1780


    9862 Georgian Silver Basket


    A superb antique silver swing handle basket with pierced work silver body and bead borders. Lovely classical style with bands of matting and Roman emperor face masks. In the centre there are hand engraved crests of a stag and unicorn within a decorative cartouche. Weight 1143 grams, 36.7 troy ounces. Length 37cm. Width 28cm. Height 10.3cm, 27cm (to top of handle). Unmarked silver. Circa 1780. English sterling silver.

  • Circa 1780


    9896 Antique Silver Table Trivet


    An unusual 18th century miniature table of rectangular form standing on cabriole legs. A perfect display for a small tea set or pair of candlesticks. The solid wood top, with inset armorial plaque, is mounted with a silver framework. The underside still has the original claws to hold the wood in place and the pretty little wing nuts for the silver plaque; the remains of an old collector’s label can be seen in the corner. Top measures 26.2cm x 16.4cm. Height 6.3cm. Maker’s mark only, stamped twice. Probably Italian. A grand tour piece. Circa 1780.

  • 1782

    John Crouch & Thomas Hannam

    9472 George III Silver Salver


    An elegant antique sterling silver salver with swept feet and bead border. To the centre there is a hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche a crest and armorial. All within a wide border of foliate scroll engraving. Weight 1231 grams, 39.5 troy ounces. Diameter 36 cm. Height 3.5 cm. London 1782. Maker John Crouch & Thomas Hannam.

  • 1782

    William Sumner

    9607 Antique Silver Skewer


    An attractive antique silver meat skewer with decorative ring handle. Can also be used as a letter opener. Uninscribed. Weight 61 grams, 1 troy ounce. Length 24.5 cm. London 1782. Maker probably William Sumner.

  • 1785

    Thomas Chawner

    9292 George III Silver Salver


    An elegant antique sterling silver salver. Classic plain style with swept feet and bead border. To the front there is a hand engraved armorial with a crest and armorial. Weight 1174 grams, 37.7 troy ounces. Diameter 33.5 cm. Height 3.5 cm. London 1785. Maker Thomas Chawner.

  • 1786

    John Crouch & Thomas Hannam

    9231 George III Silver Salver


    A large size antique sterling silver salver with bead border and splay feet. Hand engraved to the top surface is a magnificent oak leaf and acorn border with an armorial and leaf cartouche to the centre. Weight 1845 grams, 59.3 troy ounces. Diameter 47 cm. Height 4.2 cm. London 1786. Maker Crouch and Hannam.

  • 1786

    John Crouch & Thomas Hannam

    9250 George III Silver Salver


    An excellent size antique sterling silver salver with bead borders and elegant classical style. Hand engraved to the centre is an armorial with a crest and the motto “Frangas Non Flectes”. Weight 2580 grams, 82.9 troy ounces. Diameter 46 cm. Height 4.5 cm. London 1786. Maker Crouch and Hannam.

  • 1787


    9308 Georgian Campaign Jug


    Probably of medical interest. A rare and interesting antique sterling silver jug of simple form with a detachable handle with a turned wooden grip. Hand engraved to the front is a circular cartouche containing the Pollen family crest of a pelican and motto “De Tout Mon Coeur”. Contains 250 ml. Weight 184 grams, 5.9 troy ounces. Height 13 cm. Spread 16.5 cm. London 1787.

  • 1788

    Robert Breading

    10144 George III Antique Silver Dish Ring


    Of sporting interest. An Irish antique silver dish ring, of traditional design, beautifully pierced and embossed with a shooting scene of huntsmen in a wooded glen accompanied by dogs and flying birds. To the front is a large, vacant cartouche. Weight 424 grams, 13.6 troy ounces. Height 10cm. Diameter 18.3cm (top), 19.6cm (bottom). Dublin 1788. Maker probably Robert Breading. Sterling silver.

  • 1789

    Henry Chawner

    9119 George III Silver Salver


    An elegant antique sterling silver salver. Classic plain style with swept feet and reed border. To the front there is a hand engraved armorial with a bird crest. Weight 1433 grams, 46 troy ounces. Diameter 36 cms. Height 4 cms. London 1789. Maker Henry Chawner.

  • 1790

    Henry Greene

    9744 George III Silver Shell Dishes


    A pretty pair of antique silver butter dishes in the form of a scallop shell. Simple design with a plain reed border. Charming little whelk shell feet. Weight 233 grams, 7.45 troy ounces. Each measures 14.1×13.1cm. Height 3.5cm. London 1788/90. Maker Henry Green. Sterling silver.

  • 1790

    William Laver

    10202 George III Antique Silver Tureens


    An elegant pair of silver sauce tureens of boat shaped form having broad sweeping handles and cast silver lid finials beautifully modelled in the form of a lion. The decoration, typical of the late 18th century, has gadroon borders and half fluted body. Particularly nice are the matching removeable liners, an unusual and very useful feature. Total weight 1977 grams, 63.5 troy ounces. Height 18cm (to top of handle). Spread 19cm. London 1790. Maker William Laver. Sterling silver.

  • 1792

    Robert Hennell II

    9667 George III Silver Cruet


    An elegant antique silver condiment set in the Adam style, the boat shaped silver stand having 4 original and matching cut crystal bottles, a pair of oil and vinegar bottle with silver hinged tops and a mustard pot with lift off lid. The cruet frame has a wooden base. Stand measures 24 x 15.5cm, height 25cm. All pieces marked London 1792. . Sterling silver. Maker Robert Hennell.

  • 1793

    Edward Lowe

    9976 George III Antique Silver Salts


    An elegant set of 4 of antique sterling silver salt cellars of oval form with pretty pierced decoration with swags. Blue glass liners. Lovely classical style with rope borders and standing on pierced shaped feet. Weight of silver 218 grams, 7 troy ounces. Height 5cm. Top measures 8.3 x 6.1cm. London 1793. Maker Edward Lowe.

  • 1794

    Timothy Renou

    9661 George III Antique Silver Tray


    An elegant antique silver tray of oval form and raised on splay feet. Classical plain style with a bead border and side handles. Weight 1535 grams, 49.3 troy ounces. Spread across handles 53.5 cm. Length 44.2 cm. Width 32.7 cm. London 1794. Maker Timothy Renou. Sterling silver.

  • 1794

    Henry Greene

    9894 Set of 4 George III Silver Second Course Dishes


    A good set of four antique silver plates of plain design with traditional gadroon borders. Excellent quality and weight. Hand engraved to the edge with a coat of arms with crown and motto “Follow Me”. Total weight 2988 grams, 96 troy ounces. Diameter 28cm. London 1794. Maker Henry Green. Sterling silver.

  • 1795

    Thomas Wallis I

    9088 Antique Silver Forks


    A set of Georgian sterling silver dinner forks for 12 people. In the traditional Old English and thread pattern. All with a hand engraved stag crest. Weight approx 800 grams, 25.7 troy ounces. Length 21cm. London 1795. Maker Thomas Wallis. These match the dinner forks in #9078 Georgian canteen of cutlery.

  • Circa 1795


    9791 George III Old Sheffield Plate Globe Inkstand


    A rare and collectible conversation piece made in Old Sheffield plate. This elegant novelty inkstand, made to sit on an 18th century Englishman’s desk, is in the form of a globe and by pressing down the top finial the two flaps open to reveal four Bristol blue glass bottles. Two bottles are for ink, one for pounce (a fine powder to dry the ink) and a fourth to keep spare nibs. The centre rim is decorated with swags and lions masks. Height 27cm. Diameter 14cm. Bottle height 5cm. Unmarked. Old Sheffield plate. Circa 1795.

  • 1796

    Henry Chawner And John Emes

    7063 George III Sugar Basket


    A classic design antique sterling silver bonbon basket with swing handle and pedestal foot. Very attractive oval boat shape. Pretty bright cut engraving to the body and foot and there is a decorative cartouche to the front and back (uninscribed). Original gilt interior. Weight 192 grams, 6.1 troy ounces. Height 9.5 cms (15 cms to top of handle). Length 12.75 cms. Width 8.5 cms. London 1796. Maker Henry Chawner and John Emes.

  • 1796

    Erik Ernander

    9907 Antique Silver Swedish Vases


    A large harlequin pair of antique silver vases, or ale glasses, with gilded bands to the top and base rims, and fully gilded interior. Each has an expansive band of engraved decoration to the body, one vase with initials “C.O.D” prick engraved to the front. Very similar in weight and size, the vases have differing decorations. Total weight 771 grams (381/390), 24.7 troy ounces. Height 20.7/20.4cm. Diameter 14.5/14.3cm. Swedish silver stamps. Maker E. Ernander. Date mark O2 for 1796.

  • 1796

    Henry Chawner And John Emes

    9949 George III Antique Silver Caddy Box


    A fine antique sterling silver tea caddy box of plain oval form, the fixed carrying handle with reed and acanthus decoration. Elegant classical features with bands of shell motifs hand engraved within concentric prick dot lines. The bucket handbag shape is very unusual. The double opening lid has an inset hinge and there is a lock to either side. Weight 546 grams, 17.5 troy ounces. Height 18.5cm (to top of handle), 11.5cm (to top of caddy). Length 15cm. Width 10.2cm. London 1796. Maker Henry Chawner & John Emes. Sterling silver.

  • 1798

    William Ely

    9597 Antique Silver Skewer


    A good quality antique silver meat skewer with ring handle. Can also be used as a letter opener. Uninscribed. Weight 133 grams, 4.2 troy ounces. Length 35 cm. London 1798. Maker William Ely II.

  • 1799

    Paul Storr

    8493 George III Entree Dish by Paul Storr


    A superb late 18th century sterling silver serving dish of circular form. Elegant plain styling with a broad band of gadroon border and ivory finial. To the front there is a large hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you would expect from this world famous English silversmith. Originally part of a large set of 4 or more dishes, this tureen is number 3 (with 3 dots). Silver weight 1596 grams, 51.3 troy ounces. Height 13cm. Diameter 28cm. London 1799. Maker Paul Storr.

  • Circa 1800


    8411 Pair of Antique Continental Silver Spoons


    An excellent quality pair of antique silver spoons with figural ends depicting a classical lady culminating in a twisted handle possibly resembling a mermaids tail. The gilded bowl is attached with a fruit encrusted mount. These delightful spoons are very heavy and have a chunky feel. Traces of gilding all over. Weight 179 grams, 5.7 troy ounces. Length 18 cms. Marked on the back of the bowl with a hand mark. Probably German. Circa 1800.

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