Table Silver

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Table Silver

  • Circa 1800

    Joseph Taylor

    9856 George III Silver Caddy Spoon


    A charming little antique silver spoon with wire scroll handle, the bowl fashioned as a leaf. Weight 8 grams. Length 7cm. Width 3cm. Lion mark only. This type of spoon was generally made in Birmingham. Maker probably Joseph Taylor. Circa 1800.

  • 1802

    Paul Storr

    7373 Georgian Silver Sauce Tureens by Paul Storr


    A fine pair of antique sterling silver tureens. Elegant plain styling and oval boat shape with gadroon borders and ring handles. The bases have a hand engraved crest to the front of the foot. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this world famous English silversmith. Weight 1403 grams, 45.1 troy ounces. Height 18cm. Spread 24cm. Tureen rim 17 x 11.5cm. London 1802. Maker Paul Storr.

  • 1803

    Thomas Wallis II

    9879 George III Silver Basket


    An elegant antique silver swing handle basket of oval form with reed borders. Lovely classical style. The body has a scalloped edge and a broad band of hand engraved decoration of flowers and leaves. Suitable for bread, cakes and candy, flowers and fruit. Weight 833 grams, 26.7 troy ounces. Length 36cm. Width 25cm. Height 11cm (without handle), 26.5cm (to top of handle). Initials engraved to the top of the handle. London 1803. Maker Thomas Wallis II. Sterling silver.

  • 1805


    9740 George III Silver Tureens


    A substantial pair of antique silver tureens with matching covers having a plain background design, gadroon borders, and amazing applied decoration. The body with a band of classical face masks and coiling rope handles. The lids with artichoke finials rising from an arrangement of cast vegetables. There is a hand engraved crest to the front of the lid and tureen. The interior is lightly gilded. Weight 3371 grams, 108 troy ounces. Height 24.1cm (to top of finial). Spread across handles 24.1cm. Diameter 15cm. London 1805. Maker William Fountain. Sterling silver.

  • 1806

    Arthur Murphy

    7098 Antique Irish Silver Skewer


    A good quality antique Dublin silver meat skewer with ring handle and hand engraved crest to one end. Could be used as a letter opener.. Weight 81 grams, 2.6 troy ounces. Length 31 cm. Dublin 1806. Maker Arthur Murphy.

  • 1807

    Mary Troby

    6043 Georgian Silver Table Centrepiece


    An elegant antique sterling silver centerpiece complete with matching suite of contemporary cut crystal bowls. Plain oval shape with 4 detachable arms, classical ram’s heads with looped chains, and paw feet. The weight of silver is 1297 grams, 41.7 troy ounces. Height 24.25 cms. Spread 47 cms. Bowls 29.5 x 20.5/13 x 9 cms. All pieces marked London 1807. Maker Mary Troby.

  • 1807

    Richard Cooke

    9698 George III Silver Tureen


    A lovely antique silver serving tureen of globular form having plain styling and broad gadroon borders. Large size and very good weight. A particularly nice feature is the wheatsheaf design top finial topped by foliage and fruits. To the front there is a hand engraved armorial with the motto “Promisso Sto”; the lid bears a dog crest. Weight 3741 grams, 120.2 troy ounces. Height 19cm (without lid), 27cm (to top of lid finial). Diameter 29cm. Spread across the handles 36cm. London 1807. Maker Richard Cook. Sterling silver.

  • 1807

    Benjamin Smith

    10137 George III Antique Silver Basket


    A very fine antique silver basket of rectangular form with swing handle and pierced silver foot. Excellent quality and weight as you’d expect from this highly desirable maker. The openwork vine borders are among the most distinctive and accomplished achievements of Benjamin Smith and similar to those of Paul Storr, not surprisingly as both firms manufactured almost entirely for Rundell and Bridge at this time. The centre has an engraved “C” within an applied cartouche with swags and bells. Weight 1322 grams, 42.5 troy ounces. Height 21.5cm (handle extended), 7.2cm (handle folded). Length 30cm. Width 24.5cm. London 1807. Maker Benjamin Smith.

  • 1808

    Robert Hennell I & Samuel Hennell

    10143 Set of George III Antique Silver Entrée Dishes


    A handsome set of 4 antique silver serving dishes, the lift off covers with cast lighthouse finials. Rectangular form. Lovely plain design with straight gadroon borders. The handles are detachable so that the lids can also be used as dishes. Weight 6828 grams, 219.5 troy ounces. Height 12cm. Tops 26 x 22.5cm. London 1808. Maker R & S Hennell.

  • 1812 - 1815

    Eley‚ Fearn & Chawner

    9254 Canteen of Georgian Silver Cutlery for 12


    An extensive set of antique sterling silver cutlery for 12 people. 84 pieces. Very elegant fiddle, thread and shell pattern. Together with a full set of vintage sterling silver knives. The flatware all has a hand engraved crest of an elephant. Weight excluding knives 3288 grams, 105.7 troy ounces. Flatware all by Eley Fearn & Chawner London 1812 (except the 12 dessert forks London 1815, no makers mark). Knives by Vanders, Sheffield 1982.

  • 1813

    Paul Storr

    10111 George III Antique Silver Plate


    A handsome antique silver dinner plate with plain styling and magnificent shell and gadroon borders. Excellent quality and manufacture as you’d expect from this world famous silversmith. Hand engraved to the top and bottom rim there are two crests and mottos for the Marquis of Londonderry* and the Order of the Bath. The underside bears the pattern number 820. Total weight 745 grams, 23.9 troy ounces. Diameter 26.5cm. London 1813. Maker Paul Storr (1771-1844).

  • 1816

    William Pitts

    8985 Pair of George III Silver Sideboard Dishes


    A magnificent pair of antique silver chargers (or sideboard dishes) with gilt finish. Decorated in the 17th century style with deep relief embossed fruit and foliage. The centre is engraved with a large coat of arms of Scott impaling Surtees for John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon (1751-1838) and his wife Bessie. Scott was made an Earl in 1821. Weight each 3270 and 3390 grams approx, total 214 troy ounces. Diameter 64 cms. London 1816. Maker William Pitts, known for making large and impressive chargers. Sterling silver.

  • 1817

    Thomas Robins

    9247 George III Silver Salver


    An unusual antique sterling silver salver of circular form with silver feet cast in the form of a winged cherub’s head. The centre is magnificently engraved with classical motifs and vignettes containing classical figures and garlands of flowers. Weight 1641 grams, 52.7 troy ounces. Diameter 35.5 cm. Height 3.6 cm. London 1817. Maker Thomas Robins.

  • 1818

    Kirby Waterhouse

    9829 George III Silver Basket


    A handsome antique sterling silver basket with swing handle and pedestal foot. Excellent quality and weight. With the ribbed body and gadroon borders typical of the period. The all over hand chased decoration of flowers, leaves and hatching is particularly good. Weight 1187 grams, 38.1 troy ounces. Height 285cm. Length 34.3cm. Width 28cm. Sheffield 1818. Maker Kirby Waterhouse. Sterling silver.

  • 1819

    Paul Storr

    9658 George III Silver Platter


    A handsome antique sterling silver serving platter of oval form with a shaped gadroon border. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this world famous English silversmith. Large size. On the top edge, to both sides, there is a hand engraved armorial for the 5th Earl of Stamford (1765-1845). Weight 3591 grams, 115.4 troy ounces. Top measures 61 x 45 cm. London 1819. Maker Paul Storr. Sterling silver.

  • 1819


    9898 George III Silver Salvers


    A good pair of antique silver salver of plain design with a shaped border and on scroll feet. With a large hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Ideal size for use with small objects such as glasses and bottles. Total weight 999 grams, 32.1 troy ounces. Diameter 21cm. Height 2.0cm. London 1819. Maker “W.B”. Sterling silver.

  • 1820

    Paul Storr

    9542 George III Antique Silver Salver by Paul Storr


    A handsome antique sterling silver salver with a broad gadroon border, the feet with shell and grapevine design. Excellent quality as you’d expect by the prestigious English master silversmith Paul Storr. To the centre there is a finely engraved armorial with a motto in Welsh “Bydd Syw Negis Sarpe”. Weight 553 grams, 17.7 troy ounces. Diameter 22.5cm. Height 2.9cm. London 1820. Maker Paul Storr.

  • 1820

    Joseph Cradock|William Ker Read

    9678 Pair of Georgian Silver Entrée Dishes on Warmers


    A fine pair of antique silver serving dishes with matching cover and warming base. The elegant plain styling has a broad band of ribbing with gadroon and shell borders; the handles are modelled as a curled snake. Excellent quality and good gauge silver. The lid has a large hand engraved armorial to the front and a stag crest to the reverse. Dishes and rings marked number 2 and 3. Silver weight 3961 grams, 127.3 troy ounces. Total height 18cm (including warmer base). Dish measures 30x24cm. Entrée dishes and handles sterling silver London 1820, maker Joseph Cradock & William Ker Read. Warmer bases are made of old Sheffield plate, circa 1820.

  • 1820

    Paul Storr

    9953 George III Silver Salver


    A handsome antique sterling silver salver having a broad gadroon border interspersed with shell motifs. Nice chunky size and good weight. Excellent quality as you’d expect by the prestigious English master silversmith Paul Storr. This type of small size tray is often referred to as a waiter and is ideal for use with small objects such as glasses and bottles. Weight 553 grams, 17.7 troy ounces. Diameter 22.5cm. Height 2.9cm. London 1820. Maker Paul Storr.

  • 1823

    Robert Garrard II

    9820 Antique Silver Sauceboats


    A magnificent pair of silver sauceboats by Robert Garrard with broad gadroon borders and shell feet. Exceptional quality and weight. Each has a large hand engraved armorial to the front with the motto “In Domi Confid”. Weight 990 grams, 31.8 troy ounces. Height 13.5cm (to top of handle), 7.9cm (lowest point of rim). Spread 20.2cm. London 1823. Maker Robert Garrard II. Sterling silver.

  • 1824

    John Wakefield

    9961 George IV Antique Silver Tray


    A magnificent antique sterling silver tea tray with a shaped scrolling shell border and twin side handles. Large size. To the centre is an engraved armorial with the motto “Ventus Secundet”. Weight 2610 grams, 146 troy ounces. Spread across the handles 68.5cm. Length 59cm. Depth 46cm. London 1824. Maker John Wakefield.

  • 1824

    Samuel Davenport

    9972 George IV Antique Silver Tureen


    A large and imposing sterling silver tureen with matching cover. Excellent size for serving soup, casseroles and vegetables. Oval bellied shape with twin side handles, stunningly shaped feet and cast silver lid handle. Hand engraved to the front is a large armorial with the matching elephant crest to the lid. Heavy gauge silver. Good colour. Weight 3433 grams, 110.3 troy ounces. Spread across handles 40.5cm. Length 31cm. Width 24cm. Height 24cm. London 1824. Maker Samuel Davenport.

  • 1827

    David Crichton Rait

    10222 George IV Antique Silver Bowl


    A magnificent Scottish antique silver centrepiece bowl with deep repousse decoration of flowers and foliage. The centre has the original bright gilding. Fantastic quality, large size and heavy gauge silver. To the front is an interesting presentation inscription. Weight 1567 grams, 30.3 troy oz. Diameter 26.2cm. Height 13.4cm. Glasgow 1827. Maker David Crichton Rait. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1828

    Robert Garrard II

    10114 Set of George IV Antique Silver Plates


    Of military interest. A splendid set of 12 antique sterling silver dinner plates of plain form with a shaped reeded border. Excellent quality. Each bears the insignia of the 54th West Norfork Regiment with a crown above. Total weight 6894 grams, 221.6 troy ounces. Diameter 25.5cm. London 1828. Maker Garrard. Sterling silver.

  • 1829

    Jonathan Hayne

    7273 Antique Silver Skewer


    A good quality antique silver meat skewer with ring handle and hand engraved crest to one end. Suitable for use as a paper knife. Weight 96 grams, 3 troy ounces. Length 32.5 cms. London 1829. Maker Jonathan Hayne.

  • 1829

    Edward Farrell

    10231 George IV Antique Silver Sauceboats


    A splendid pair of antique silver gravy jugs with deep relief embossed decoration and chased detail to the body and below the pouring lip. Heavy gauge silver and fantastic weight as you’d expect from the maker Edward Farrell, one of the most innovative silversmiths of the day. An attractive feature is the off-centre, rococo cartouche containing a hand engraved crest of a goat over a crown. Combined weight 1394 grams, 27.3 troy ounces. Height 9.5/12cm. Spread 21.7cm. Width 10.5cm. London 1829. Maker Edward Farrell.

  • 1830

    Paul Storr

    10226 Pair of Antique Silver Salts


    A pair of superb quality silver salt cellars by the world famous English silversmith Paul Storr. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you’d expect from this sought after maker. Each rococo sea shell is supported on three conch shell feet and has the original bright gilt interior. Hand engraved to the front is a crest of a hand clutching a dagger. Total weight 255 grams, 8.1 troy ounces. Height 5cm. Top measures 10x9cm. London 1830. Maker Paul Storr. Sterling silver.

  • 1831

    John Bridge

    9134 Antique Silver Meat Dishes with Dome Covers


    This is a stunning lot. A fine graduated set of William IV sterling silver meat dishes. Oval form with gadrooned borders. Previously owned by the Maitland* family, all pieces bearing the Maitland arms. Each dish has a hand engraved coat of arms on opposite edges. The dishes are mounted with a graduated set of matching Old Sheffield plated meat dish covers of plain oval outline with fluted borders and detachable handle. Each dome is hand engraved with a crest on one side and a coat of arms on the other. The complete set is contained in a fitted, iron-bound oak trunk. Excellent weight and gauge of silver. Weight of the four silver meat dishes 9858 grams, 317 troy ounces approx. The platters measure large – 61 x 44 cm, medium – 50 x 39 cm and 2 small platters 42 x 32.5 cm. Sterling silver platters made by John Bridge, London 1831. Old Sheffield plate domes marked for Matthew Boulton.

  • 1831

    William Ker Reid

    10249 George IV Antique Silver Salts


    A beautiful pair of silver salt cellars beautifully modelled in the form of scrolling sea shells, each supported by three conch shell feet. Good weight. Attractive gilt finish. Total weight 347 grams, 11.1 troy ounces. Height 4.7cm. Top measures 9.6×10.1cm. London 1831. Maker William Ker Reid. Sterling silver. 19th century.

  • 1834 - 1838

    Mary Chawner

    9742 Antique Canteen of Cutlery


    A handsome set of antique sterling silver cutlery for 12 people. 60 pieces. Very elegant fiddle, thread and shell pattern. Total weight excluding knives 4314 grams, 138.7 troy ounces. Flatware all by Mary Chawner London 1834/5 (except 2 dinner forks London 1838). Sterling silver.

  • 1834

    William Barber

    9979 Antique Silver Bowl


    A magnificent antique sterling silver cream bowl with a bright gilt interior; the two side handles formed as intertwined serpents. To the front and back there are classical scenes of the god Neptune with sea horses and mermen. Weight 526 grams, 16.9 troy ounces. Height 8.5cm. Rim diameter 13.4cm. Spread 19cm. London 1834. Maker William Barber. Sterling silver.

  • 1835

    Paul Storr

    8535 Antique Silver Salvers by Paul Storr


    A stunning pair of antique sterling silver salvers with heavy cast borders and pierced scrolling feet. Fantastic quality as you’d expect by this prestigious English master silversmith. The shaped and pierced decorative borders have intricate all over foliate scroll decoration with 8 roundels. The centre has a thick band of deep chased engraving which matches the border. Marked underneath with numbers 3 and 5 so these salvers must have originally been from a set of 6 or more. Total weight 1666 grams, 53.5 troy ounces. Diameter 25 cms. Height 2.8 cms. London 1835. Maker Paul Storr.

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