George II

George II

  • 1738

    Samuel Wood

    10327 George II Silver Warwick Cruet


    A handsome antique silver cruet set with a matching set of 3 silver casters and 2 silver and faceted crystal oil and vinegar bottles. The cinquefoil frame has 4 shell feet and a shaped decorative cartouche to the front with a hand engraved armorial. Each caster and bottle bears the same matching crest. Total weight of silver 1288 grams, 41.4 troy ounces. Caster height 17.75cm and 14cm. Bottle height 17cm. London 1738. Maker Samuel Wood, known for his silver casters.

  • Circa 1728

    Abraham Marshoorn

    8965 Antique Silver Spoon


    An excellent antique Dutch gilt silver spoon. Cast silver. The finial is modelled with a seated figure holding a baby and accompanied by a cherub, an allegorical representation of maternal love. The back of the bowl is inscribed with the owners initials. Weight 61 grams, just under 3 troy ounces. Length 18.3 cms. Bowl measures 7×5 cms. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1728.

  • 1737

    James Gould

    9026 George II Silver Candlesticks


    A handsome pair of antique silver candle holders. Very attractive design with knopped columns and shaped bases. Heavy cast silver and good original colour. Each has a hand engraved armorial within the well of the base. The detachable sconces are matching but probably made a few years later as candlesticks of this date were generally made without.Total weight 891 grams, 28.6 troy ounces. Height 18 cms. Base 10.2. London 1737. Maker James Gould. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Richard Burcombe

    9090 George II Antique Silver Tankard


    An antique silver lidded tankard with domed lid. Lovely plain design with simple straight sided form. The body has a concentric reed ring to the base of the handle, the S scroll handle finishes in a decorative thumb piece. Uninscribed. Good patina. Owners initials hand engraved to the top of the handle. Contains 800 ml. Weight 587 grams, 15.5 troy ounces. Height 16 cms (to top of thumb piece). Spread 16.5 cms. Diameter 9.7 cms (top). London 1733. Maker Richard Burcombe. Sterling silver.

  • 1760

    Arthur Annesley

    9745 George III Silver Basket


    An early English silver basket of oval form with a fruiting vine decorated swing handle and traditional bead borders. First year of George III’s reign. Very heavy weight. The attractive wirework design has applied decoration of vine leaves, bunches of grapes and wheat stalks which have been stamped and chased and then soldered onto the wires. This type of ornament shows that this basket would originally have been used for fruit or bread. Weight 1369 grams, 44 troy ounces. Height 28 cms to top of handle). Top measures 35.5 x 30 cms. London 1760. Maker Arthur Annesley. Sterling silver.

  • Circa 1760

    Walter Brind

    8117 George III Silver Cream Pail


    A delightful antique sterling silver cream pail or piggin. Traditional design in the form of a milking pail or bucket with coopered decoration. The swing handle is formed from 2 intertwined strips of silver. Contains 70 ml. Weight 77 grams, 2.4 troy ounces. Height 5 cm (9.5 cm to top of handle). Diameter 6.6 cm. Makers mark only for Walter Brind. London circa 1760.

  • 1752

    John Café

    9421 George II Antique Silver Candlesticks


    An unusual pair of antique sterling silver candle holders with a 6 shell base and detachable sconces. Very attractive design and heavy cast silver. Hand engraved to each foot and nozzle is the crest of a winged animal over a crown (worn). Weight 1072 grams, 34.4 troy ounces. Height 22cm. Base 13.4cm. London 1752. Maker James Gould.

  • Circa 1750

    John Harvey I

    9475 Georgian Silver Wine Label


    A very pretty antique sterling silver bottle ticket with a silver chain. Good quality with cast vine decoration and a scroll across the centre engraved “SHERRY”. Weight 20 grams. Measures 6.2 x 4.5 cm. Stamped with makers mark for John Harvey I, London. Circa 1750.

  • 1752

    Samuel Herbert And Company

    9504 George II Silver Caddies in a Box


    An excellent quality pair of antique sterling silver tea caddies and matching covered sugar bowl with gilt interior. All with cast silver bird finials and contained in a fitted Sheraton period wooden box with coloured flower and foliage inlays. The deeply embossed and chased silver decoration is particularly attractive and each caddy has a fine hand engraved coat of arms to the front. Heavy weight. The two caddies, for green and black tea, have the original lift off tops now drilled with holes to convert them into sugar shakers (muffinieres). Total weight of 3 boxes 882 grams, 28.3 troy ounces. Sugar casters height 15.5cm. Sugar bowl height 14cm, diameter 10.3cm. London 1752. Maker S Herbert & Co..

  • Circa 1750

    Lawrence Jones

    9522 Antique Silver Piggin


    A delightful antique sterling silver cream pail or piggin in the traditional form of a milking pail or bucket with coopered decoration. It has a single raised handle with a hanging bracket to the reverse to suspend the little bowl from possibly the sugar bowl. Weight 37 grams, 1.1 troy ounces. Height 4.3 cm (7 cm to top of handle). Diameter 4.3 cm. London circa 1750. Makers mark only for Lawrence Jones.

  • 1735

    John Chapman

    9581 George II Silver Sauceboats


    A good pair of antique sterling silver sauce jugs of plain oval form on a spreading foot. Scalloped rims. Each jug has a hand engraved armorial to the front. Good colour. Weight of pair 702 grams, 22.5 troy ounces. Height 10.2 cm. Bowl measures 15 x 10 cm. Spread 19 cm. London 1735. Maker John Chapman.

  • Circa 1740


    9621 Antique Gold Pique Box


    An antique tortoiseshell box of circular bombe form inlaid overall with gold pique dot work. The cover and base are overlaid with solid gold cut work ornament of classical figures and motifs. Diameter 6 cm. Height 3.1 cm. Circa 1740. Probably English. Unmarked gold.

  • Circa 1750

    William Townsend

    9668 Set of 3 Antique Silver Cups


    A fine quality George II sterling silver cup on a spreading foot. The scroll side handles have acanthus leaf mounts. The accompanying pair of smaller silver cups make a matching set. Each cup has a large hand engraved armorial to the front within a decorative cartouche and the scratch weight incised below. Excellent colour and very heavy weight. The large cup has a presentation inscription underneath to Harold Heinz, president of the H.J Heinz company. Large cup weight 1059 grams, 34 troy ounces. Height 17.6cm. Spread 26.5cm. Diameter 14.2cm. Small cups weigh 467 grams each, 15.01 troy ounces and 471 grams, 15.10 troy ounces. Height 13cm. Spread 17cm. Diameter 10.1cm. Large cup Dublin circa 1750, maker William Townsend. Smaller cups unmarked silver.

  • Circa 1750


    9674 Antique Silver Perpetual Calendar Snuff Box


    An 18th century silver snuff box with rotating dials to both sides. Very charming and retains the interior gilding. The panels have scrolled flower and chased decoration. The top side has the rotatable “Calendarium Perpetuum” which shows the days of the week (in old German script, and marked with their planetary signs) against days of the month. The reverse side has seven readout windows described by the headings on the rotatable disk (in old German script) – 1) month of the year with its number of days, 2) the important saints’ and feast days in the month, 3) sun’s Zodiacal position (represented by amusing little hand engraved zodiac symbols), 4) length of day, 5) length of night, 6) time of sun rise, and 7) time of sunset. A good example in very good condition. 126 grams, 4 troy ounces. Length 8.4cm. Width 5.5cm. Height 2cm. German. Probably 18th century circa 1750. Unmarked silver.

  • 1734

    Richard Pargeter

    9675 George II Silver Salver


    A handsome antique sterling silver salver of plain design having a Chippendale border. Heavy gauge silver. Standing on 4 large scroll feet. To the centre is a hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Scratch weight 38=17. Weight 1150 grams, 36.9 troy ounces. Diameter 30 cm. Height 4.8 cm. London 1734. Maker Richard Pargeter. Sterling silver.

  • 1748

    Francis Crump

    9697 George II Silver Mug


    A handsome antique silver tankard of large size and good weight. Of plain form with baluster shape and a shaped handle. Bright colour. Hand engraved to the front is a monogram in old fashioned script within a decorative cartouche. Contains 580 ml, over 1 imperial pint. Weight 325 grams, 10.4 troy ounces. Height 12.6cm. Spread 12cm. Diameter 8cm. London 1748. Maker probably Francis Crump. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Edward Vincent

    9695 George II Silver Box


    A rare antique silver box of hexagonal form with a folding strapwork catch; the hinged lid having a large drop handle supported by ball finials. Of plain form and heavy gauge silver, this unusual box is extremely heavy. The interior pull out tray has two hinged lids enclosing six compartments. Possibly a spice box, although spice boxes of this period usually had a double centrally hinged lid, could also be used for cash or jewellery. Weight 1268 grams, 40.7 troy ounces. Height 9.5cm. Top measures 17 x 12cm. London 1733. Maker Edward Vincent. Sterling silver.

  • 1754

    Samuel Taylor

    9723 George II Silver Sugar Bowl


    An antique silver bowl with extensive embossed decoration of flowers, leaves and scrolls. To the front is a rococo design cartouche – uninscribed. Superb quality and heavy gauge silver. No lid. Weight 222 grams, 7.1 troy ounces. Height 8.4cm. Diameter 10.5cms. London 1754. Maker Samuel Taylor. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Robert Lucas

    9753 George II Silver Coffee Pot


    A good plain style antique silver coffee pot with straight tapering sides and a shallow domed lid. To the front is a contemporary hand engraved armorial within a decorative cartouche. Good gauge silver and excellent colour. Contains 640 ml. Weight 699 grams, 22.4 troy ounces. Height 20cm. Spread 19cm. London 1733. Maker Robert Lucas. Sterling silver.

  • 1735

    Paul de Lamerie

    9774 George II Silver Salver by Paul de Lamerie


    A fine early English silver salver by the celebrated Huguenot maker Paul de Lamerie. Of square form, and raised on shaped feet, this exceptional salver is hand engraved with an expansive outer border of scrolls and cornucopias having to each corner a roundel containing the crest of a dog pierced with an arrow. To the centre, within a decorative cartouche, is a hand engraved coat of arms for the Knipe family with another in pretence. Weight 664 grams, 21.3 troy ounces. Width 22.5cm. Height 2.6cm. London 1735. Maker Paul de Lamerie. Sterling silver.

  • 1751

    John Jacob

    9784 George II Silver Caddies in a Box


    A stunning quality set of antique silver tea caddies and covered sugar bowl in a later fitted lockable tortoiseshell box with silver mounts. Very heavy gauge, cast silver. The deeply embossed and chased silver decoration is particularly attractive and each piece has a cartouche with a lion crest to the front. The two baluster shaped caddies, for green and black tea, have lift off tops. The bowl has a hinged lid with a bouquet of flowers finial. Total weight of 3 boxes 1,373 grams, 44 troy ounces. Tea caddy height 16.5cm. Sugar bowl height 15.5cm. London 1751. Maker John Jacobs, of Hugeunot origin. The box handle is hallmarked for London 1805, maker “JS”. Sterling silver.

  • 1758

    Samuel Herbert And Company

    9835 George II Silver Basket


    A magnificent George II silver basket of oval form with excellent quality hand cut pierced work and a Chinoiserie theme. This really is a very fine example. Both the upper border and bottom frieze are cast with flowers, scrolls, and Chinese face masks. The swing handle has a cast figure of a Chinese lady to both sides. The centre is beautifully engraved with a coat of arms within a large decorative cartouche. Very good weight and colour. Weight 1770 grams, 56.9 troy oz. Height 30cm (total including handle), 12cm (basket only). Top measures 38 x 32cm. London 1758. Maker Samuel Herbert & Co. Sterling silver.

  • 1758

    Elizabeth Godfrey

    9843 George II Silver Salver


    Excellent large size. A fine early English salver with the square form and plain styling typical of the period. The hand engraved border has a detailed band of scrolls, shells and matting with mythical face masks to the corners and erupting volcanoes to the sides. To the centre is a family coat of arms within a decorative cartouche. Weight 2194 grams, 70.5 troy ounces. Height 3 cm. Diameter 40 cm. London 1758. Maker Elizabeth Godfrey, whose Huguenot origins can be seen in this piece.

  • 1754

    James Williams

    9847 George II Silver Coffee Pot


    This excellent pot, of graceful form, is also extremely large and heavy. A handsome antique silver coffee pot of baluster form raised on a shallow pedestal foot. Elegant plain design and graceful shaped spout. To the front there is a hand engraved lion crest within a large decorative cartouche, to the reverse there’s a dog crest. Contains 1650 ml. Weight 1313 grams, 53 troy ounces. Height 30.2cm. Spread across spout and handle 26.3cm. London 1754. Maker James Williams. Sterling silver.

  • 1755

    Edward Wakelin

    9859 George II Antique Silver Salver


    Large size and very impressive. A rare antique silver salver, of unusual square waisted form with gadroon borders and shell corners. Heavy gauge silver. The outside centre has a traditional shell and foliate engraved theme with shells and a crest to each corner. Engraved to the centre is a marriage coat of arms with an “escutcheon of pretence”, and the motto “Laudabunt Alii Rhodon” circa 1790. The engraved mantling, of an unfurling ruffle of cloth, is very striking and contemporary to the arms. Weight 2190 grams, 70.4 troy ounces. Height 4.5cm. Width 40cm. London 1755. Maker Edward Wakelin. Sterling silver.

  • 1733

    Francis Spilsbury

    9861 George II Silver Caster


    A charming antique silver caster of plain baluster form with a pierced pull off cover. Good colour. To the front is the hand engraved crest of a falcon over a plume of five ostrich feathers/ducal crown. London 1733. Made by Francis Spilsbury. Sterling silver.

  • 1755

    William Grundy

    9858 George II Silver Sauceboats


    A handsome pair of antique sterling silver sauceboats with typical classic shape and plain styling of the period. Large size and good weight. Hand engraved crest to the front. Each has a Latin inscription engraved to the underside, dated 1756, in old fashioned script. Total weight 874 grams, 28.1 troy ounces. Spread 22 cm. Height 13.9 cm (to top of handle). London 1755. Maker William Grundy. Sterling silver.

  • 1748

    Samuel Taylor

    9867 George II Covered Sugar Bowl


    A rare antique sterling silver covered sugar bowl of circular form on a small spreading foot. Excellent plain design, typical of the period. Good colour. In the early 18th century sugar bowls or sugar boxes nearly always had covers which, when reversed, could be used as a saucer or spoon tray. Weight 219 grams, 7.0 troy ounces. Total height 9cm. Bowl diameter 9.7cm. London 1748. Maker probably Samuel Taylor a specialist tea caddy and sugar bowl maker.

  • 1732


    9901 Antique Silver Scandinavian Peg Beaker


    Possibly Norwegian or Baltic. A rare piece of parcel gilt silver of tapering straight sided form. With bright gilt banding to the foot, rim, and interior. 18th century. Faintly pricked out at the rim with the year “Anno 1732”. To the front is an engraved cartouche with “HNS Lemesand”. While peg tankards are traditional Scandinavian drinking vessels it is very unusual to find a beaker pegged in this fashion. A charming feature is the way that the pegs have been disguised on the front as flower heads. Contains 520 ml. Weight 220 grams, 7ozs. Height 13cm. Diameter 10.9 (top), 7.3cm (base). Stamped underneath with the maker’s mark “FR” double struck. Scandinavian – possibly Norwegian or Baltic. Circa 1732

  • 1753

    Samuel Herbert And Company

    9906 George II Silver Basket


    An elegant antique silver basket of oval form with a swing handle and rope borders. The simple basket weave decoration creates a clean classical style. Hand engraved to the centre is a large armorial within a decorative cartouche, the motto below reads “In Cruce Salus”. These handy multi-purpose serving baskets were originally used for bread and fruit but now are equally perfect for cakes or flowers. Weight 773 grams, 24.8 troy ounces. Height 7.7cm (26 cms to top of handle). Top measures 33 x 24.5cm. London 1753. Maker Samuel Herbert & Co. Sterling silver

  • 1751

    Elizabeth Godfrey

    9913 George II Silver Cruet Set


    A rare early English silver cruet with two bottles for oil and vinegar and a small silver castor or pepperette. Excellent weight and large size. The heavy cut crystal bottles have multi-faceted cut decoration, typical of the period. The silver frame has an acanthus scroll carrying handle and side supports for the bottle tops and pepperette. The top of the frame has a hand engraved armorial which matches those on the bottle tops. Total weight of silver 955 grams, 30.7 troy ounces. Height 23.5cm (overall), 20.7cm (bottle), 9.5cm (pepper). Base measures 19.3 x 16.3cm. London 1751. Maker Elizabeth Godfrey, a highly respected Huguenot lady silversmith.

  • 1746


    9922 George II Antique Silver Mug


    A good early English silver mug of baluster shape on a spreading foot. Nice chunky style. The plain features are typical of the period. Heavy gauge silver. Excellent colour. Unusual to find “WINE” stamped on the edge of the rim. Owner’s initials “MB” hand engraved to top of handle. Contains 450 ml. Weight 343 grams, 11 troy ounces. Height 11.8cm. Diameter 8.2cm (top), 8.9cm (base). London 1746. Maker’s mark badly struck. Sterling silver.

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